University of Wolverhampton Graduation 2010

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>> Just the people, because I lived in Halls of Residence and I met people from all around the world.
I think we had 6 different nationalities on one corridor
Just that kind of experience is unique.
>> Absolutely brilliant.
A really good experience all round.
I was here for four years.
I met so many different people from different cultures,
different countries.
I got involved in lots of different things outside of my course as well.
So all round it was really valuable and an interesting experience.
>> Part of it was meeting new people and living in a different place
and having new experiences really.
What else I loved about it was the close contact that was possible
between me and my lecturers
A really personal approach which I enjoyed very much.
>> It’s been the time of my life really.
I don’t think you can compare it to any other time.
It’s just so much freedom and independence.
>>It’s been fun.
Most of all meeting new people
and just getting out there, opening your eyes.
It’s been fun.
>> Time management and organisation.
I think that with a family you need your time management skills.
That’s what it teaches you, doing a degree as well as
working full-time
and running a household
and working with the children.
>> I guess people and the atmosphere.
It is a lot of hard work but it is a lot of fun.
I don’t think I have had an experience in my life where I have changed so much
>>Making friends would be the best experience.
There are some you have made that you will always stay in contact with for life.
And obviously getting your degree
so you can move on to the next stage
of your career and it’s just a great achievement really.
It feels good to have the end.
Be wearing your cap and gown.
>> The most positive thing is that education takes you somewhere.
You start from step one
then at the end of the degree you see that you know so many things that you did not know in life before.
>> Oh yes, I’m proud of my son!
I feel very high today,
like I’ve got wings to fly.
If I had wings to fly I could be flying around Wolverhampton!
>> I would recommend everyone to go to University, it has been the best time.
>> It can be a brilliant experience for everyone.
You can choose a course that suits you
and tailor your experience by
getting involved in clubs, societies and meeting different people.
>> Definitely, yes. Yes.
Especially in our case
because you get to study in two different countries…
two different cities,
which is a great experience.
>> Do it - absolutely.
It can be quite daunting a first,
especially as I’m a mature student...
to get back in to education.
Literally after a few classes it gets you thinking again.
You really can push yourself and you learn a lot.
And as I said, you meet good people.