MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 2

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(Male announcer) Previously on Masterchef...
(All) Masterchef!
(Announcer) Thousands from around the country
showed up ready to compete.
- Do you have what it takes? - Yeah!
(Announcer) But only 100 were chosen
to present a signature dish to the Masterchef judges.
I'm about to flavor-blast my way to the top.
(Announcer) Some prevailed...
I think it's pretty delicious.
- For real? - It is.
- Shut your mouth. - Come put this on.
- Are you crying? - Just a little bit.
(Announcer) As others saw
their dreams shattered.
- Give me an "N". - "N".
- Give me an "O". - "O".
- Sorry. - No!
(Announcer) And then came a Masterchef first.
(Gordon) We've never had a blind contestant.
That's delicious.
- You have a lot to be proud of. - Thank you, sir.
I'm gonna be the next Masterchef.
(Announcer) Tonight...
Holy [Bleep].
You are kidding me.
(Announcer) The competition continues...
Can you open the door, please?
(Announcer) As the battle to win an apron intensifies.
- I'm [Bleep] myself. - Me too.
- (Announcer) The search goes on... - Yes!
For America's next... [Bleep]
- Masterchef. - Whoo!
(Announcer) It's day two of the auditions,
and more home cooks from across the country arrive
ready to pursue their culinary dreams.
Food is my life.
Being here today is a culmination of all
that I am passionate about.
I'm here to show the world how this Southern boy can cook.
I'm gonna win Masterchef because of the passion
I have for food. That's the bottom line.
(Announcer) As the judges take their places
for round two...
Anticipation in the air as the first batch
of home cooks create the dishes that could change
their lives forever.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I can't [Bleep] this up.
One hour can change a lot in my life.
I have a deep passion for food, and I want this.
Nobody out here will work harder than me.
All right. Let's do it.
(Announcer) First up to face the judges
is a feisty 24-year-old food server from Los Angeles
named Felix.
- Go, Felix. - Thank you.
I need this apron.
I'm gonna get it. I'm not gonna beg for it.
I'm not gonna tell you a sob story.
You just have to taste my food.
(Announcer) After their one hour in the prep kitchen...
Each home cook is then given five minutes to complete
their dish in front of the judges.
If two judges think a home cook has what it takes,
they'll be awarded a Masterchef apron
and move on to the next round of the competition.
(Gordon) Hello.
Good evening, gentlemen.
(Both) Hi. Good to see you.
First name is?
- Felix. - Felix?
- Yes. - Okay. Off you go.
You got five minutes.
And what are you gonna cook?
I'm gonna make a crispy risotto
with a steak tartare on top.
Did you just swig out of the bottle?
Don't be fooled
by the cover of the book.
Is there a little wild firecracker
- under that demure look? - Demure look?
[Chuckles] I'm kind of a wild card.
I say what's on my mind. I'm straight-forward.
So say what's on your mind right now.
- What are you thinking? - Joe, you're gonna walk away
with a culinary [Bleep]
After you eat my risotto.
- Okay. - Hey, love you long time.
(Gordon) Okay.
Oh, come on. Bring it over. Let's play.
- Finished? - Finished.
I'm just gonna slip this off,
because I'm ready to put on another one.
As opposed to the spicy tuna, the idea of the
beef tartare, where did that come from?
(Felix) Well, it goes more with risotto,
and I love steak tartare.
(Gordon) Just let me stop you there two seconds.
Risotto goes with steak tartare?
(Felix) Well, not that it goes with,
but it's more hand-in-hand than risotto and spicy tuna.
The tartare's underseasoned,
so it's sort of almost like it's underwhelming,
'cause it's just like a big clump of raw beef.
- It's a little dark here. - Mm-hmm.
It's slightly charred.
- Okay. - Thank you.
Love the confidence, but it's on the verge of the arrogance,
because you're not really delivering.
For me, it's a no.
I couldn't disagree more. I think that it's...
Well, you disagree or not,
I was giving you my version.
- I thought it was really good. - Fine.
I thought the rice was good, crunchy,
properly seasoned. The tartare was also good.
