Grozovye Vorota (1-4)

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Late 18 century, Russia was drawn into conflict
hill tribes and clans.
At the end of the 20th Century Caucasian Wars erupted as a new force.
International terrorism has turned the this country in its range.
Hot pancakes!
Santa Claus! Did you bring us gifts?
Oh, children, kids.
Oh, you are my girl! They're good, huh?
Come on, wipe, wipe kids grandfather will come later! Done!
Santa Claus, and if there will be a gift?
Well, little children, Santa Claus now busy, he will get with you later.
Hey, guy!
You, you! As I stand here? Come here, let's head to take a ride!
No, I can not!
Oh, come, come here! Come!
Sit back!
Good day! Hello.
We did not call anyone.
No big deal! The municipality is passed a resolution to pay attention to everything.
All this is completely free.
Our sponsors are paying all gifts.
Yes, yes, absolutely free!
Where are the children?
And, here they are children!
Chico will there be fireworks?
But how? Happy New Year! Everything has to be fun!
Mister, let petard?
Hold it! Pucajmo! Decayed!
Let them sleep!
What's this here? Family photos?
Who are you in the picture? With his wife?
What was his face?
So what? No one else?
Hey! Santa brought you presents! Smile!
Stop! I tell you!
Well, the Shah, I transfer you greetings by Habiba.
And this is my gift to you.
Hey, shoot!
Get out! I'm a doctor.
Is hospitalized! Quick!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Boy to the hospital...
Somebody help me! Help!
Kill them!
Uh, bastards!
Santa Claus! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Grozovye vorota
Episode 1 Grozovye vorota
Vakin! I!
Razumejkin! Here!
Arijkin! I'm here!
Vaganov! I!
Vetrov! I!
Gorshkow! I!
Celine! Here!
All is in the list.
Five minutes for forgiveness from the relatives! Split!
So, listen to me very carefully:
You have to endure six months, get it?
Listen! Do not interrupt me!
And why are you alone? From the orphanage are you?
I? No, I am from the village.
Lieutenant Pankratov.
Pankratov Comrade! Say, when they will be in place?
It is a terrible military secret madam.
Understandable. Excuse me, please!
Pašenjka! Write to us. Take cigarettes.
Through half a year I will get sick, we will get you from there...
Mama, this I have chosen!
Wait! I'll send you there and you will let the commission, get it?
I decided to go into the army!
I understand everything!
Mommy, I love many, many I love you!
The recruits, in the car!
Take the box.
Half a year!
Move! My bottom bunk.
Serve up, bro!
Father, wait!
O! This is it's our!
Is that all? You may want to water?
Bring the account... and.
Hello! Hello.
Is there a vacancy?
There there, apart from the officers.
Listen, who was escorted and at the station? Mother?
World! My ideal woman: beautiful and can be seen, smart.
My mother is also smart but it does not.
What can not be seen?
Well, the mind through sight.
Even if a strong idea, all the same, it can not be seen!
The peasant woman, In short, I am the same!
For me the opposite: the person as seen, but here...
So what is it?
You have already invaded, eh?
We will return the packaging!
You do not have the authority to do so!
What are you, a lawyer?
Why do you fall?
So, drinking is bad!
Come on, come on!
A smoking, guys, is harmful to health!
Hey, what does it perform? Think about it, so do not need?
So I thought, but only When you become a bump!
Well, we are not soldiers we did not take the oath!
What are you here, clever, or what? I did not understand... A?
And remember, mutt, "smart" you were house, get it?
And here you are "obedient"!
If you want to experience to become a bump.
You shook off the stepson? Now you, to praznuješ, congratulations!
I do not know, so, how Why did not I think of that?
Those of you not eat this morning?
And maybe drink?
Come on, you poured in?
You do not... You do not understand, I sad I can not eat or drink?
I can not!
Oh, stop it! Well, not in prison gone!
I'm three years in the Navy cut off and nothing!
