NFL Kicker 13 Review on Samsung Galaxy S3

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 08.10.2012

Hello everyone, here we are with NFL Kicker 13.
I'm not a big American football fan but
I know a lot of my American audience are.
So I thought I'd have a look at this one.
It was being done for 25p or something
the other day, so I grabbed it.
In essence, it's like a kicking skill game
based around the NFL. So the idea is
that you're trying to convert a goal or something, I don't really know the rules
and you have to use your flick and skills
to put the ball, through the goal.
I hear it's a bit like rugby, only not as hard.
So you've got the sweet spot as it were, which is the gold bar area
and then the other areas as well.
You've got to take account of the wind and then flick to try
to get it into the high scoring area
and each time things change.
Communicating to blame!

You have to kind of angrily flip a little bit to get it into the right area otherwise
you don't get many points.
Looks simple. It is fairly easy, it does get harder as things go on
you have more and more winds to deal with from different angles.
So now more wind
to compensate for.
Very, very simple game, there's power-ups, extra levels and all sorts of things you can get
better gear and so on. Obviously,
If you're a big American football fan you're going to find this really, really
Graphics are lovely, I have to say, nice representations of various teams' colours
and logos etcetera.
Really nicely done. Don't know
what game energy it is but it works. Whether there is enough here to keep someone
playing for longer than 20 minutes at a time, or maybe just the odd five minute quick game,
I'm not really sure
but it's not bad. Like I say, I've played worse flicky games.