- I'd like to see more. - I'm gonna say yes.
Thank you.
All right, well, it comes down to me,
and here's my thing.
You know, I do appreciate
taking the inspiration of the crispy rice
from the sushi world, but I would have
rather seen a full-on commitment to it, you know,
going straight-on Asian and getting rid
of those other flavors, you know,
so it really could go either way.
If you're gonna cry in the tartare,
at least you're gonna season it.
I think you have what it takes,
and I want to see more.
- Yes. - Come get your apron.
- Thank you. - All right.
Don't take things for granted.
Don't get too cocky
before we even start, all right?
Thank you.
(Joe) Good luck.
[Cheers and applause]
Fooled again, JB.
Oh, my God.
I'm really thankful that they gave me
this opportunity.
And I have no idea what's coming next,
but whatever it is, I'm ready for it.
(Announcer) While Felix's confidence paid off...
Can a man who grew up halfway around the world follow suit?
I love you.
My name is Luca,
I was raised in Aviano, Italy.
Now I live in New York,
and I'm a restaurant manager.
My love of cooking came from my mother.
Since I was young, I would stay in the kitchen
with my mom all the time.
(Announcer) Luca doesn't know it,
but that time's here again.
His mom has secretly flown in from Italy
to support his Masterchef dream.
Buon giorno.
Oh! [Exclaims in Italian]
[Cheers and applause]
(Luca) It's unbelievable.
I mean, I still think I'm dreaming.
It's like, I don't think she's here yet.
I really don't know if she's here.
What kind of oil are you going to be using?
- Brava. - Thank you, mama.
You saved my life.
Winning the title of Masterchef
for me would be the best thing of my life.
It would open the doors
for everything I want.
(Mother) Luca!
[Speaks Italian]
- Good evening. - Buona sera, signori.
- First name is? - My first name is Luca.
The smartest contestant, let me tell you.
Thank you so much. You like it?
I look good, huh? [Laughter]
What are you cooking?
I'm cooking fegato alla veneziana.
- Ahh. - It's calf liver,
- venetian-style. - Brilliant... you got five minutes.
[Both speak Italian]
What are you saying?
He wants to know who the blond guy is
so I was trying to explain to him that it's Gordon Ramsay.
And he said, "who?"
God bless him.
One minute left.
I'm gonna sear a little bit the liver.
[Speaks Italian]
Fegato alla veneziana, signori.
I hope you enjoy it.
(Gordon) Thank you.
(Luca) Thank you. Whoo.
Grazie mille.
What, do you put cheese or butter in the polenta?
I put parmesan cheese.
It's a parmesan cheese polenta.
Your mama would spank you
for doing that, no?
She does, but that's my way.
I like the polenta with the cheese.
Thank you, Luca.
Thank you, chef.
Slightly overcooked.
However, there's a nice flavor there.
(Gordon) Joe, yes or no?
For me, I think that the liver is medium.
I like it a little bit more medium-rare.
But the dish is good. It reminds me of home.
I like it.
And I'd like to see what else you can cook.
I say yes.
Thank you, Mr. Joe.
Luca, I think you have an amazing personality.
Your energy is contagious.
However, the dish itself
is overcooked for me.
So for me, it's a no.
So that leaves it up to Gordon.
[Sighs] This is tough.
You can cook.
(Announcer) Luca, a restaurant manager from New York,
has a personality that's been a winner with the judges.
I look good, yeah?
(Announcer) But so far,
his dish has been a split decision.
I say yes.
For me, it's a no.
(Announcer) Now his Masterchef dreams
all come down to Gordon Ramsay.
This is tough. You can cook.
But I know you ca better.
That's not perfect. You know that.
I can do much better.
I want to keep on going to show you what I can really do.
For me, it's a no.
Continue cooking,
because, next year, I think you can come back
and just completely rise above the competition...
That dish there is what I'm gonna judge you on this year.
And it's not good enough for now.
So I'm a no.
But I want to see you back next year.
Grazie, Luca.
