Continuum Ep 05: Han Soloist

Uploaded by ContinuumTheSeries on 31.07.2012

I thought you said he was dead.
I thought he was. He had no life support readings.
Well, if you're wrong about that, maybe you're wrong about him wanting to kill me.
No, I am quite sure about that.
I want the gun then.
It is secured.
Yeah, I know, mom. I tried to get it before.
- I thought you named me Tara. - Give me the gun!
I let you have it at first...
but it appears your skills have diminished with your memory loss.
- It is for your own good. - Yeah, "last resort", I get it.
But if this guy is supposed to kill me...
Okay what?
I will allow the use of the weapon.
I see you found the clothes.
they fit perfect.
Just like they're mine.
So you don't know who I am?
- Haven't a clue. - You've never seen me?
Why? You know who I am?
Well, either you do or you don't.
The ship's computer, Tara, said you were a mercenary.
Why would she say that?
That's what's in her database.
Well, I'm not. Do I look like a mercenary?
Maybe, I don't know.
- Well, I'm not. - Well, how can you be sure?
Do you remember anything?
Nothing at all.
Yeah, I'm right there with you.
Do not trust him.
He seems okay to me.
Yes, but he is experiencing the same memory loss as you.
- Do you know how long this'll last? - No.
Well, could it be permanent?
You just need something to stimulate your memory.
What about this?
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