I even managed to appeal to you...
Shorten you, odrubeni? Now I will live like a prisoner!
Nina, I promise, I'll get it back home through a half a year!
If he so wants. Did I understand correctly?
Yes, if he wants alone.
Man all I have to solve.
You know, I... I simply have no words, how to call you.
Fellow soldiers! Attention!
Now you are also soldiers, and all Browne carrying our military!
Within two years we will together shared all the hardships of military service.
In the near future you ahead to get through the training of young soldiers
and take an oath, after which you will become a true protectors of our homeland!
I can not hear!
Taller, I told you!
What do you...
Speak up you say!
Until tomorrow! Thanks. Goodbye.
Nina Evgenjevna!
Eee! Where? Stop, stop, stop!
About... Hello.
Ma does not blow up like that! Break you.
What you need, sweetheart?
Not me, Kostik.
What Kostika?
In short, this is my new address.
My move to Petersburg will and me to take it with you.
What he did not say it herself?
I have the cops held back for three days. Goats, damn! It's just that they let me go.
I mean, vain and play! There is you and place.
Ma idi bre!
Bye-bye, sweetheart!
Forward march!
Whom do you serve, lizard?
I have not heard!
Serve the Fatherland!
Speak, speak!
End, what are you going to do when you get a medal?
I will give it to my mother.
And you?
I have nobody...
Nina Evgenjevna! A?
Oh, thank you, thank you! Please.
"Hi Mom! Training has been completed. I fly to the Caucasus. "
So he will not allow! Koljan, come on, go, go!
So what, I'm off..
Comrade Lieutenant? Let us be photographed at the entrance?
A souvenir. Come on.
"They took only volunteers so do not panic,
or lift up all on their feet and do not try away with me.
I'm all I've decided. I have one request for you:
Call Kate, you know who is she,
If you moved, you may will tell you where?
I told her I write, I write, but it does not match.
I hope you did not interfere, while I'm gone. I really hope.
I love you. Your son, Kostya. "
See, what a beauty!
Why not the whole service such, eh?
I'll write my own, they are plane see only the sky!
We are happy, my brothers!
Akiiev! Will pilaf!
Understood, Commander! I'll make!
Guys! Do not touch the parachute, he is good, maybe we still need!
No, guys, I do not touch it! And, where's my parachute?
Korkina! Mani is kids' stuff!
The first line, the vehicle!
The second line, the vehicle!
The third line, the vehicle!
In two species, the choir!
Right! Ravnajs! For me! Marching step!
Kole, see how it all seriously!
Yes, man, we fucked!
Comrade Colonel! Commander of the Fifth Squad
74-th separate motor infantry Regiment Lieutenant Doronin!
To meet. How do you call it?
Aleksandr Vladimirovich. Aleksandr.
Colonel Galkin Pal Palic.
This is my Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Gavrilov.
Andrew Juric.
Drugže Colonel! General!
Ignition. Yes.
Comrade General! Ease.
At ease!
At ease! At ease!
This is your gain, Get familiar.
Commander of "Horse Landing" Guard Battalion Major Huliček.
Major Yegorov, specnaz GRU.
As the father called, Major?
Simply Valera, comrade Colonel.
This is our new commander.
Motor infantry commander Company Lt. Doronin!
Where are you from originally?
From Tomsk.
Siberian. That's good.
Other officers, according to intelligence Data on the territory of neighboring countries
during the active formation of large paramilitary gangs
proportionate enforcement combat effects.
Penetration is the most likely from neighbors, from the east or southeast.
Your Direction south and southwest
believe, is the least likely to penetration due to the complex terrain areas.
So the quest, so to speak, guard.
But every guard, and you realize, must be reliable.
On this basis, I order you to be organized Defence crest "Doors Storm
of the combined company lieutenants Doronin so
exclude the smallest the invasion.
I understand!
Comrade General! Perhaps, should I say?