[Sympathetic murmurs and applause]
I feel very sad.
It was a great opportunity,
I missed it, I go back home to my wife.
I will come back 100%.
[People chanting "Luca"]
(Announcer) While it may take Luca
another year to get an apron,
these next few contestants... [Cheers and applause]
Don't have as long of a wait.
I'm gonna give you a shot. You've got an apron.
Ooh. [Bleep].
Ooh, you smell nice.
[Cheers and applause]
100% yes.
[Screams] You are not gonna regret this.
Yes! Yeah!
Oh, [Bleep].
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) Next up is 24-year-old Brazilian artist
Hiza, who has a sweet tooth
that she hopes will impress the judges.
- Hi. - First name is?
- My name is Hiza. - What are you cooking?
Chocolate custard with a raspberry center
and cashew nut crust.
Okay. You've got five minutes
- to blow us away. - Yeah.
We haven't seen
many desserts win an apron.
I thought it would be a good thing to show
different skills, because my dessert
has a little bit of pastry thing,
because I'm doing something with sugar.
I cooked something. I made a coulis.
- You should start making it. - Okay.
Okay, so a little change of plans.
Okay, I had to bring a rolling pin, and I forgot, so...
Run back and get your rolling pin.
- Okay. - Quick.
Can you open the door, please?
Wait, wait, no. He told me to get a rolling pin.
Oh, thank you.
Let's go.
Like the improvisation.
Yeah. I'm from Brazil.
We are not used to have all these fancy utensils
and everything all the time, so...
This is the dessert.
- Right here? - Yes.
[Applause] Oh.
(Gordon) Hiza, visually you can tell you're an artist,
'cause you put food on a plate beautifully.
Okay, um,
for me,
one of the most delicious, well-presented desserts
I've ever tasted. It's a definite yes.
Thank you.
Two big thumbs up. Yes.
[Shrieks softly] I love your spirit.
I love the dessert, so hop on.
- Awesome, man! - Congratulations.
- Thank you. - Well done.
Well done, well done.
- Awesome. - Great job.
And great dessert. Well done.
Thank you. Bye.
[Cheers and applause]
I always thought I could be a chef,
but I never went to school,
and I never worked in a kitchen before,
so this validates me as a chef.
It is definitely a dream come true.
(Announcer) With nine aprons already given out today,
will this next posse of cowboys
have the same luck?
Giddy-up, baby.
[Whoops in falsetto]
I'm here.
- You're definitely here. - Good evening.
- Gentlemen, hello. - Howdy.
- First name is? - Bear.
(Gordon) Bear?
- El Bronco. - Okay, good.
(Both) Al.
What are you cooking?
Well, I have what they call the turnip, yucca, chorizo,
chipotle, tomatillos, avocado, sunnyside-up egg,
- and some cheese. - Wow.
Pan-roasted loin of elk.
I'm cooking tomatadas, a classical dish
from my hometown.
I love Mexican food.
Authentic Mexican... Spicy.
I me, it doesn't look a million dollars,
but it certainly tastes proper.
Did you intend to melt the cheese?
Yes, I did.
I've never had anything quite like that.
Thank you, sir.
It's like a glue.
It's just a mouthful of elastic bands.
[Sympathetic murmurs]
[Trills] [Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) As Jose manages to lasso an apron,
our final cowboy Mike has a more personal mission
while here at Masterchef.
I'm doing this for my sister
that was killed six months ago.
She was killed in a car wreck,
and for me to take this home,
give that to the family after this tragedy,
would mean the world.
I'm on a mission to win this thing in her name.
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) However, Mike's plan
to get the judges' attention
is a Masterchef first.
Holy [Bleep].
You are kidding me. [Horse neighs]
Holy [Bleep].
(Gordon) You are kidding me.
(Graham) I'm praying that he's not cooking that thing.
Howdy, gentlemen.
- Howdy. - Cowboy.
- Cowboy. - Welcome.
Are we being punked?
Stay, Mickey. Be good.
Now that's what I call an entrance.
Thank you. It's an honor.
First name is?
Mike Hill.
