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100500 questions Ukraine wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hey All! This is 100500 questions Ukraine. My name is Barack Obama.
Thanks to all who did support our first episode. We will do our best to joy you further. We start!
[stupid laugh]
With friends. You shoud take us. :D
Have a good mood and feel merry-making
Get drunk
Celebrate the New Year in good company
Friends, loved one, family
Have you already put the Christmas tree?
We will take this one. Yeah, really a good one
Well, I don't know yet, as my wife is in Africa, mother-in-law – in Europe, and I'm here
You have a very interesting geography of the family
And I may go to the business trip
But generally better with friends
What else is worth doing for new year?
It's easier to say what you shouldn't do.
You shouldn't have three sheets to get drunk, cause you won't remember the holiday
I'll sleep on New Year's Eve
- Do you have a good sleep, when firecrackers explode? - Yes
So you sleep on each New Year's Eve? Have you celebrated all previous NY eves, that you need a sleep?
No, I was working hard for a year, thus I need a rest
In a good company, not to drink much – not to fall asleep in a salad, and lots of girls
I want to celebrate the New Year with orgasm
- So the clock strikes 12, and you're are c#mming at that moment? – Yes. – Very intresting
In a circle of good friends, good company, this is the best. Play games
What games will you play? Catch-Up? Hide-and-seek?
These games are a little bit complex
Are you using a foul language? No, there are lots of good words
Everything bad can be described with good words
It contaminates the speech
It is low-minded, roughly, ugly
But sometimes it happens when you do not notice, especially at the end of the day
Can you use foul language in the New Year? Yes, but in whisper
Is it nice? If you foul language is nice, then it is nice
Can you please show us how to use the foul language nicely?
Actually, I don’t like it. But, for example, [whispering]
- Have you heard? – No – This is the way it should be
Yes, I am using the foul language
This is as unpleasant, as smoking
I don't think there is a common sense of using this language.
Some people use it because of lack of vocabulary
It is uncivilized and ugly
People use these words to express their discontent
To show off. And Steve Jobs was a good guy
My friend has one, thus I want the same
Three things. It is heaped up, prestigious, and easy to use
Yes, I would rather like to have iPhone, but there is an issue with its software, need to get used to it
But after iPhone you won't need any notebooks, computers. I know this for sure
I have one. It is very convenient, and I like it for its logo (an apple)
I have a better one, it is HTC
- So it is better than iPhone?
I don't like iPhone, cause they impose their own software and I have no choice
I am not fan of iPhone, because I have a better one – Galaxy S II
It is easy in use, most of the software is freeware, or much cheaper than iPhone apps
Boobs seen?
This is 100500 questions Ukraine. Leave your creative questions on the walls of your city
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Thank you. Bye!
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