Yegorov is the "clay pigeon"! Suddenly nagađaš?
So what, he's a smart guy! All one and to stroll does not even blink.
Let's go to the headquarters!
Gorshkow! I!
Mouth shut! One, two! The machine, race march!
I understand!
This is the cake! So so, Egorov,
Jump in with your scouts the place where all the preparation,
that tomorrow welcomed Doronin.
I see.
Briefly repeat the general: basic direction of a possible coup
small group of terrorists through Pass "storm door"
plateau and villages.
Your task is to destroy them.
And if they are big groups?
The command believes that nothing serious
in your area of responsibility will not happen. The situation is clear?
Yes, Comrade Colonel.
With artillery and aviation will cooperate with us.
So, what else?
There is more or less preserved old forts and guard towers.
Two years ago, there was already our extra point.
Any questions?
No questions. You can go Lieutenant.
I understand!
That's all, let's go! not light it!
Come on, tell! Fell after!
Are you a long time here, Comrade Major?
Count us for Indigenous! Listen, Lieutenant,
I hade to move on with you these, anyway we will be together.
Valera. Sasha.
Are you a boost for my troop, it turns out, that we do not believe?
What do you think?
Here we stand things like this: You better do something, and something I am.
The main point is what? Properly carry out the task.
The medals will share with you! But remember:
When I have the medals I was so terribly greedy!
Let's go!
Perhaps, it is worth?
And if you suddenly panics Doronin? If their commanders pressed unnecessarily?
Eh, it still is over the heart to use them blindly.
I see.
Eh, why my dad is general?
Maybe I'd Imai like this!
This is the car Pankratova?
Yes! Lieutenant Pankratova.
And what, he is no longer in the hospital?
And, yes, training is completed.
Maybe someone has asked to dismiss it to the city
looks like a woman I sat with him.
Let's hurry up..
"That's all I have left.
I went to get married for the future of General Doronin, not eternal Sasko Četnog!
I am leaving you money for a hangover.
Does not ask me, the best all forget.
Hello, Sanj! Hello.
By the evening will be up above the waist in the country to plunge,
here is not all that simple, both spoke at the headquarters.
Company, the vehicle!
Lieutenant Pankratov, Lieutenant Luzgin with me!
Lieutenant Kokoro with me! Fly!
I understand!
Lieutenant Luzgin! I!
you remain the oldest. Come through half an hour.
I understand!
Lieutenant Pankratov! I!
Organize Protection residence companies.
I understand!
Other postpone equipment and prepare for dinner.
Comrade Major, Drava-live!
This means that my friend Vovčik here as well?
They killed your friend, Eight days ago,
by Sato.
Well, gentlemen, please in my limo!
Tovovi on the slopes, the first and the second line.
From left, the right of access guard place. Guns in the hills.
The ruins of the warehouse KNP and kitchen. Minefields
forward of the front line and the sides.
Let's go!
Let say, Golikov, What did you come up to there?
We are there, they saw a niche, comfortable, as nests for two.
If there put machine-gun nest, he will cover prilz door.
It would be good to one hundred meters from here mine the riverbed.
We'll make!
Let's go!
Deeper, guys, ukopavajte! Deeper!
"... Nižegorodskog dragonskog Regiment fallen in October, the seventh day of the year 1839.
Eternal memory. "
Kolljan thought! These guys next to us also strongly fought!
Bone, by nature, you are promućuram guy
Let me now explain what these highlanders needs, huh?
Koljan! I'll take your gun take a picture.
E E E! Leave a gun!
What are you, silly, Pokemon? Quiet!
Listen, you! Quiet, boys, Sergeant!
As you have gathered?
Gorshkow, what's that on your head? Tend!
Position must be ready for five hours!
All work, no draw! Go, go!
Now everything will be done!
Bulletproof vests with you! Go, go! Go!
Went away without looking. Class, eh?
What shows?
Aula they passed by and nothing strange did not notice?
