Part 28 - Sheps Life - Spiritual Awakening - Peters Spiritual Power & My Gift of Powerful Spirit

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Hello Friends - Welcome Back!
Part 28 - Sheps Life - Spiritual Awakening Peters Spiritual Power and My Gift of Powerful Spirit
Again still in the first week roughly of June.
That Peter come up to me one evening in his kitchen
and he put, he said I wish to show you my energy!
and he put his hands either side of my head
and I felt this immense heat and energy coming, from his hands into my head!
And it was amazing!
I mean my whole brain felt energised!
And I had this most beautiful, beautiful essence,
in my brain, it was like not a smell, not a taste.
It was nearer to a smell, than a taste.
But it was a beautiful powerful essence, of his powerful spirit!
And it was Amazing, truly amazing!
Now! Ha-ha, Interestingly enough, a couple of days later I was up in his bathroom
and there was a bottle of cologne, blue it was blue
and I just out of interest I took the top off and smelt it
and it smelt almost identical, as a smell,
if this essence in my mind, could be put into a smell, that's what it was!
Almost identical!
Ah and it was a bottle of blue cologne and I believe it was made by Boots.
Now I went into Boots, just a short time ago and looked for it.
But I think. The same kind of bottles, they still got, its their own brand.
And ah, that one I could not find, I could not find a blue one.
I tested the other's that were there and none of them smelt like it.
But this blue one, it smelt very like it.
Anyway, two of three days, about three days went by I think
and ah, Peter come to me one evening in his front room
and he said Neil! Father God wishes to give you a gift
and ah, of powerful spirit!
And ah, he held his hand up in front of my forehead
and ah, he said! God's going to pass it to you from me
and he held his hand there, about four or five inches from my forehead
and I felt this essence of spirit I suppose!
I mean it just felt, something come, you know! like that sort of size it felt.
Come through my forehead, into my brain
and you know! Then I started to experience the same essence, almost not quite,
but almost exactly the same essence and Peter's powerful spirit!
And you know! It come into my mind
and it was absolutely beautiful sensation to experience.
I mean you could tell it was powerful!
And you could tell it was a most beautiful sensation to experience of the mind
and ah, Peter then said! It will take two or three days to settle in!
Now that was settle into my brain obviously
and become as one with my brain.
And ah, after that for three days.
For the first day I could feel it all the time, this essence in my mind :)
And then on the second day it was a bit less
and I found I had to actually shake my head, to feel the essence
and you would what to feel the essence, believe me you would!
And then about the third day, I could hardly feel it at all,
it was obviously settling in.
I had shake my head really hard, to get any sensation of it still
and then by the fourth day I could not feel it anymore.
And Peter said! At the time when he put it in.
He said! Later on you will understand what this gift is for.
Now I did not know what it was for at all?
I knew it might increase something within me, that's all.
Anyway um, a year, over year, well about just about a year later just before.
I realised there were conspirators in my light and I started communicating with them
and I started to discover what this powerful spirit was
and it is a heightening of spiritual abilities to communicate with spirit!
And ah, clairvoyance and such like!
And ah, because the Mafia. Oh well the organised crime that was in the spirit realm.
Once I knew they were in my light, ah this conspiracy.
That they wanted to know what I could do with my powerful spirit!
But they said, you know! communicate to us! and this and that
and I would not!
I said not unless, you open your mind and perceive back to me what I am sending to you!
and they made a mistake! Because your find out later why they made a mistake.
But they allowed the woman, who is probably a prostitute.
To open her mind to my conceptions,
so that when I sent to her, I could know what I was doing, to her mind!
and I was giving her, thoughts and perception, emotions. A whole range of things
and I was experiencing them all. How very powerful the were to her.
So I knew how truly powerful it truly was!
So later on I used that to defend myself against them.
As I will tell you in the spiritual attack videos.
So anyway! It was amazing!
And you know God has given me that gift, to aid me in my work down here obviously.
To help my communication with the spirit realm and spirit.
To develop that repour with spirit,
so that I can one day demonstrate, clairvoyance and such like,
at a more heighten level maybe than most could down here.
So that was beautiful.
Anyway I Bless You!
I thank you for watching!
I will go onto the next video and see you there!
And the next video is going to be a good one!
So Bless You, Bye Bye Shep!
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