La Pesga Ruta Oeste Canal Extremadura 2012

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cultural and psychological
I discovered that insecticides and chemicals that are thrown to the
crops are the main cause contaminant of rivers
longer black
fishing in discovering a way to toggle Agriculture
we should promote
if we are to enjoy these scenery
praise the day
Hello lose that bothers you but these oils are theirs and dark and
that I'm going to the Pearl everything is covered vázquez said soda
to imagine is the main crop important not know if for all
family is central to the VAT
wanted to ask something because the Bs are carrying extremely
as bare ground is aviesta full of green vegetation of plants
the latter is ecological olive hassan placed an ecological model then
need the cover to development
but let's see
Lebanon is an environmental todólogo
everywhere as they eat and as how to treat the half Tornoe
that a differential which the it is not good only crime was
knots feed on chemicals and scholarly resources must
taxes for their own food
vegetation cover between them ever vegetation cover is the actual payment
that it is the bond of the Label only if you add
the rest of pruning and grazing of sheep
you have olive oil
so a table more especially great quality as manzanilla
Caceres and then a suite of extraordinary life
oil were
these are parasites
as people call the cd is called sada rooms denied to shabab
how I can ensure that higher
Ecolabel this royal weeks now understand why everything in
dignity send or do not know how but nobody really claims to be continued
tic eta bought this command is placed 100 percent organic
we are subject to a number of controls by the certification and analysis
Physical-chemical technician
ensuring that the product you takes is for one hundred percent organic
bet is not so quiet natural genius that Panama
is from a natural
very good to take into account leads much grace that is also good
lets work has added 2
to give me the origins and monuments of this town
I stayed with jose antonio
the village queen
the fairly recent past no do not stops were very brief
I see what the origin is specifically thought to hang a store treatment
DT Dario Martinez another South Pole borderline as may be shorter
such as obese and hurdes
and settled here expect little may be more my style started
twelve was 13
and whence comes the name of the track I think it can be held hostage
decide what the word means means for farmers to plan
live along a river in that called the paste not
I have known a different man as are fishing houses
for the commission town for this Granada depended
them via the village Christmas and doubtful utility
Men also known in the mind sd
and at this time is called the fixed
this monument of a people by the versus recent church and gps
All you have no or nothing else most said that international law
i the country
Century 18 does not
i had yet to be achieved before a year ago today before 3 expansion
MSE teeth 70 of a measuring tunnel the next day for quinary
promote this now and why decided to postulate that the church is a
need in the target Casadei demobilized to address
because his replacement here before where the CIA did not have to go to eight
kilometers reaching a pole is called Once rivero
before this was better that people camejo
not engage
end of the month and a half
Andean very firm
yes I have not read anything
and abroad
if a tree bears more than a yes yes little in
the thing to do
National Women of the peseta and he teaching will make a fresh
very typical of what is called here
clayton Larroca and rock the plate and why are so called because
a dish look what can be done
although they have given stretching and entire contingent language
Plan Condor
and one edge 2001 in the done
the most abundant in the world a poet Videla Massa before going
I feel a bit of anise in a grain delicacy
sitting on the dock had bribed they need it
civil society needs
once an Iraqi woman who has achieved everything else
I have been doing so much time and to be learned with beret
inter alia
that night for the Lakers
damn adult
sheet it the 'red' fried the ability of people will
we had to make good time
arrived to the place to play announce Colombia with the leader has not been a
bit on one side by the other
the common good
Hungarian Katalin played the serial
the end result is
today and this is the same in film
no this is called gossip
one and 119 family members and require people
and water and it is here for the sugar that does not zone it is
to put those that are mobile with honey
must be above without having the above and if it is well done with
life and what is min
but I have understood that the skin on the important clue is not in the
seconds after the economic engine yes yes olives for many families
that environment can live under-17 f16 family may have many hives
more or less than the penalty
uu on 7000 8000 17 and although the goal through
good can prove so a reality that surrounds us
the thread is known
to see how your capital
I was not very nice
Leonel Godoy, who at times an me called the director of the fbi
technically or acts of this type of clear measures do you place on the
day events this year have told me ticket pool champions
many people day in which 20 sank distribution
amounts of time to run much anses People can earn so lately
I think that Prince 8 people
Sunday morning
and what is the big prize the most fat was 5 million euros
with video
more than 5 million pesos in cash , 2012
a short time
good and that man
nor are lying on the road to the Caribbean hamburg live here but other than
that not only the dash diet directly approached the man who
preceded by the pronoun reached Gulf of Sirte there is money in the
florida area you like your return if you have to live on the streets gambo
van Gaal's lawyer good if I maybe I'll be charo Monegro
is strong yeah well have been on increase call it a train crash in
the south of Extremadura as a pole of allen
Catalonia's famous poem to Colombia
a comprehensive plan of the Spider Woman workers through ports
been in Extremadura
I need a little luck I will take the agreement to repair grants
longed hair is going to pay ticket
but people did not deserve this model number 46
so you want to copy and if you he plays up to us
szeged expose today that came to be a tennis match because now the
hobbies as fishing brings
play tennis or do not know that the first tennis
the father here is also the Canvas pizza paddle from when they
when one and a half years doha
and are open to everyone for everyone
always has been one before hertha advancing the key inconsequential jaén
they said
responsible for the track and free araya sa is open to all
almost anything that comes from outside can enjoy in the absence of love
p haze is falling advise at home there is not many eight
later dropped the claim extends reduced to sell
high square badajoz have no nothing
by it is that as the blanket and if Although one person or are already playing
and animal health while the PSOE not we usually perform
I have starting the game is played best of five games
continue to play in the field and enter
others waiting
the ball as we said at the beginning the program until the border with the
Las Hurdes region
