Ek Niranjan (2009) w/ Eng Sub - 3/14

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pIease don't hit my brother.
I'm not abIe to hit him if you cry Iike that.
Get me the revoIver.
Take it.
That's your brother's range, he'II die near future in some encounter
pIease don't encounter my brother.
Why wouId I do it? I'm not a poIice man.
Then, who are you?
Thought I'm from department?
Started fIaunting EngIish aIready.
Indians taIk in EngIish when citing ruIes.
Make two chapattis onIy from tomorrow, he'II not come home.- Why?
Greetings. - Greetings.
Whatever the tantric says, wiII it come true?
Why negative thoughts, Iet's be positive.
It comes true, it seems comes true, it seems many have come true,
otherwise why wouId so many come to visit him?
Correct, can I meet him now?
He's offering prayers, wait for 10 minutes.
Is it paining, my dear?
No probIem, Swami. I Iike this pain.
Go now, peopIe are waiting for you.
Don't know why I feeI Iike watching you aIways.
When I see in day I feeI Iike seeing in night, and vice versa,
I feeI Iike seeing you day and night.
Go now Swami!
You beIong to arts fieId.
Your career is very near to scissors.
You're right, Guru ! - Did you see how he's teIIing about you?
You're in probIems.
Don't get scared.
A woman wiII save you from those probIems.
You'II faII in Iove. - I'm feeIing shy.
You marry soon. - With that girI onIy?
I'II pIuck your eyes if you Iook at madam.
Madam? I thought she was your daughter.
My sIipper wiII wear out.
WiII you teII anything eIse, Guru?
You ask him. He'II answer whatever you ask.
Not just past and future, he'II teII about your next birth aIso.
What wouId I be in my next birth, Guru?
Show me your hand. - See!
You were born dark in this birth, in your next birth you'II be fair.
I mean you'II be born as American.
You'II not be in one pIace so you'II go to South Africa.
You unite the bIacks and become first white premier of bIack nation.
You'II settIe with a bIack native woman.
What's the guaranty?
Take my phone number, caII me if there's any difference.- Okay.
KaiIash got caught.
What has happened to Suri?
Where did he go away? Who wiII know?
What's the guaranty that it's Chandu?
It's being shown on TV.
WiII you beIieve anything shown on TV?
I must see Chandu.
How can you? Body is in mortuary.
Get it. - What?
Get the body from mortuary.
You came Iong time ago, why don't you give me money?
Some more pIease.
Too expensive to stay in jaiI.
To pay poIice and buy cigars and beedis.
I beg you, pIease teII me who my parents are?
Your mother...father...may I teII you? - TeII me.
Use common sense, if I teII about your parents,
won't you stop paying me?
WiII you come to see me in jaiI?
I wiII come. - No, you wiII not.
I wiII come. - No.
Give me hundred rupee biIIs.
When I come out I'II history, geography and bioIogy of your famiIy,
but I'II sit, I'm tired of standing,
I've grown oId, right?
Go now!
Do you know who I am?
That's for the worId. For you just Jani.
I don't know.
Not onIy, I too don't know.
It's Chandu.
You may be thinking I'm mad.
But my satisfaction onIy counts.
I don't beIieve anything unIess I see it with my eyes.
Sometimes I'II not trust even my eyes.
Just a whiIe ago you brought a girI, what's her name?
Honey body is aIso inside.
Take both bodies.
If we go straight and turn Ieft, you'II get Mangatayaru Apartments, you know it?
I know.
There's a 3050 sq.ft. furnished fIat,
spacious bedroom, with home theatre and CD's too,
wiII you come with me?
Get Iost, bIoody idiot!
I toId you about comforts, if you're tempted, come.
Brother, give me matches.
Brother, girIs don't come to room when invited.
And they never invite us to their rooms.
How to survive, teII me?
Why are you watching seriousIy, brother?
What did you do with the money, Chitti?
Chitti? How do you know my name? My fans are increasing.
What have you done with the money stoIen from Engineer's house in Ameerpet?
I mean it...
Where are the jeweIs stoIen from Srinagar coIony tempIe?
Short man !
Ask me if I don't get you Iynched by poIice.
I beg you, pIease Ieave me. I'II give a cut.
How dare you offer a cut to me? - I'II offer you 20%.
How many peopIe wiII you arrest? - What bothers you?
WiII you Ieave him or not? - He's my pocket money.
AstroIoger's word are coming true.
I'II teach you a Iesson. - Where are you going?
You come. You come, shorty! WiII you Ieave him or not?
WiII you hit me? - I'II hit!
She kiIIed me! - Run...run away!
How can I when you're here? - Why did you hit me so hard?
Why are you here? Go...go away man.
I'II kiII you.
Are you mad?
What's this itching? - Itching?
What eIse then?
WiII you arrest everyone? Don't you want anyone out on road?
You're unnecessariIy taking revenge on me,
they'II pay just Rs.2000 for arresting your brother,
that too not yet paid.
WiII you get him arrested for Rs.2000 onIy?
I'II do it. - WiII you?- What wiII you do?
I think because you're beautifuI, I'm not abIe to hear you properIy.
I'm spending aII my time watching your face.
Not just ears, you'II Iose eye sight too in near future.
I heard this better, you said something about eyes.
Oh God! I can understand haIf and can't understand the other haIf.
Bear aII the torture of poIice, but don't say a word.
Suri! Where did you go away? Just vanished?
I went to native after that incident, Iost my mobiIe too.
Okay, it's not safe for you to be in city,
give me money.
Give me everything. He's our Suri.
Keep it. - I don't want money, Bhai.
Keep it man. Give it to your mother.
Go back to your pIace.
I want to taIk to Suri...
AII of you come.
You didn't discuss about the incident with anyone, right?- No.
Don't do it.
It's very secret. Don't teII anyone.
We aII do the same mistake.
We teII our secrets to someone, and beg him not to reveaI it.
Isn't it fooIish?
It's a secret onIy if one man knows it.
How can it be secret if two peopIe know it? Right?
Then, do one thing, since we both know this secret,
it's better onIy one of us Iives,
kiII me!
No probIem, I'II not mind it. KiII me.
KiII me.
If you don't kiII me, I'II kiII you.
Don't Iook at them.
Take...take out your gun !