Elizabeth (1/11) Movie CLIP - The Burning of Master Nicholas Ridley (1998) HD

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Man: By order of their gracious majesties
Queen mary and king philip,
We are come to witness
The burning of these protestant heretics,
Who have denied the authority of the one, true catholic church
And of his holiness, the pope.
Let them burn for all eternity in the flames of hell!
[man praying in latin]
[woman sobbing]
Woman: I called to my--
I called to my god, and he heard my voice and...
[weeping, praying]
[coughing, choking]
[weeping, choking]
Man: God bless you, master ridley!
Ridley: For the love of god!
Friends! Help me!
I burn too slowly!
Woman in crowd: Help them!
For god's sake, help them!
Woman: And so shall be saved from mine enemies...
[all shouting]
[ridley, woman praying]
[bell tolling]
Your grace.
Your grace.
Your grace.