What you cooking out the saddle bags?
A pan-seared venison,
creamed potatoes,
and haricots verts.
You got five minutes.
Good luck.
Where'd you learn to cook? I'm self-taught.
I've never had a cooking lesson in my life.
I cook for my friends.
They seem to love my cooking,
so I hope that you will too.
[Laughing] Oh, my [Bleep].
(Graham) Thought that was another leg coming.
Behave, Mickey. [Whinnies]
Lost my train of thought.
- Okay. Is that finished? - Yes, it is.
(Gordon) Sauce? What we put on there?
(Mike) Portobello and shiitake mushroom
with a bourbon reduction.
(Gordon) Um, Graham, yes or no?
You easily could put that same dish,
plated a little bit differently,
and it's like a classic European-based dish.
And I think you're gonna have
- what it takes, so I'm a yes. - Thank you, chef.
Um, I'm just skeptical on the ability
to really go far.
But I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say yes.
You seem like a nice guy.
I'd like to see what you can do.
Thank you.
You are a 100% resounding yes.
Three yeses.
Thank you, chef. Thank you, chef.
(Woman) Aww.
[Cheers and applause]
This apron means everything to me.
I lost my sister six months ago
to a tragic car accident.
I'm doing this in her name.
She's everywhere that I go. This is for her.
I love you, Trish.
(Announcer) While Mike rides off with his apron,
our next contestants have some tricks of their own
to win the judges over.
Bewitch the judges
with desire.
Joe, one of your ex-girlfriends?
He looks like casting for The Godfather.
What is that?
It's a monkey.
I'm cooking asparagus on a bed of linguini.
We made an angel hair pasta.
- What do you do for a living? - I'm a witch.
These are the guys.
Air, fire, water, earth,
goddess, now your magic birth.
- I'm [Bleep] myself. - Me too.
That's the bloke who got kicked out of Scotland.
He has better table manners than some of us.
- I'm a yes. - Wow.
To the monkey.
Chef Ramsay says no.
Oh, boy.
No. [Laughing]
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Honey! Sorry.
(Announcer) Our next two home cooks
are not only married to the kitchen...
You sure you didn't forget anything?
I'm not sure.
(Announcer) They're also married to each other.
We're still fighting over the sink,
but we each get our own counter space.
This is the biggest moment of my life.
- Oh, my God. - She's nervous.
She knows what she's up against.
I'm not nervous.
- He should be nervous. - Oh, my God.
- Who's the better cook? - I'm a better cook.
Right. No.
Lots of support. Lots of love.
I love my wife,
but I will take her down.
Let's go.
You've got five minutes,
so start cooking.
(Joe) What are you making?
I'm making New England dirty lobster,
which is a sauteed lobster.
Nice. Who do you cook for at home?
My wife, who is...
Gonna be following me.
She's competing? She's up next.
Hello. Good to see you.
Today I will be presenting for you
- white clam pizza. - Okay, great.
- No pressure. - No pressure.
So who's the best cook?
I think I'm the best cook.
Is he better than you?
You know, this is the test, guys.
This competition will have a lot
to do with the titles.
Dirty lobster.
Dirty, dirty lobster.
In front, please. Thank you. Yup.
(Gordon) Happy with that?
(Aj) Happy with that.
Time's up, darling.
Gotta serve, please.
- It's a 35-minute pizza dough. - Uh-huh.
The pizza dough, I mean, considering you had to cook it
in an electric oven, it is what it is.
Dirty lobster from Boston.
I used the tomalley of the lobster
to help thicken the sauce.
You cook in a very casual manner,
but the actual lobster
is delicious.
There's no rules when it comes to pizza.
Graham, yes or no?
I think you kept it simple,
there's nothing on that plate that doesn't need
to be there.
I'm a yes.
Thank you.
Joe, yes or no?
I think it's quite excellent.
- That's a yes. Big yes. - Thank you.
Your wife has a very, very tough act to follow.
- Good job. - Thank you very much.
