Interview with Zeus before IEM5 World Championship [English subtitles]

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Feb 28, 2011

- Hi, Zeus...
- Danil, I'm here...
- Sneaky you... =)
- And here we have an interview with Danil Zeus... Tell us how you prepare...
- ... Do you mean our practicing process?
- Yeah, practicing and preparing for IEM World Championship...
- We're practicing hard. After losing European Championship we realized
that we got too relaxed and now we have to do our best
to gain shape if we want to perform well in Hannover.
Last year we won IEM... This year we have chances too
but that'll be twice as hard. Why? Because...
I'm reading your thoughts :)
- Actually we proved our skills back in 2010
and many teams prepared for us and our style.
That is natural because if we beat best teams
they are trying to overcome us and take initiative.
It became more difficult to play against such teams.
European Championship is the example.
At the moment we've been practicing on our base for a week. We are traning about 10 day at now..
Before European Championship we had a two months’
vacation and hardly had any practice.
We lost our shape, tried to regain it but weren't successful enough.
Now we are gaining shape, trying to play better.
and to get ready for the tournament. We have some gaps to fill for the last 5 days
Whether we'll be in our best shape or not, we're heading for the 1st place only.
That'll be extremely difficult.
We are practicing with such teams as SK
and they are in great shape, first of all they have excellent aim.
New fnatic show really good their game and of course it's impossible not to mention such teams as mTw, FX.
If we are lucky we'll get directly to the play-off
otherwise we'll have a relegation match against one of these teams.
- Is it easier to defend the title or go for it? Do you feel any stress?
- I don't feel any stress.
We knew that we could win ESWC as we had been winning many other tournaments before.
We won WCG while many teams knew that we were very eager to win that tournament.
I mentioned numerous times in the interviews how we are getting set for the victory.
Can't say if it is harder to defend the title or go for it.
It depends on the team’s motivation and how much spirit and will we have to win.
When we attend tournament knowing our real level and can prove it in the game, the result speaks for itself.
But if we know our level but fail to show it in the game we are naturally losing.
We could be 3rd on IEM EC but we fell apart... I don't know why.
We were practicing and playing bad, least to say, and then we got upset after losing to fnatic.
We got way too relaxed back then, most of us started
to play looser and we thought that it would be possible to win without any serious efforts.
Now we realized that there are no easy victories.
Counter-strike is developing and progressing, everyone is watching demos to study tactics and improving aim.
Once again I want to say that it's impossible to win any tournament without efforts.
- Kiev will host ASUS Cup this weekend... Don't you sorry for skipping this tournament?
- Talking about our current shape I would say that
we could have 90% to win ASUS, given our maximum mindset for the tournament.
Once again we couldn't win it without efforts.
We couldn't win it just because individual skills...
That means that we would have to play our best...
I don't know how good Iron Will is on lan, moreover there are such teams as MYM, SprayNpray and other Ukrainian teams.
Swedish team is good - we practiced with them.
That's why we would have played our maximum against them,
but we have world championship right
after and it would be nonsense to show our A-game.
We aren't sorry for skipping ASUS.
We already practiced that and it paid off.
- Do you coach your teammates, do you motivate them somehow?
- Everyone is trying to motivate himself, analyze and understand what we as a team want.
ZeroGravity is doing coaching, his words make us think.
He made us realize that we had a year full of achievements and there are none this year.
He said that we had much awards in 2010 but here comes the new year,
it is a new page and we have to do it all over again.
Forget what we had and do what we can now.
Do not think about the past... The future is ahead...
- Do you personally have motivation to win? Do you feel the same like it was a year before...
- ... Honestly, I have unreal motivation right now.
I want to win so much.
But everything is going to be decided on the tournament where team becomes a single unit.
When the team feels the game, when players have game understanding
when it all combines you can play the A-game.
We feel ourselves "our power" and "how much we want to win".
But if we get relaxed or something goes another way, there is no motivation inside...
Well, we cheer for ourselves but there is no core inside.
We had games and tournaments like that
but I hope we'll be extremely ready for this one.
We know what we want and we go for it.
- You are going to have PCW right now, aren't you...?
- ... Yeah, we're going to play against SK now.
They are among our most dangerous opponents and we want to beat them.
Last time we played they humiliated us and now we want to pay them back.
- Thanks for the interview and good luck!