How to Make Popcorn Christmas Garland : Adding Felt to Popcorn Christmas Garland

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi everybody, my name is Angela Pugh. I'm here today on behalf of Expert Village to
teach you how to string garland for your Christmas tree out of popcorn. Okay, let's go back a
little bit. Remember earlier when I talked about these little red strips of felt or satin
material? Well, now is the time that we can use them. What's going to happen is, the pieces
of the material add a little bit of color to your garland. Now how do we get the material
on there? I'll show you. First you want to start again with a couple pieces of popcorn,
stab it through the middle, nice little fatty part, got that going good, then take one of
the squares that you had your two year old or three year old cut up for you and remember
I said roll the ends in to make like a little pouch. Take the corners, pull them together,
corner to corner, and then take the corners left to right and pull them in. Tuck it all
the way in if you want, make it into something cute with a little point, see that? Now, with
your needle, what you want to do is just go right in and out and in and out so that you,
you see how the needle is showing right between there? You just want to be sure that you go
in and out a couple of times, not just once because when you go in and out a couple of
times, you capture all of those little corners that you folded in, you got me so far? Take
it, spread it out and then, you've got a colorful looking piece of garland.