[Cheers and applause]
(Joe) What happens if, like,
you're in a head-to-head in a pressure test
and you're forced to really maybe have a showdown
- with your husband? - We understand.
(Anna) Please.
I've come here to win.
Yes or no?
(Announcer) For the first time ever,
a husband and wife put their relationship at risk
and went head to head
on Masterchef.
- I'm the best. - No.
(Announcer) AJ's dirty lobster
proved to be a winner.
Good job.
(Announcer) Now Anna's white clam pizza
awaits a verdict.
I've come here to win.
Yes or no?
[Cheers and applause]
I can't believe this.
- We gotta bring it, baby. - We're bringing it.
We're bringing it.
(Both) I'm the next Masterchef.
No, you're not.
I'm the next Masterchef.
My money's on her.
[Horn blares]
(Announcer) From the desert to the sea
and all parts in between,
Masterchef took to America's back roads
this year in our very own food truck.
(All) Masterchef in Page, Arizona.
Masterchef is in Virgin, Utah.
(Announcer) His mission...
To find meals fit for an apron.
- I cooked goat. - Kaibab squirrel pie.
I do not know Gordon Rams.
(Announcer) And some of the small-town home cooks he discovered...
- My God. - Are here right now
to see if they have what it takes.
- Welcome. - Hi.
First name is?
- Holly. - Renee.
- Dwayne. - Hi, I'm Laura.
- Nick. - Nick, good to see you, buddy.
- What are you cooking? - Smoked salmon.
Steak wrap and a pisella-stuffed pepper.
It's a chocolate cardamom caramel tart.
- Squirrel pie. - What?
Squirrel pie.
I am excited.
Well, I've got porcupine balls.
Ooh. It smells funny.
- It tastes good. - Yeah?
Joe, yes or no?
Conceptual, categorical, catastrophic failure.
There is some flavor there, some technique.
It's a lot of heart
on the plate, but unfortunately
it is not Masterchef.
Next time you see the Masterchef food truck,
just wave and let it go by.
[Sympathetic murmurs]
(Announcer) So our food truck contenders
didn't do as they hoped.
But can Bubba turn things around?
My competition's gonna look at me and... [scoffs]
"We ain't got nothing to worry about that old redneck, boy."
But I'm bringing the Masterchef blues to you.
[Sustained blues notes]
♪ ♪
I love the tune.
All right. First name is?
- Bubba. - Bubba?
- Yes, sir. - What are you cooking?
A venison wrap.
Bacon-wrapped venison tenderloin
with pureed rutabagas
and sauteed mustard greens with green onion tops.
Brilliant. So you've got five minutes
to blow us away.
When was the last time you trimmed that beard?
A couple years.
So is this something you would go out and hunt yourself?
Oh, yes, sir. It's the first time
I've ever bought deer meat. Put it that way.
Good job.
Thank you, Graham.
My question for you
is when they ask you to bake a souffle
or make some agnolotti,
what are you gonna do then?
Well, I believe that I can
put forth my best effort
in everything that you throw at me
and win this thing.
Joe. Yes or no?
I think that venison is totally overcooked,
I'm just worried you don't have what it takes
to really go further in this competition.
And an apron would be wasted in this case, so I'm no.
Graham, yes or no?
The rutabaga was delicious. The greens are great.
I liked the fact that you know
where your food comes from.
And I see something there. I say yes.
Thank you.
That leaves it to me. Um...
[Cheers and applause]
I am feeling amazing.
This apron means more than life.
It means progression.
It means just everything.
[All chanting "Bubba"]
Thank you.
(Announcer) Coming up...
I want that apron like a fat kid wants cake.
(Announcer) The judges are served up laughter.
Just a little melt.
Oh, my God.
- (Announcer) And tears. - Joel.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
(Gordon) Good job.
- Here you are. - Thank you.
(Announcer) With 14 aprons handed out so far,
the passion in the kitchen is intense.
I made it this far.
It's definitely a beautiful dream right here.
I dream about cooking.
You know, food is my... Food is my love.
I have one hour, one dish
to change my life, and you know what?
It's gonna happen. Everyone's a witness right now.
