Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom : Christmas Gifts for Mom: Smart Shopper

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hello my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'll be talking about
different gift ideas for a mother. The smart shopper is an automated grocery list organizer.
The user, simply press a button on the unit, it speaks the name of a grocery item that
they will need on the next visit to the store. It's a lot easier than just writing the note
on a piece of paper and loosing it somewhere, you always have it there and stick it on the
wall and it will always be there for your next visit. It's just very easy and handy
for a mother. You can just Google this item and find it online somewhere it's available
in all the major places such as Best Buy probably Wal-Mart has it, you can just Google it.