Show Yourself (Episode 1) - How to illegally climb up on the highest construction crane in Europe

Uploaded by showyourselfme on 13.12.2012

Moscow international business center -
Main business area in Moscow
and stunningly beautiful skyscrapers
The only way you can enjoy the view from the top
if you are a construction-worker
or if you have a couple of million dollars
to buy an apartment here
And this is Mercury City
it is a fully loaded business city block
built in vertically direction
This is the highest building in Europe
and one of the most expensive
and secured construction projects in Russia.
Construction crane
on top of the building gives us total height of 370 m.
And our goal is to get there.
eeeeh... press the button...
there is no legal way for regular guys to get upstairs.
The surrounding ares is on constant patrol,
Territory is filled with all the newest video-cameras,
motion-detectors, dozens of security-guards
and a real-life anthill of turkish construction-workers
who will not only call the alarm if they see anyone,
but can also beat you up really badly.
It is re-e-eally hard to get inside that building.
Besides getting there
we still have 75 stores to climb just to get to the top.
Unfortunately, we can not use an elevator,
so we're gonna have to use the stairs.
So here's our plan:
In the night we get inside, there's just no other time to do this.
We've spotted all security camera's blind-areas
and security-guard's walking paths
- this gives us needed advantage.
Dressed-up as the construction-workers
we wait for the right moment,
Get through the fence using worker's containers
pass through security and run to one of the building's entrances.
We don't have a map of this labyrinth
so we're gonna have to hide and improvise a lot
plus walk a hell lot of stairs.
The hardest part is that it is too dangerous
to crawl on top of the crane while it's moving,
so we're gonna have to hide on one of the floors until 12 o'clock.
This is when the shift ends
and we have 5 minutes to do what we've planned.
Not an easiest plan considering the fact that there are 5 of us
Our lawyer did not like this idea
Congenial as usual.
Law 20 17 of administrative codex RF
500 rubles penalty
Plus if you get caught - they'll hit you.
Twice. First security and then police.
First part of the plan worked out almost perfectly.
We got inside the building and turned the camera on.
We found a nice spot on the 57'th floor,
ate our breakfast and even had some sleep.
When the time was right we ran towards our goal.
On the 70'th floor we had to split up
because to be honest, not everyone wanted to climb the crane.
Everything was going according to the plan.
Almost everything...
We forgot that 75 floors higher temperature is 10 degrees lower
that on the ground.
The crane covered up with snow and ice and
clouds completely swallowed building's last floors
At that moment it felt kinda creepy but it was too late to go back.
Hello to you from europe's highest crane
and from one of the highest buildings in the world
wow wow wow stop stop.
Get your leg away! Get YOUR FUCKING LEG AWAY
that's fucked up!