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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: The Grammy Awards get dancing.
M.I.A. is a bad girl, and the In Living Color reboot
searches for Fly Girls.
This is Just Dance for February 16th, 2012.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Hey everyone, I'm Lauren Gottlieb.
I hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day, but more
importantly, I want to know what you thought
of the Grammy Awards.
The 54th annual Grammy Awards aired Sunday, February 12th.
They were hosted by LL Cool J, who, I must say,
looked fresh as always.
With Whitney Houston's sudden and tragic passing the night
before the Grammy awards, many performers took that
opportunity to pay tribute to the music legend.
Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "I Will Always Love You"
pretty much said it all.
Adele swept the awards, taking home a Grammy in all six
categories where she was nominated, including album of
the year for 21.
The show was packed with dance-heavy performances.
Katy Perry's performance featured an all-male cast of
dancers, choreographed by RJ Durell and Nick Florez.
Rihanna filled her stage with dancers for her performance,
"So We Found Love", choreographed by Hi-Hat.
Chris Brown took his set to new heights, which gave us
some amazing parkour flips from one level to the next.
Rich + Tone and Flii Stylz collaborated to make this
performance come alive.
Last, and yes, maybe least, Nicki Minaj premiered her new
song, "Roman Holiday", with Laurieann Gibson as her
creative director.
It is four days later, and I'm still confused.
MissP recapped her favorite Grammy performances as only
MissP can do, so click here to see what she thought.
Zooey Deschanel hosted Saturday Night Live this week.
The episode included another installment of SNL's "Les
Jeunes de Paris" sketch, which is super fun because these
sketches always turn into one big Parisian dance party.
But this one was extra special because Jean Dujardin, the
Oscar-nominated star of The Artist, showed up.
Of course, hilarity, and some amazing silent movie style
dancing ensued.
Zooey, you can dance, and I want to see more of it.
M.I.A. released her video to her new song, "Bad Girls".
Let me tell you, if you have not yet seen this video, you
are truly missing out.
It's centered around illegal drag racing in Saudi Arabia,
and it takes car choreography to a whole new level.
I don't know about you, but this video definitely goes on
my 2012 favorites.
Let's I see what Ricky has to say.
RICKY: OK, so I just watched this new M.I.A. video for her
song, "Bad Girls", and it has over seven
million views already.
And a lot of that is probably people like me who watched it
a good 32 times trying to figure out exactly how
we feel about it.
It was confusing, man, but I guess that's what music videos
are today, they like to confuse you.
But it does look cool.
And, the beat--
I can dig the beat.
The hook-- it's a good hook.
I could see a lot of people sampling that, but, yeah, go
check it out.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Last fall, Fox announced plans to reboot
the iconic '90s sketch comedy show, In Living Color.
Obviously, the In Living Color reboot would not be the same
without fierce Fly Girls.
Napoleon and Tabitha are choreographing and I had the
privilege of assisting them, and Just Dance had exclusive
access to cover the event.
NAPOLEON D'UMO: So, we're here at the Fly Girl auditions for
In Living Color.
It's coming back and we're super excited.
There's like 600 girls here, and it's just-- we didn't
expect 600 girls to show up, and 600
really amazing dancers.
We're going to try to cut those 600 down to about 100,
from there cut it down to about 20, and figure from
there, the last five.
We're not looking to recreate the original Fly Girls, we're
looking for new Fly Girls.
We're looking for characters and personalities.
We want all different ethnic backgrounds.
Whoever comes out as the best personality and the best
character, that's really what we're trying to accomplish and
trying to hire.
Napoleon D'umo.
Keep your eyes out for In Living Color and
the amazing Fly Girls.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Howie Mandel stopped by the Wendy Williams
Show to say, how you doing, and to promote Mobbed.
Appropriately enough, he surprised her with a flash mob
during the segment.

Things got intense on the second episode of Smash, when
Karen and Ivy went through a grueling round of call backs
to secure the role of Marilyn Monroe.
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All-American Rejects went outside the box for their new
video, "Beekeeper's Daughter".
Five-time video music award winner Michael Rooney
choreographed, and Just Dance snagged an exclusive
interview with him.
MICHAEL ROONEY: The concept was quite interesting because
in the treatment, when the director gave me what he
wanted, some of my stuff was already in there.
There was some visuals from 500 Days of Summer, there was
visuals from other videos that I had done, plus a little bit
of West Side Story and Jerome Robbins going on in there.
Very first dance section that we did in the video, the
director, Isaac Rentz, who filmed this amazingly, wanted
the first hook of the song to have an amazing explosion of
dance, like the city comes alive.
When I saw this final edit I was in complete shock because
it not only married the rock band, but it married the
I was thrilled when I saw this, so bravo to the record
company and to Tyson, and to Isaac Rentz, the director.
He was amazing.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I thought Abby Lee Miller was going to
be a little more loving for the Valentine's Day episode of
Dance Moms, but I was wrong.
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Todrick Hall's FYI recap.
McG's new action comedy, This Means War, is about two CIA
agents who are also best friends.
In the movie, they find out they're dating the same woman.
Isn't that against some kind of bro code?
Former Hellcats choreographer Paul Becker worked on a scene
in the film, and he says, get ready, because you will be
seeing Chris Pine's amazing dance skills.
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