The spark that lead to Black September in Jordan 1970 (Translated)

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let me tell you, (Go ahead), when I went to see him in Alhommar, do you want me to tell you every thing?
(Yes,tell me every thing).Look Mashhour-the head of the Jordanian army-
was negotiating on behalf of the state to cease fire
And the officers of the GID were not allowed to go home,
for not being captured by the militias
and being insulted,to drink and eat in the campus of the GID,one of the agreements
that was arranged by Mshhour due to our cooperation and direct communications, Ok
he said that we signed an agreement and truce with the militias and I don't know if the agreement wiil take place or not
I told him that I have many Intelligence officers and they didn't return back to home for more than 3 months
He replied "let them go home", I told him "Abu Ramzi-Mashhour- my officers are Intelligence officers"
Not police or army officers, that mean those officers have information and agents, he replied to me "I can give you guarantees"
did you hear? one of them was Awni Yervas-Circassian- who became the minister of interior
The parents of Awni Yervas live in Zarqa, (Yes), when he went home they captured him near the camp of Schniller
which mean in the middle point between Amman and Zarqa, and they captured another Circassian officer who live in Zarqa too!
I became very angry, I rided the Car.(They Captured him only? they did something to him?) when they capture any
intelligence officers he will be insulted! he will not be treated as a police officer or an army officer
(What was his rank?) .He was first lieutenant.(Okey). I spoke with Mashhour in a crude way
I went to the Hommar Palace, where our Majesty resides, when I reached Al-Hommar, I saw him driving a motorcycle and
Princess Alia rided in the back.(he like the motorcycle). Yes, the child was young,
he saw me and he said Abu Jafar I hope every thing is fine,I can remember his words,then I said to him that I want to talk to you alone, and when we were alone.
I explained to him every thing about the Syrian troops, the movements of the Iraqis troops toward the south, and they are waiting
the Syrian troops to..(Can you remember the exact date?)...what?...(Can you remember the exact date?)
Yes, it was the 14th of September. (which mean 3 days before the events?). Yes, and the syrians will invade us
In addition they formed a government headed by Yasir Arafat, and hassan khrais as a member and governer
and Mahmoud Alrousan as a military governer, and one of Al-fahoom family as a minister to governer the liberalized zones!!
Can you hear?! (these information were reliable?). Yes,the witnesses are still alive!!
(Now you just told me the the GID was totally penetrated? did you became it director when it was penetrated?)
Actually I fired 28 employees immediately!. (from where did you gain your information?). No I will not tell you
It's our duty,we are intelligence. (I will not tell any body:). It's our duty to gain information
The witnesses are presence. (What was the weight of those officers within the staff?) I swear they
they formed 1/3 of the staff. (1/3 of the officers ?). Yes, they formed 1/3 of the officers
(OOOh I didn't understand what you meant by 1/3 of the staff when you said it before!!)
(You mean 1/3 of the working force). No 1/3 of the officers. (Yes) 1/3 of the officers
(You mean 30% of your officers). 33% the first decision for me was to fire them!
the first one (fired?). Yes,fired immediately. (not transfer or anything else?! fire). Yes fire
(do you have a priviledge as a GID director to fire those officers?!) .Yes,for sure
(When you fire an officer then you should have a solid information!!). No I have a documented information
We didn't fire them based on illusions, we have a solid evidents, and we escalated the issue to the Prime Ministry
and the Prime Ministry approved the decision, and then escalated to his majesty who approved it too.
(You were hired in the 1st of September, when did you take the decision?) I took it in the first day!
(That means you have a previous information). they were well known!!!well known!!this is from Aljabha Alshabia
and that is from Fateh, and this is from alsaeqa, they were well known to every one!!! (there ranks were high?)
They were colonels and below. (colonels?). Yes, colonels I swear,I swear ,Can you see!!
(That mean you entered in a war with all militias). Why? am I afraid from them!!! (how did you move?)
I was moving freely!.(You are the director of the GID and moving freely!how did you while they were controlling Amman!!)
You can ask!. (They could arrest you?) Firstly, I didn't go to the places which were controlled by them
I don't have any guards, furthermore, I didn't use to ride an armored vehicle, I ride using my Rover
You can check!. (They didn't arrest you in the junctions?). I didn't go to the areas where there checkpoints resides.
