Joachim Garraud - I love my DJ life

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Wait wait wait!
I swear I didn't have desert!
Hi Space Invaders, welcome to Singapore!
I really had to show you this incredible place.
Everything is electronic, but the escalators aren't working!
This is a six-story shopping mall,
entirely dedicated to everything electronic,
DJ Stuff, Music, Geek stuff
My advice: come here with an empty backpack
This is Space Invader paradise
Six stories dedicated to all that is really awesome.
By banker won't be happy about this,
my credit card almost melted here!
I have a little ignition problem here
Last night was the Mixx
Last night was the Mixx
Here in Monaco...
Now I'm going to sleep!
Last night was the Mix, here in Monaco,
for the salon of Clubbing.
Now let's go for a little Space Helicopter ride!
Hi Space Invaders, and welcome to the flying saucer...
Buckle up, there's going to be some movement!
The nice thing about playing in Germany...
is cars! That's the stuff.
(What kind of car is that?)
This is the latest Porsche Panamera.
Certain clubs have a deal with Porsche:
Other clubs in other countries have other deals...
But not like this! They're lucky here!
(You're not the one driving?)
I'll drive on the way back.
Hi Space Invaders and welcome to Germany!
We're in Munich, at the P1
It's really close to the forest, and we just saw a river...
...that had surfers on it!
Hi Space Invaders, this summer's tour has a stop in Austria
BeatPatrol festival, next to Vienna.
Hi Space Invaders, I hope you're enjoying this summer of 2009
I wanted to send you this little video postcard.
I got paid! I got a peach, an apple and some cheese.
So clearly tonight went well... Two fruits and cheese is a big reward!
No, i swear, I didn't have desert!
Tonight i have the pleasure of playing at the Acapulco,
in Calvi, Corsica.
Wait wait wait!
Alright, you can cross.
There's no train coming.
The weather is incredible.
We're going in for a swim.
Hey Space Invaders, we're in the middle of the US tour,
in L.A., and I'm very proud of having my name on Hollywood Blvd.,
next to Frank Sinatra.
Except his name is on the pavement and mine is on the sign
at the Playhouse, we're I'm playing tonight.
(Is the bag tidy ?)
Yes! But it weights a ton..
Although I can't say that, because if AIr France people see this movie...
...they won't let me in anymore!
I think the max is supposed to be 5kgs..
This one is three times as heavy!
(Five kilos per pocket!)
(Your attention please, Mr Garraud is expected on the Air France flight)
(For immediate boarding.)
Oops, my keytar!
Now in English! Come on?!
Attention: tonight, big sports event: all space invaders...
... are expected on highways 13 and 14
for the Zemixx birthday party
Hi! We're now in Mulheim, Germany,
in some sort of a basement,
where there are a lot of cave-like studios
But the sound quality is actually nice!
These are crazy people who have been making music...
... for quite a few years.
A lot of stuff here comes straight out of the past.
Pretty, isn't it ?
Right now we're working on a title for Invasion 2010 and for the show
And this is the new version of "Space Invaders Are Back":
I can tell you it kicks ass!
Now i need to finish. They have all their stuff,
but I'm working with my portable version of a studio.
Hi Space Invaders,
Today we are in...
Worth 68 points at Scrabble.
We're in Poland for Sunrise festival
Behind me is a big door
We're going to try an open this huge safe
Ben, do you have the tools ?
We're going to need them.
No words necessary. Just look at the images:
Hi Space Invaders, welcome to Malaysia,
20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, the famous
Petronas towers.
And this magnificent temple, where 500 steps await us.
So here we go for some exercise!
This is some flying saucer!
Goes everywhere.. Look here, it even has Internet on board!
Isn't this heaven ? With their little email keyboard
Let's go for a ride. I'm going to go get the keys
Go ahead, place the Keytar in there.
Danny, so: where's the world's first Pacha ?
It's in Sitges, next to Barcelona
Who created it ?
It's the same owner as the one in Ibiza
How many Pachas are there in the world today ?
I think there are about 54...
Wow, that's a lot! How many in Spain?
Almost 10.
Are they all is big as this one ? This is over 4000 people, right?
Here: 4000 inside, 4000 outside!
But only Joachim Garraud can fill it all up!
In order to make some extra money, I sweep the floor at NRJ Radio
But they always have sweet trash
You're up!
This is horrible. I can't. I can't go.
(Come on, we're filming!)
(A small step for Joachim, a giant for Mankind)
I traveled for two hours at -10°C
Because we didn’t have heating on the plane
Even with 2 foil blankets...
This is crazy,
I swear I thought I was going to die with this cold !
My legs froze... I’m happy I'm arrived,
warming under the sun.
So: the longest street in the world : Done
The second highest tower in the world: Done
The best baseball match : Done
Now let’s go to "This is London" for the sound-check.
- Hi can I help you ?
Is this for a TV show ?
For Ryan Seacrest ?
Come on! Stop it!
So ! Today we’re in Corsica !
We’re in Calvi, and we’re at the "Acapulco"
And why the "Acapulco" is so different, many of you
are asking this question !
So first of all because we’re making the front page here
There's a problem on the island,
An invasion is coming tonight.
And also because they sent a spaceship in its long version !
Where’s the bathroom !
Here you have something amazing,
A GPS, really useful in order to know where you are,
Obviously the pilots don’t use this,
they have more advanced equipment
which is much less graphical than that.
This is cool because you can see where you are,
And right now we have Slovenia on our right,
and we’re going to fly over Czech Republic in a moment.
Today in Thailand I’m testing for you the "Thai pickled Mango" !
They’re laughing in the front seat...
This is really special, it’s a mix between Mango and pickle
And it’s really spicy !
Julio Iglesias gives a concert tonight...
In Corsica !
Go on Julio ! Sing !
I don’t know how to say it... I going to do it in French.
We just heard a submarine, an air carrier, 4 warships...
You thing I’m joking? Take a look !
This has been around for 4 years,
And this is crazy !
1000 persons over the water in the "Lac Leman" in Switzerland.
I have the honor to be received
with the red carpet and all that stuff !!
How are you?
What's this boat ?
Well, it's mine.
Hi Space Invaders!
I just finished a set that lasted until sunrise
Here at "Burning Man",
At the "playa" in the "Root Society" camp
In the big white dome
that you can see right behind me.
Everything went very well
I’m really happy !!
See, when I'm telling you that being a DJ is a hard job.
This is proof: having to drink fresh coconut here in Thailand,
on the beach... That's not easy at all!