Alongside the road a woman and an old man, and in the yard to dry curtains.
It is obvious that it is not elderly.
Maybe, just came out?
And, no, here they are. In addition, in the mountains.
And this village is located on our neck.
Thus, Sanjay, in the war front at 360 degrees.
What is there?
No, nothing. Everything is normal.
So! And what is ready?
Ready! Mom, command!
Command, Mom!
Come on!
Preparation... Warning... Now!
E e eh, I will overtake!
If you get!
Come on!
I'm coming!
All we have done on request: mines were laid by ravines.
See yourself not, fit!
Here, podpis forms.
Sergeant! I!
Echelon people in the car!
I understand!
That's it? It seems that my job is over here?
Let God keep you here! We have done everything as we could. Good luck.
Hello, dear!
Freeze! Peaceful, Sanjay!
Who are you?
He is with me.
And, with you.
Lieutenant Pankratov! With me! Quick!
I understand!
Well hello.
Comrade Lieutenant? Why is the position of a stranger?
What a stranger, comrade Lieutenant?
As I understand it, since you found me, means will be fighting...
The bre Habib... When?
For a day or two.
The guy who is as angry, need to go to explain something to him.
Think it possible?
It is possible.
Place your duty Lieutenant Bobrov! I charge a small hill!
Circle march!
Commanders, can you for a minute? Yes.
Oh, look! Ode, otter...
Aga, do not tell!
Here I am with his family, how many are we roamed the barracks?
And me? It is a vixen!
Seem to have found each other, what?
Alina, not proživljavaj!
Thank you!
Everything will be fine.
Get familiar.
Shah is our man.
How nice!
"I am going out on the road: Through the mist lies the thorny path:
Quiet night. The desert listens to God, I stars with the star says. "
Read. Pushkin.
Čečenac, as we do!
Habib! Here, Habib!
Tell your people not to make noise Russians are the saddle.
The Russians are already here? How many?
Total of one hundred men.
What the man say? That's good.
Yesterday they arrived twenty This morning is the 80th
Ah, thank you, woman!
Give here!
Listen, Kostjan?
In our village has an old woman I call our Vanga.
You bring her eggs or something else,
and they predict the fate of you.
Well, I once went without anything, she told me:
"You, Koljan, so you are dissolved, that in life you have no luck.
And lucky you have only when thou dying, when death approaches you. "
Gorshkow, with me! Quick!
Do not scream! Break you!
Well, help old people!
Just to fit...
Well, nothing, nothing, nothing! Opremaj!
Kostjan! What?
Scouts return.
That is service! A Koljan again into the ground again with a shovel.
It should, however, then I take eggs one grandmother.
E! E! Scouts to shoot, can not! You'll get the nose!
And why can not it?
So! The secret, man! Arrived? Delete Come here!
When all the army received! Sorts of mess!
That's right!
Up to that ridge, we act precisely.
Comrade Colonel!
No, I like it here! Here you can get in the rough!
Listen, Kostjan? A?
In our Fedjuki has a divorcee way, a good woman,
Truth is a young, over thirty years, Please note it all in a row here we go.
Bring her a bucket of potatoes or two dozen eggs, and she was satisfied.
And why are you talking about?
I do not know. I would like to her now that prigvirim. And you?
Think about anything else, okay?
And what else? I'm already on the everything else has thought.
Hi, Sanjay!
You allow the report?
Izveštavaj. You know that you I did not head, so to do sekiraj.
You want tea? I will.
Tea. Yes.
You are also not sekiraj... Well, in general, We passed the valley, 15 km in depth.
Purely on both sides.
So even if the guests arrive, certainly not for another day.
Normal. During that time we fail to prepare.
And that, I tell the truth, I All izmučio.
Let's see what is behind our backs going.
Eh, not Aul, but Russian village...
Went to be with the girls know!
So, just what you gvirnem in a nutshell.
O how!
See you!