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) Can Craig from Santa Monica
keep the momentum going?
That's a nice set of eggplants, no?
I want that apron like a fat kid wants cake.
Check for $250,000!
Hello, fellows.
- How you doing today? - Great. Welcome.
- First name is? - My first name's Craig.
What are you making for us today, Craig?
I made an eggplant rollatini with a truffle-scented ricotta
and some linguini.
Get to it. You got four minutes.
You are not afraid of cheese.
No, no. I'm kind of a cheesy guy.
[Imitates rim shot]
- Is that it? - No, no, no. Not quite.
What are you doing now? Setting it on fire?
You gonna spot-weld it?
No! No!
Just a little melt.
Oh, my God.
Stop. Stop.
In the name of all that's good and holy
in Italian food, stop.
All right.
- Okay? - Thanks.
The eggplant was crispy. The ricotta was rich and creamy.
The seasoning was right. The pasta was actually al dente.
It was all really actually quite good.
- I'm gonna say yes. - Thank you.
You know, you got a big heart,
and you're a fun guy, but I'm struggling
to see the finesse.
It's a no for me.
The eggplant by itself, the way it's cooked
- and rolled and stuffed... - Delicious.
I mean, it really is. It's really nice.
But the pasta underneath, and, you know,
the tomato, all the things,
I just... I don't think it's all needed.
I'm going to say no. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
[Sympathetic murmuring]
(Announcer) So Craig's dish
was off target with the judges.
Let's go. Let's go.
(Announcer) These next few home cooks
bring out their big guns.
Is that Sylvester Stallone?
U sale u pepe.
- Oh. - Let's do this.
- What are you cooking? - Veal chop Caruso
- stuffed with "fo" gras. - "Fo" who?
"Fo" gras. "Fo grass."
Tunisian couscous.
- Pork cutlet wrapped in an egg. - Call the police.
(Graham) How's the competition
out there?
There is not much of a competition that I saw.
This guy's a mook.
And the love of food
came from where?
(Graham) What's your apron say?
"U sale u pepe." That means "a salt and pepper"
and underneath it says,
"hai capito."
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I want to hear some passion, Charles.
Is this a dish you're proud of?
I could have done better.
How'd you rate this out of ten?
I'd say an eight.
Unfortunately, I don't get it on the plate.
For me, it's a no.
Good heart, but I'm a no.
- For me, it's a no. - Thank you.
(Announcer) So the tough guys strike out.
Next at the plate a 28-year-old from Long Island.
Good to see you. First name is?
My name's Frank.
Frank, what do you do?
I'm a stockbroker.
- Stockbroker? - Yes.
Got five minutes. Get cooking.
Sell it to us. What's the dish?
This is a home-cured guanciale and parsnip ravioli
in a brown butter sauce with romanesco.
What's that?
That's the olio santo,
or red pepper oil.
It's a little basil oil.
Time's up, buddy.
This is about, like, the balance of the filling
and the thickness of the pasta.
Does that look right?
Yeah, it looks good.
I hope the texture's there.
Am I gonna get a smile?
Aw, no smile?
- Great. - Thank you.
The dish looks great.
I didn't think it tasted as good as it looked.
I thought the pasta was a little bit too greasy for me.
I'll be honest,
I didn't taste one.
So I don't know.
Now that you're saying all the fat's on this dish,
I understand where you're coming from.
I think that it had a lot
to do with the pressure that I was under.
Frank, stop. Stop.
Yeah. You didn't even taste your food.
Do me a favor.
Taste it, and you tell us then.
I mean, you've made something for three judges,
and you refused to taste it.
- I mean, that's ludicrous. - Right.
If you guys give me another shot,
I'm gonna show you what I'm made of.
You haven't told us
what you think of the dish.
- I think... - That's what I'm asking you.
I think you're 110% right.
It's loaded with fat.
For me, it's a no.
It's swimming in fat.
I agree. I see that point,
but I think, to come in
and to really show that passion,
I mean, we've had so many people that say,
"oh, I love cooking. I'm really passionate,"
and I absolutely see it with you.
