The First Long Stretch: Doin' it Baja (Part 3/8)

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ARTO SAARI: Mama's Tacos and Quesadillas is going to have a
competitor pretty soon.
After a couple more of these.

The thing that's not supposed to be there but is there?

MALE SPEAKER: I feel like I got hung up.

MALE SPEAKER: That's what I do when I get fucking wasted.
It's how I get home.
ARTO SAARI: Are you guys going to town?
BILL BRYANT: Yeah, such as it is.
Want in?
ARTO SAARI: Yeah, you got room there?
BILL BRYANT: You're going to have either squeeze or hop in
the far back.
ARTO SAARI: I don't see a DVD player back here.
MALE SPEAKER: We got bub, we got pillows, we got smokes.

MALE SPEAKER: Baja Ride, 2009.
I'm walking, I'm walking.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck that.

ARTO SAARI: Oh, look at the barbecue machine.
Broil-Mate, dude.
MALE SPEAKER: Where's Harvey at?
Here's the dentist.

ARTO SAARI: I think that's going to become the currency
for the next four days.
ARTO SAARI: Food and cigarettes is going to be the
most valid currency.
HEATH KIRCHART: So buy cigarettes, even though I
don't smoke?
BILL BRYANT: Sounds like prison.
BILL BRYANT: That sounds like prison.
ARTO SAARI: They're not vegetarian, are they?
HEATH KIRCHART: He eats fish, but Patrick's a vegetarian.
Harvey's whatever.
ARTO SAARI: How'd he lose his tooth?
HEATH KIRCHART: Got punched.
ARTO SAARI: Wow, that's pretty gnarly.
HEATH KIRCHART: They met up on one of the wild rides.
They just traveled across country,
met us in South Carolina.
Kept their distance for a couple days and then slowly
came into the fold.
Now they want everything.
We don't even do the wild ride anymore and
they still come out.

KYNAN TAIT: I think it seems like we come as a package.
Because we're both Canadians, we're both friends, we both
have Harleys.
PATRICK O'DELL: Not to say that pro skaters are going to
be wimpy or something, because they're not.
But it's good to have people that don't even have that kind
of agenda or anything.
They just want to motorcycle and skate and hang out.
And Harvey, he works on oil rigs and stuff.
He works all winter on a oil rig, saving enough money to
get to come on these trips.
It's easy to kind of take this stuff for granted.
But for Harvey, this is the highlight of his year.

HARVEY FOSTER: These trips aren't expensive to do.
It's like all right, I can work for like three or four
weeks, if that, and I have enough money
to go on this trip.
I like to do whatever I want whenever I want.
I guess going where the road takes you.
That's so cliche though.
HIME HERBERT: It's going to be nice to get back on some
smooth pavement, actually.
Just trying to get back on the open highway.
BILL BRYANT: We are here, basically, Camelon.
Arizarios where we were planning on trying to get some
lunch or dinner.
That's where Mama Espinoza's is.
And then where we're trying to stop is Catavina, which is
kind of the dead spot.
Middle of this no-man's land as we switch over from the
Pacific side to the Sea of Cortez side.
There's not much out there, and if we end up riding El
Rosario to Catavina in the dark, it's going to suck.
I mean, it's just a recipe for disaster.

KYNAN TAIT: I knew he was going to come.
I just half expected him to be there at dawn waiting for us
when we got there.

ARTO SAARI: Where the fuck is the Canadian?
MALE SPEAKER: You didn't hear from Keegan at all?
HARVEY FOSTER: That's the question of the day.
MALE SPEAKER: I mean, we knew that he'd be here between
12:30 and 1:00.
HARVEY FOSTER: I think that's him.
MALE SPEAKER: That's been said for a while.
ARTO SAARI: That's probably going to be the name of the
trip, have you heard of Keegan yet?
HARVEY FOSTER: The Canadian God.
PATRICK O'DELL: Can you explain Keegan Sauder?
What he means to a Canadian?
HARVEY FOSTER: Should I give them what I actually think, or
should I hold back?
Can't hold back.
HARVEY FOSTER: I think he's the fucking raddest Canadian
skateboarder ever.
And I had to listen to like the guys who didn't know him.
Like, oh fuck, this guy's just going to show up and make us
wait around like well, whatever.
And sure enough, he comes blasting through the desert.
I'm like, come on, man, that's how Canadians roll.
MALE SPEAKER: Oh, it is.
MALE SPEAKER: He's making an entrance.

