Male Menopause Symptoms & Treatments : Hydration Tips for Male Menopause

Uploaded by expertvillage on 07.03.2008

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in this clip I'm going to talk to you about what
you need to do to help alleviate some of the signs of, symptoms of male menopause or andropause.
Now it's very important to always keep your body hydrated. So when you are going through
episodes of hot flashes and profuse sweating, then you should always drink lots of fluids,
which in particular is water. You know eight to nine glasses of water a day is daily recommended
amount of intake of water. But also other fluids to drink that's good for you is of
course, I have here a selection of fruit juices, especially if they are freshly squeezed from
the fruit itself. But if not, you can always go and buy very readily available a different
variety of products of juices and drinks that are healthy for you. For example, here you
have cranberry juice, which is very good to clean out your urinary tract system and also
very for prostate and testicles to keep away from testicular cancer and prostrate cancer.
This is to drink a lot of like berries, berry fruits juices like cranberry juice or pomegranate
juice as well. Other ones are like for example here I found interesting is that you drink
more milk. Instead of taking the ordinary milk that you buy, buy this rice milk. It's
made from rice. It's a non-dairy beverage contains all this added vitamins and calcium.
It's gluten free. So these are very healthy drinks. And orange juice of course is very
good, make sure you buy orange juice that is made from not from concentrate but real
squeezed oranges. And here you can also buy teas, different teas. This one is green tea.
Green tea has very good anti-oxidant properties in it. So green tea will help to keep you
healthy, help to give you a very balanced nutritional daily diet. If you drink all these
wonderful healthy drinks incorporate it so you prevent dehydration and have all the additional
benefits of the nutrients that they add into these products. This is just another way to
be able to address the symptoms of male menopause and help reduce the hot flashes and the sweating.