Alejandro & Diego - 041 (English Subs)

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Ana, excuse me. I shouldn't have left the students alone. I had a personal emergency and I had to leave right away to take care of it.
A personal emergency is a heart attack, and to be unconscious on the floor. JP, anything else is no excuse to not inform me.
There was a fight between two students in your absence. -A fight?
What's the matter that you're so absentminded, JP? Or is there something I don't know about that you want to tell me?
Uhm yeah. Your husband, Gilberto, is staying at my house. The other day I found him drunk and he had no place to sleep.
And like I have some relatives over, there was a problem with him, my cousin and her husband, so I had to go right away to take care of it.
I know, you're right. You and I need to have better communication. Therefore, you can count on me.
Tell me, what happened with those students?
A students that usually doesn't get into problems, Alejandro Potillo, hit Diego Barón.
What's up pops? Yeah, I came home early because I have to study for a very important test for tomorrow.
Today I'm going to give you present. I made an order from Mexico, and it just arrived today, I'll bring it to you tonight.
Thank you, dad. What time is your shift over today? -At five. I'll see you in three hours, sweetie.
Oh, okay then. I'll see you here. See you later. Love you dad. Bye
Okay, in ten minutes we have get back to work, so I'm going to go find Carlos to get what he brought over for our girl.
Yes, but don't worry about it. I'll go look for him. I need to buy something for diner for tonight.
Okay. -See you in a bit. 'kay?
Okay -Bye
Look, Diego, enough. Stop talking badly about Alejandro, okay? -Look, he's gay, he loves gossip, and he is making stuff up...
How is he going to say that I kissed him? I'll be dead first than to be steeped in blood.
How disgusting! -Diego, don't talk about him like that!
You're crossing the line, do you understand? -No, no, no. The only one who crossed the line was Alejandro, 'kay?
Because first of all, he's making up lies, and then he kisses you. No, that's just too much.
And good thing my dad is doing his rounds right today, because if he finds out I was suspended... What am I going to tell him?
Well, what do you think if we don't argue anymore and we take advantage...
that my folks
won't be here.
and maybe...
You'll feel like, I don't know, Giving me a kiss, something like that.
Alejandro, son, what's wrong with you?
Is that a bruise?
You're bleeding! -Yes, mom, but it's nothing.
It was just a fight. -But how? You've never gotten in a fight with anyone.
Mom, I was suspended from school for two days.
Do you have problems at school? Do your classmates pick on you?
Alejandro, do you want to talk? Tell me anything, son. I'll understand. I don't want anyone to abuse you, to have you come home bleeding again.
Or have something worse happen to you. Let me defend you, okay?
Loo, your dad and I could go to Cervantes to talk with the principal to see-
What? Mom, no! Do you want everyone to say I'm a scarty cat? -No, don't get like that, sweetie, Let me help you.
Why don't you tell me what is going on with you? -Look, mom, nothing is going on. Don't worry, okay?
Excuse me.
Hector Barón... Yes.
I understand.
I'll stop by as soon as possible to talk with the principal (administrator).
Thank you very much.
Was it from the lab? Is it because of Mauricio? -No, no. It's not about your son, Carmen, but of mine.
I was called from Cervantes because Diego was suspended.
My dad probably already found out I was suspended. When I get home he's going to kill me. I'm fed up with this effin' pressure.
Pressure? What pressure are you talking about? Do your parents treat you that bad?
No, well they tell me the normal stuff. About the parties, about arriving late, about friendships, they don't let me live, love.
Well look, if you don't want to see him that bad, well, I don't know, why don't you stay over?
But, but, but, and your folks? -That doesn't matter. They don't mind, you can stay on the couch.
We'll figure it out, yeah? -Well...
Well, what do you think if we take advantage that they aren't' here?
uh, noooo...
What's wrong with you, imbecile?
But you and I, we- -Look, stop making up sick things about me.
Ohh, Diego.
Three continuous times. All of that to prove to me that it was a lie that you kissed Alejandro.
To prove you what?
Oh, come one. That you love me and you're crazy about me.
Mom! Uh!
What- What are you doing here so early? -Ma'am this, this is not what it looks like.
I know it doesn't look well, but it's not what it looks like.
Nora, get dressed. Something big happened to your dad.