ويكي صغار - Wikisghar

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Welcome back our viewers
Unprecedented , leading step
By a group of young volunteers
Within the project Wikisghar (Wiki children)
its a project that protects children from the harm of the internet
and teach them to research and write the information In a special online site to communicate with others
What about this projeCt
Follow us with the reporter Abd el khalek dweihy
Trabslated by : ZeInSorrow Syrian translating team
"Wikisghar" is the title of a very important project for our children
To admit them to the world of information and the Internet
and a step towards a promissing future
Well, we are hosting today a project called "Wikisghar"
which is still in its early stages
and Under the auspices of the Syrian Scientific Society
And we loved that we host such activity in our IT plaza
that follows the ministry of Communications and Technology
What is really happening is a cooperation between several parties and not only with Syrian Scientific Society
and the reason why we are hosting this activity because it has a to do with children
And we were talking just now we are a part of the center here which is concerned with children
So , this project still in its early stages
and today is the second Meeting
Bringing together Children with people
to teach them how they can use "Wikisghar"
its a cool thing ,teaching us how to use and get any information from the internet
yes ... and ... ya it teaches young people too but not the adults
and benefit from it ... alot
and also ... i mean .. how to get an information about America or Egypt
like how many pyramids there and how I can i walk inside
and also teaches them how to startup the internet and do the things they want to do
the project "Wikipedia" talks about how to write an article
and teaches the children to do their own research and write any information
so they try to look for it , and write about it
and that's a wonderfull thing to learn
"Wikisghar" is a groups or a single child can write an article or edit another articles
and if someone has no idea he can chat with his Friends
or he can browse Wiki for the information
"Wikisghar" is about how the children can learn
not just by asking thier freinds or their parents to get something might be wrong
but also by using the internet and Through parental supervision
they can validate the information and ask questions Online
actually it's very wonderful project
And what attracted me to this project is its idea that deals with children and parents
Interested in the new generation that has to use the new technology but in the righteous way
It started when we thought that there is a a lack of Arabic content
When a child uses the internet , and being pulled by this virtual world
the child is not finding the good and usefull things in the internet
so, The child is heading to play games or watch Photos
and watching a photo could lead him to another photo and ... to another ...
and by comparing with other languages , other people
We see that other people have valuable information in their own language
and its probably Simplified for children
While this is not available in Arabic language
And we have a problem in the arabic language the problem of reading
and we are discouraged to add and write the information we knows
maybe we answer some questions , exams but we don't describe or provide information
so we are trying to get into the idea of adding an information to the internet
and not just taking from it for older ages
and since this idea Could have a greater impact at the age of children
teaching them the sharing of the information at this point they will start to read and write
together they can create their own encyclopedia
When they write their own encyclopedia , childish writing style is consistent with their level of knowledge
it answers their Cognitive curiosity , which is very natural and existed in every child