and as we see here and here also anti spades this type of construction is
home slate abounds the area and well isolated from the heat the cold but
clear that they are very rude and currently as usual has come to the brick
but is trying to promote and I hope it promotes more
modern houses with all the convenience of present but lined
with stone slate
not to miss this aesthetic as pretty and so characteristic of the
Today for lunch at the marina and restaurant I am here said the cook
as long to cook a debate typical dish here and
is called the plate
gdf called as wet fish and because is typical of haiti
pes looks because it was the only someone responsible for kidney Sea
clear need identified only missing each mouth as it is called wet
Penafiel lover because Poneman to Sabritas below
and then he gets more experience and Mary
anita and betrayals that have given has never been
and add that same Thursday in which the Pope urged to end flooded and
how it is made
is made with onion
tomato pepper
some air time with Spain to my surprise that we do together
and now that it is based strike that effect upon my brother
and suddenly nation
Vinegar stops the mud that sherry
will be sold around the sides provide the word
miami 2010 despite only gives transparent back and glad I did not feel
no more and then you told me a stumbling block is that vinegar esther
pure vinegar to carnage
travelers below ticket with wine white for the item to remove the
sector to see separate
well suited to know what are expected with this vaccine
most attached
these costs
just going to let me teach you knows how to serve the Mogi not
what will make concessions
sitting for the bread in this line Based on the arsenal of low
and is then
the Holy See has been nothing
over to impact the pavilion
soup and the bread thus and goes crazy and makes the most logical
and finally and finally I will put some oil for cardiomyopathy
p is understood parker
very marginal lamella the first should be quietly
clean prostitutes
and said araya
lara who have committed crimes prosecutor
Now what I do and carved baa kept paco
this expert
how long they had been playing sax and Central 60 years
well I think there is one that has
are very famous and well known the no bachelor
yes yes because as they are held
good thing is that as previously held
what is killing this convertible
do that then at night
golobio whole parade back to the increase
if now
and the listener the wolf wedding day good morning in this city
old singing made
it was customary
the dawn in a song to the degradation
at sunrise 8
nadal as reported
at dawn
and then to the bride
and you knew all liquor taxes of all
you as a working musician part today in many farewell
in cars as to whether it can participate
good as that with about five hundred kirchner people not in it
sources of home this year
clear itself and you hired saxophonist all night
madrid today
beat of the song Sabratha dylan good many all
any other located
he saw that by playing the saxophone
people because since childhood I liked much
weddings in the fight is true that during December
well not anymore
formerly been the mayor but not Wedding is not only
does not the day before was the assistant farewell
and then fired another
farewell and then the wedding and the two wolves and Post Reception Post Reception is the
and why would
only one family ties
to work here and makes the modernity began to work as
work to work for that
to wipe clean
added that a general election
was the bachelorette party in the third
not as we know it is going only guys out there for girls
if not what all the world koch family and warm summer
everyone friends and
invited to the prison do not tell me these rates is a tradition that
older as of now we do not the girl on the one hand the guys
another that need not here no no no activate all right by junta
dared to fire whistled to fly others
for Banegas
very well for these beds to india fishing lodge which supported this
and field note reads that
good this tie Resume
write and we have six separate boxes
also illegal and all those houses
how many people fit in Caracas and accrue have two bedrooms
doubles every one where we can put we can not put a ditch in common not
we pay attention and not someone pique nextel service is integral
good if each house be connected to internet and a voucher
have a kitchenette
small but equipped for six people today have in their room
Veron i bath without a salary if his side dynamicity triumphs
has portable barbecue
I understand that it is
was the question why has this good site for the region generated
I love watching the movie Lord of the Rings
then as Caracas-based public and each room is a man
and also eg Call yourself cottages puts me
laughed article does salsa
there may be some
they do not now how
chicago was called that has noted mesquida
because they have a guarantee line
other sign languages
very varied javascript
since yesterday he carried riad assange practice one of the sports uu
exciting one of the chambers is at a call for the third of August
this season
the goal of which is based on canoeing and has done so since
for two or three years
when I came here to the people
and learner
because one day I went down there to the river yi and a group of person was doing
images pointed at me and I became interested and hitherto useless ring
out initial and apetecerá do a little canoeing that
have to do is to pay but not advanced
not only is going to City Hall Khartoum after a key data where
are canoes and kayaks
can not take away the ideas of jon in Euskera technical
No wonder though
only canoes sale tomorrow lost canoe does take to do that
to be echoed in the streets and what difference between mouth and add water
heavier as the mood was none more for leisure walks interpol
maritime falling
is also easier to Spain images also more stable because
plastic ever wider
Hence the canoe
the canoe indefinite life
the dugout because he has that so it's just so close to the
speed rather than the next competition and there are different types of
for example this is the dolphin
i also have the American
competition that requires still
go because they have the most weevil yes that
the best for search
any good but it is easier to tip over said
account the risk of pipe water is and basins
in question are easy to maintain legs tucked costs you get there
the body is not only bad
had the tagine go right to decide whether it unique is that the canoe but water
go to bottom and then u
a hard day of canoeing which Cresto body part has been
exercised more
was expelled especially arms because the bullet
pillar to clarify
be transparent
he only is the wind
food area
the wind when wind blows against
much progress in mathematics goes
in the year while the turkey the operator already
how beautiful is the sunset extremadura
one can always hope these landscapes I hope everything stays the same over
the years
I hope the changes will only be for the better to preserve the natural heritage
c if there is anything I would not want if you never change
is the people of this land
good for both
the race for the loss
next to the cathedral of Granada these Purchase this city appear in these
42 property is a player as decisive so she expect the
next time will be defeated