HARVEY FOSTER: I don't think I was fanning out, but in my
head I was fanning out.
Because he knows that I've always been
fucking stoked on that.
Like I was down from a young age.
I think I probably even asked him when I lived here, like
when I moved, where's Keegan?
Do you guys hang out with that guy?
I want to see that guy skate in person.
Harvey is El Diablo, and Ky is calm, cool, collected and
really pale and sensitive to mosquito bites.
They're from the same town that I lived in.
But I moved away and then met them later on going back to
visit Victoria.
HARVEY FOSTER: And now that I know him as a good person, I'm
so 100% behind everything that he does.
Like, I'll buy his board to throw on my wall probably.
And I hope every other fucking Canadian kid does.
KEEGAN SAUDER: I hung up my crown as man am,
and became man pro--
major turning point.
The premiere was the 29th, and everyone
else left on the 27th.
But it became pretty obvious that the zero video had to
take priority over anything happening--
which is good and now it's done.
And this trip happened, so this is like a
vacation after that.

The first day of riding entailed a lot of riding.
We started in Encinitas, rode to Cuatro Casas, met you guys
on the highway.
And I think rode the same distance again, like another
200 and something miles again with you guys.
Which was fine, because it was really fun.
PATRICK O'DELL: You know, a 350 mile
ride pretty much sucks.
And so it was cool to look over and see Arto and see
Keegan and everyone still psyched.
KEEGAN SAUDER: I'm a motorcycle racing fan, so I
like to pretend that I'm one.
So I do like corners a lot.

BILL BRYANT: The long stretches have tons of turns,
and you can just wipe out in any one of those turns.
Some of them are just like racetracks, and if you can see
two or three turns deep it's fun because you know what's
coming or what's not coming, and you just lay down and go
as fast as you can possibly go.
But the ones that are blind, which is the majority of them,
there's just always the potential that somebody's
going to be coming over that line and coming after you.

KEEGAN SAUDER: Probably the most mentally difficult would
just be the insanely long straight stretches and stuff
like that where it doesn't actually seem like you're
moving anywhere.
You could just be sitting on your bike staring ahead in a
parking lot.

ARTO SAARI: There's our posse of rebels right over there.

KEEGAN SAUDER: Fuck, man, Baja's big.
You kind of forget about it.
But then you're like what, it's 1,000 miles long.
ARTO SAARI: I thought it was like 500 miles there and 500
miles back.
And then we got to the hotel and they're like no, the round
trip's 2,500.
HIME HERBERT: You guys from Victoria?
HIME HERBERT: The island?
HIME HERBERT: That place is awesome, man.
It's like going back in time, kind of.
PATRICK O'DELL: You work construction?
KYNAN TAIT: No, we work around this boat that we live on.

KYNAN TAIT: A security guard by trade.

We live on a boat on a construction site.
And we get paid to do security patrols of the construction
site at night.
KYNAN TAIT: And skim the ponds.
HIME HERBERT: Who watches the construction site when you
guys aren't there?
KYNAN TAIT: Well, it's like a pretty big place, so--

KYNAN TAIT: He got wasted and went to spray it.
And he had the thing backwards and it sprayed and it went all
down his hand.
And then we went back in the house and he comes running out
of his room naked, like running.
He ran to the bathroom, then ran to the shower, ran to the
bathroom, ran to the shower.
And I guess he had gone to his room and tried to beat off and
hadn't cleaned his hand.
So he had bear spray all over his hand.
HIME HERBERT: Oh my God, that is amazing.
I'll get to that washing off part later.
KEEGAN SAUDER: Got to go wash off.
Oh no, boner!
KYNAN TAIT: Basically.
KEEGAN SAUDER: Only one way I know to get rid of those.
HIME HERBERT: Put pepper spray on my cock.
KYNAN TAIT: We're so close [INAUDIBLE].
KEEGAN SAUDER: So you guys are living the dream over there?
That's so rad.
ARTO SAARI: And Ky's the captain.
ARTO SAARI: What are you?
Cabin boy?