I'm a big yes.
Thank you.
I think that you're smarter and probably a better cook
than what I ate on the plate.
Joe, I'm here to learn from you guys.
I'm here to show you
what I can do.
I'm here to show you what I got, Joe.
All right. Come around.
Come up here.
Don't make me look like a chump in front of this guy.
Joe, I thank you so much.
- Thank you, guys, so much. - Good luck.
[Cheers and applause]
I got my work cut out for me, I tell you that right now.
Man, these guys are tough.
In order to win this competition,
it's gonna take an extreme amount
of hard work, emotions,
sacrifice, but I'm ready to take it on.
[All chanting "USA"]
- (Announcer) Coming up... - First name is?
Joel is the first name.
(Announcer) The final home cook of the day
has a mission like no other.
I've been shot at, trucks blew up,
and I am still here.
This has to be the reason.
(Announcer) As another long day
of auditions comes to a close...
[Cheers and applause]
Joel, a 37-year-old soldier
originally from Jamaica,
is the last to get his marching orders.
I started cooking when I was 12 years old.
One day my mom wasn't feeling well,
so she took me to the kitchen,
and she talked me
through preparing everything for the day,
and I've been in the kitchen ever since.
I'm America's next Masterchef.
Hi, chef. How are you doing?
Good to see you. First name is?
- Joel is the first name. - Joel.
What are you cooking?
What I have here
is a Jamaican favorite.
It's rice and peas
with chicken and some vegetables
that I'm gonna prepare here.
You got five minutes.
Today I brought Jamaica to you
just in case you have never gone there.
- What's the sauce? - Sweet pepper sauce
topped off with a little scotch bonnet.
It's just a touch. It's not overwhelming.
How did you cook this?
I seasoned it, put some wine in the pan,
and then I cover it
and allow it to cook through.
You use the salt ever?
For the rice and peas I think I did.
Firstly, I just want to thank you for your service.
- Thanks. - I appreciate it.
All right.
I really do love the rice and peas.
I think they're really hearty,
you know? Like, you can just sit down
and eat a big bowl of that by itself.
Good job.
The time I've spent in the Caribbean...
There's drums and thighs.
They don't have breasts
- that big down there. - Right.
The women today are a little different.
Woman? Chicken.
Oh, breasts.
I thought we were talking about breasts.
- Chicken. - Right.
Normally done with the thigh or the drum,
so it's a dish that is traditional,
you've turned it posh.
Joel, what's the dream?
Where are you going with this?
My dream is to own a restaurant.
I want to name it Jermaine's.
The name of my son.
Your son?
Five years ago, he drowned
while I was on my way from military school.
So the dream is to continue the legacy?
Yes, sir.
I've been shot at, trucks blew up,
and I am still here.
I just don't know why.
So this has to be the reason.
(Gordon) Okay.
Joe, yes or no?
I like the rice and beans.
It's comforting.
It kind of would remind me
of the food that I might eat
if I go to your house.
The rest of the dish is a little bit underseasoned.
Very, very, very simple.
So it's just not at the level. I'm sorry.
It's a no.
I understand.
(Gordon) Um, Graham?
The thing on that plate that really stands out
is the rice and peas, which I think are really hearty
and delicious on their own.
You know, you put the chicken on there.
It's got nice color, and the sauce that you made
from scratch, all kind of focusing
on where you're from.
I'd like to see more of that,
so I'm gonna be a yes.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
You're not going back to Miami.
You're staying. It's delicious.
Pick up this apron. Get up here.
Put this on. Well done.
Well done. Congratulations.
Good man.
- Great job. - Thank you.
I'm over the top right now.
[All chanting "USA"]
I think I've just made my family proud,
but more importantly,
my son I'm sure is looking and smiling
and say, "Go, Daddy."
[All chanting "USA"]
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) Next week, on Masterchef...
Get ready.
It's the last day of auditions.
No on every level.
It's just not fair, man.
That quickly turns into the first competition of the season.
Half of us are going home. Like, just pfft, gone.
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