(Okey you got rid of their places!) Yes . (you said that they arrested the Minister of defence and they insulted him!)
Yes they arrested him, we are talking about later events. (Okey). we are talking about later events
(when you fired those officers, did you tell the King?). It's my duty, It well known not only the GID was penetrated
but safe houses. (what do you mean by the safe houses were penetrated? do you mean before 1st of September 1970 they controlled the GID!!?)
No it was not controlled! they have their own agents in the GID!(Those agents supposed to be distributed in many departments!)
and they were delivering to these militias. (You said that they were taking files and no one can stop them!!!). Yes,sure
(In front of the staff!!!).Yes, In front of them, and they got out and no one dare to search them!!! Is it good!!
Do you want to hear more?.(Yes, please talk). No, I don't want to talk (HHHHHHHH).I have a lot if you want but!!!
(You are talking about a real tragedy!! and no one can believe that!!!). No believe it, believe it.I am not magnifying it
Totally, I don't have any interest to magnify it!(I mean in any double agent activities, no one can imagine that double)
(agent behave in that manner).No even more, and the cabinet didn't do any thing!!!.(during your meet with the king
to explain to him what had happened). let me talk, when I told him. (the king was not aware of what was happening?!)
No he knew that the situation was very bad, and he resides near Al-Hommar and its sorrounded areas
(whom you are reporting to?).Theoritically to the prime minister but formally to the king. (formally) I mean practically
(from the first day in the GID to the 14th of september, how many times did you met with the King ?) many times,many times
(but in this day you linked all facts with each others?). no due to the capture of the two officers
I could not endure it, then I explained to him the Syrian troops and the Iraqis situation and the establishment of the public council
and the intended work strike on the 17th of September, and the form of the temporarily government headed by Yasir Arafat
and the governer and the military governer who is responsible of the liberalized zones, I told him all things. (Okey Please tell us).
I told him that Altakriti and Ammash were here, and they retreated from the region of Al-Ramtha to Al-Zarqa to allow the Syrians
to invade us. (You know they were here?) .Yes, we Knew that. (I mean they were here and any one knows that or they were hidding?)
They were and every one knows that, once the president of the south Yemen Ali Abdullah? the another one (Ali Naser) Ali Naser
he was here and stayed in Jabal Amman in one of the hotels. (to lead the operations). Yes, I swear, and if possible I will
show to you the hotel. Can you see? It was unbelievable!!! (he was not a president,but a member in the revolution council)
he was staying here. Okey, (then there was a coordination between the Yemen, Iraq, and Syria,) and I can ensure that he was here
and he had a direct connection with the democratic of Aljabha Alsha'bia, can you see!! The most important I told him what
happened with us. (what was the response from the King? I noticed) Let me complete what I said to him!
I said that you trused me and I should be honest with you, Your majesty after what I told you, you don't have even 1 millimeter
to retreat, if his majesty think that he have a space to maneuver, then he is wrong! then the king decided to strike back
and he asked me to stay, Abu Shaker was looking at us, his majesty became very very angry then Abu Shaker Naser bin Jameel
(Abu Shaker) Zaid bin Shaker I said to him "Ask his majesty what I have told him", "ask him what I have told him"
Then I got out with him and Modar-Badran- under a small spice tree Modar had resigned from the GID and didn't do any thing
No he was appointed as the chief of the Royal Court and the king was thinking seriously to establish the military government
(he decided to establish a military government).he decided. (he decided to encounter the militias and to finalize the issue)
and he said I endured to a limit no one can endure!and he is saying the truth. (and he wrote it in his diary)
He asked to meet with Wasfi Al-tal, and Wasfi propsed him Mohammad Dawood. (Mohammad Dawood is originally a Palestinian)
Yes a palestinian, and he has a case and no one blamed him. (in the next episode I will continue with you with the most
important event of the Jordanian History and the region, when the King decided to form a military government and to encounter
the militias and finalize the issue, thank you very much Thank you Mr. Ahmad
Also I want to thank you for your watching in the next episode of the witness of Major general Nather Rasheed, the
former director of the GID and the minister of Interior, and at the end I would like to hail you on behalf of our team
and on behalf of my self, And peace be upon you). "Witness of the Era" Aljazeera Channel -2008