ArchiCAD 16 - Energy Evaluation - Working with Zones

Uploaded by Archicad on 02.05.2012

In this movie we will present how we suggest to model Zones for energy model analysis in
We have to create a zone in every conditioned space of the building, using either the Manual
or the Inner Edge zone construction method.
The zones must be adjoining the surrounding elements surfaces.
When placing zones on the floor plan, make sure that they are completely enclosed by
zone boundaries.
Walls and profiled curtain walls automatically behave as zone boundaries.
When using Slabs as bottom or top zone boundaries, make sure that the zone level or height are
set, so that the horizontal zone surface touches the inner edge of the Slab.
If Roofs, Meshes, Shells or ArchiCAD library objects are used as zone boundaries, it is
recommended to use the Trim Elements or Solid Element Operations command to shape the zone
with the selected zone boundaries to establish the connection between them.
If it is necessary you can define the lines as Zone Boundaries as well. We have used this
solution to separate the Kitchen,… Hall,… and Living Room spaces.
Always use separate zones on every different story of your project. The living room space
is two story heights. It has a Gallery on the second floor, but we shouldn’t model
it with one Zone.
For accurate energy evaluation we modeled the Airspace with a separate Zone stamp on
the related level. This Zone starts from the top of the Living room and hits the bottom
of the flat roof.