King Arthur Flour: 220-Year-Old Startup

Uploaded by Google on 22.11.2011

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King Arthur Flour’s history is, it’s a wonderful story.
I mean it was 1790 when Washington was President.
We’ve been in the business over the course of four centuries.
When we turn around we can see hundreds of generations of bakers who’ve preceded us,
and we basically have inherited the accumulation of their skills.
And then when we turn and look in front of us there are innumerable generations of bakers
yet to come.
>> I love food, I love cooking, I love baking, I love building websites,
and the opportunity to combine those two things and inspire the world to get out and bake
has been incredible.
>> I just love baking and I just love people and I want to connect the two together.
>> The web can distinctly help the baker by being a place where bakers can connect and
interconnect and share knowledge.
>> I like to think of myself as the one that reaches out to our customers,
and grabs them and says, "You can do this, you can bake."
>> When I started here we were getting about two hundred thousands visits to our site a
we are now well over a million visits to our site a month
and it's growth across the board.
>> When people put baking into a search engine,
we want to make sure that they’re finding King Arthur Flour and our recipes.
>> We can use this to advertise to bakers everywhere.
I would say our number one AdWord is sourdough starter,
>> zucchini bread,
>> chocolate brownie, chocolate cookie,
>> King Arthur’s Flour, King Author flour,
>> seasonal specialties,
>> Danish dough whisk.
>> It doesn’t matter what language you speak,
you can take that recipe and put it into your own language,
and there you have it, we are speaking to each other all over the world.
>> Whatever level I’m at, whatever level I attain, that’s great,
but what’s important is that the next generation of bakers surpasses me.
>> We’re all going after one common goal --
spread the joy of baking throughout the whole world.