Expose Senator Schumer and Israeli Terrorism!

Uploaded by drdduke on 20.07.2010

Today I will expose one of the most evil men in America.
Take a good look at this man. He is a supporter of murder, of assassination, of terrorism
on a mass scale. He is a monster that should be prosecuted
under the Patriot Act for supporting terrorism.
His name is Senator Charles Schumer of New York. He is one of the most powerful politicians
in America and represents the most powerful financial and media center of the world. Not
accidentally, it is the American nexus of radical Zionism. He has become the leading
spokesman for organized Jewry in the Democratic Party. He has enormous influence on American
foreign policy. Here are excerpts from his recent speech to
fellow extremist Jews at the Orthodox Union. His Zionist cohorts in the Mainstream Media
have not let you hear his comments. "The Palestinian people still don't believe
in Jewish State, in a two state solution." "They don't believe in the Torah,
in King David." "Boycott of Gaza to me has another purpose..."
"To strangle them economically."
He was careful to say that he is not against
humanitarian aid to prevent starvation, but that he wants the economic strangulation of
Gaza. Gaza is the home of One and one-half million
Palestinians; a majority of them are of course, women and children. As if economic destruction
does not cause enormous human suffering. It’s kind of like saying you are against
pain but you endorse torture. And speaking of torture, Schumer endorsed torture in 2004.
Schumer supported Israel’s Cast Lead invasion and bombing of Gaza which killed hundreds
of Palestinian women and children, and wounded thousands more, destroyed tens of thousands
family homes, and had even bombed UN shelters, hospitals and schools.
In his speech, Schumer justifies the strangling of Gaza by saying that the people of Gaza
don’t believe in the Jewish State and that they are not Jewish, that they don’t follow
the Torah or worship David. So according to Schumer, if they are not Jewish,
that’s a good enough reason to strangle them. Imagine if Ahmadinejad said that Jews
should be economically strangled because they do not believe in the Qu’ran and are not
Muslims! Everyone would have heard about it by now!
In fact, just about everyone in the world has heard at a least a hundred times that
he wants to wipe Israel off the map. The media repeats it every time they mention his name.
The fact is that he never said any such thing. It’s nothing but a big Zionist lie, a false
translation. I was twenty feet from him at an academic
conference when he was reported as saying just that. For more details please watch my
video, No war for Israel in Iran. Schumer says that Gaza should be strangled
to make Palestinians accept a two state solution. Every poll shows Palestinians support a two
state solution. 74 percent. Israel has for 43 years had the power to create
two sovereign states. It is Israel that has prevented a two state solution. Why?
Because for 43 years they have been strangling Palestine, trying to make Palestinians leave
and stealing Palestinian land. Schumer’s support of economic strangulation
to coerce Palestinians is defined as terrorism by the US Government according to the Patriot
Act Title eight, section, 802. Terrorism is as an act intended to coerce
a civilian population by intimidation or coercion or affect the conduct of a government by mass
destruction, assassination or kidnapping. Supporting Israel’s mass destruction in
Gaza is terrorism, and supporting the State of Israel’s repeated international assassinations
and kidnappings as shown in the recent passport scandal is terrorism as defined by the same
statute. Schumer must be indicted for supporting terrorism!
Schumer also sponsored a Senate resolution supporting Israel’s murderous raid on the
peace flotilla trying to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza.
The humanitarians, elected officials, journalists on board were not terrorists. But the Israeli
commandos who killed 9 people sure were. It has gotten to the point that Israel can
commit any horrible crime with almost no condemnation in America.
A blogger on June 2 wrote If Israel was caught on tape eating babies, the controlled media
would say that it’s the baby’s fault for being inside of Israel's mouth.
Israel is not eating any babies that I know of, but Israel sure has murdered, burned,
maimed, and crippled tens of thousands of babies, and Israel gets away with it.
Think about it. Israel has ethnically cleansed an entire people
from their land, their homes, their businesses and farms and won’t let them go home even
to this day! And they get away with it.
The Israeli state was created by terrorism such as the bombing the King David Hotel and
mass murder such as Dier Yassin. And they get away with it.
Even Jews like Joel Greenburg in the New York Times admit that Israel has tortured hundreds
of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli Jails. And they get away with it.
They have invaded Lebanon repeatedly, destroyed more than a hundred thousand homes, committed
mass murders and bombing of UN shelters such as at Qana.
And they get away with it. Israel has brutally occupied the West Bank
and East Jerusalem since 1967 and to this day continues to steal Palestinian land and
demolish thousands of homes. And they get away with it.
Israel has shot down a commercial airliner filled with 108 men women and children.
And they get away with it. Even an Israeli Court ruled that Israel oversaw
the mass murder of at least 1000 mostly women and children at Sabre and Chatila.
And they get away with it. Israel has made terrorist bombing attacks
on the United States, such as in the Lavon Affair.
And they get away with it. Israel even gave medals of honor and praised
to the Jewish Lavon terrorists who attacked American installations.
They get away with it. And American tax payer’s money doesn’t stop for a moment.
Heck, you aren’t even allowed to know that Israel honored its terrorists who attacked
America. Iraq violated some Zionist inspired UN resolutions
and we go to war. But Israel violates over 50 UN resolutions and we throw more money
at them. And they get away with it.
Iran signs the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and allows complete inspections and it gets
sanctions while Israel won’t sign and won’t allow any inspections of its nukes and other
horrific weapons, Yet, Israel gets no sanctions and demands sanctions against Iran.
Now that's really chutzpah. And they get away with it.
Israel develops genocidal horror virus weapons that target races.
And they get away with it. Israel purposely attacks the USS Liberty and
kills or maims over 200 Americans, and Israel gets away with it.
Israel repeatedly spies on America. Israel’s Pollard spying does the mast damage of any
spy in American history and Israel gets away with it.
There is an epidemic of Jews spitting on Christian clergy in Israel. But Israel does not act
decisively to end it. And they get away with it.
Israel is the center of the largest White slavery trafficking ring in the world.
But Israel gets away with it. Israel was caught harvesting the organs of
Palestinians they murdered. But Israel gets away with it.
Even in Europe, where Jewish extremist control is less than America, their power is pervasive.
Many European nations condemned the attack on the aid flotilla, but not a single EU nation
dared to demand sanctions against Israel for their horrendous crimes .
Instead they do Israel’s bidding to sanction Iran while ignoring the fact that Israel has
huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and has repeatedly used them against civilians!
And they get away with it. The time has come to prosecute terrorism supporter
Charles Schumer and every traitor in Congress who has betrayed America to a criminal, nation
that has not only committed terrorism against the Palestinian and other people of the Mideast
but also against the people of America. The time has come.
We the people of America and the world say, enough is enough.
No longer will we permit Israel to get away with it.
A no longer will traitorous politicians like Charles Schumer get away with it.
The time will come when America will be lead by real patriots again, and Charles Schumer
will pay for his crimes in an American court of law, and not one where Elena Kagan will
sit. We the people, not only of America but of
every country are rising up and demanding that Zionist criminals no longer control our
governments, media or financial establishment. Charles Schumer, get ready for a political
revolution that will take you and those like you from the seats of power.
No longer will you, and no longer will Israel… Get away with it!