See you! What Napoleon created with you there.
Why, look Pankratov really does have a son?
And they all are here climb? So what are they, Daddy did not give them an excuse?
Listen, whence I know?
So I know: because of our Sanjka, medals!
And what next? Clean, trailing on the general staff
Chechen War officer.
Uh, you're thirsty for medals, Valerka!
That's right!
Fractures are very serious, in many places.
Complicated operations. Part of the bone he had to eject.
And maybe one more surgery in a month.
The spine is not injured. That is all.
And, thank you.
So, how do you like? Comfort in the yard, water also
but it is like at all. See column.
Thirty rubles a day. appropriate?
Yes, comfortable.
Deposit immediately.
I found out: the operation is very expensive, and then will have to go in Kurgan.
Why in the Kurgan?
Because there is a clinic Elizarova and not without it we can not,
say, that they make miracles.
Do not worry, you will earn enough the clinic for surgery, the Kurgan...
Everything will be fine. You are my mudrica...
I love you very much. Honestly.
And yet, Kostjan, in our Fedjuki There is a man who is there is so cheeks!
We called him and hamsters. You understand, eh?
Halt, who goes?
Our all at home! On the stomach, man! I reckon you on your belly!
Hands on the back of my head!
Say the password! Shooter mrdnešyou!
What not to shoot?
So... it's...
Chess! I!
Nothing, nothing, guys! Heroes!
Serve the motherland! Serve the motherland!
It is noise, kids, do not.
Have you heard what he said?
Kostic, when I tell you: we are here just a little bit, I feel that
After going with him to scouts. I give you my tooth!
Listen, Koljan! Let's have personal password, huh?
As such, the tricks.
From the fittings? Fedjuki!
A response?
I found it.
Half day walk. I will give Habiba you for an interview.
Arab knows everything.
Then immediately return it to me, Valera.
Dreams! Dreams!
Dreams, need now to go for a walk.
If necessary, you should! Far?
Oh no, that around.
In the longer?
I mean, I'll still go back. I'll take ten of my men.
Golikova leave for me.
Perhaps, Preliminary Report?
The report should not be.
He said well, what if once information leaks?
I'll post my report.
Say honestly, Lieutenant: scared I have to stay?
Do not be afraid, you know who?
Relaxed, that's me for the day.
Does it worth it?
Bone! A?
Sleep? No.
Here's something I can not sleep.
Listen, Bone, you remember, when we were escorted into the army,
Your mother was screaming: half a year, half a year, it sounded like a promise,
what is it?
What are you, listening or what?
No way listening? Once around the platform shouting
then willy-nilly hear.
She wanted me to pick up the house half a year they say, sick, need care.
Or that I have a boil.
And what, then change your mind?
I have changed my mind.
And did you want?
He did not know what I wanted.
How so?
That is so. Others have wanted for me. And so, Kolljan as.
Gorshkow, Vetrov! Cover up! Sleep!
He who sleeps baby.
And why I woke him? He already nothing works.
Promise, promise, but nothing does not work.
It may be nothing, understand?
Well, everything is fine for now.
You know, I do not like when talk about my son, as a deserted place.
Remember that, okay?
And what is on site? Smart, capable? And what does he want?
Study as of misery!
By the way, he and I came suggested to me to gather a group of children
to support our movement, yet nothing is done.
And why did not you say?
You would do everything for him After all, as always.
One up behind the house.
Petrakov, Kirienkova, Šmelev with me!
I understand!
One left, one from right, I am in the middle. Go!
Well, the Shah, I transfer you greetings by Habiba.
From Habib... From Habib...
Habib was in uniform.
Marathon runner, the client is a camouflage, have you understood?
The house has four.
Hornet, in the house four more. Did you understand?
Report on readiness.
Just take a live client.
Do. Begin!
Normally, alive. Download.
Yes, commander!
All clear.
There are no survivors.
What did he say?
You came to an end.
That's it?