Tomato Stacks with Pesto - A Healthy & Delicious Raw Food Recipe

Uploaded by JenniferCornbleet on 02.09.2009

The secret to making entrées that are raw, but making them really easy,
is to use the techniques of stacking, stuffing, and rolling
to take a leftover dip or pâté that you already have on hand
and to create something really visually appealing.
So remember that not tuna pâté we just made,
how I said you could turn it into five different meals?
Well, you could have it on top of a salad;
you could have it with the cut-up veggies like we made for lunch;
but you can also stack, stuff, and roll it into an entrée.
So let's talk about stuffing.
You might stuff that not tuna pâté inside of a tomato or into a mushroom.
Or here, we've got it stuffed into a bell pepper half.
And in here, it's stuffed into a romaine lettuce leaf and topped with cucumber slices.
You could top this with an additional piece of romaine lettuce,
and then you'd have a sandwich.
And you really don't miss the bread.
That pâté is so hearty, and you're eating it with your hands.
It feels like you're eating a sandwich.
And you could pick up this red bell pepper and eat it like finger food, too.
So there are some examples of stuffed entrées using the not tuna pâté.
How about stacking?
One of my favorite entrées is tomato stacks,
and I'm going to show you how to make that right now.
It tastes like a gourmet dish, but it just couldn't be simpler to make.
It's only a couple of seconds if you already have the not tuna pâté and a pesto on hand.
So you start with one slice of tomato,
and then you layer some not tuna pâté on top of it.
And you can use any kind of pâté here.
In my book Raw Food Made Easy, I have recipes for walnut pâté,
for sundried tomato sunflower pâté.
Any of those pâtés are going to work deliciously.
That's my first layer.
Now I'm going to top it with a second slice of tomato,
and I'm going to put some pesto on top.
Pesto is a delicious Italian dip made from pine nuts,
basil, and garlic--a little olive oil, too-- ground up in the food processor.
And you can find that recipe in your study guide insert.
If you don't have any pesto on hand,
just put another layer of pâté right on top of this.
But the pesto makes a beautiful color and flavor.
This smells great.
I can really smell that basil.
And then to top it all off, I'm going to put a few alfalfa sprouts on top.
You can use any green, leafy sprout that you can find in your supermarket.
And a few sliced Kalamata olives.
And there you have a gourmet stacked entrée that you can eat
with a knife and a fork as a part of any elegant meal.