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Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This whimsical little recipe holder makes a fun addition or as a really unique and different
gift for someone who's just getting married and starting their own kitchen. I used the
flat topped spoon for this little guy that you get in a set of wooden spoons and a little
terracotta pot. I just chose to paint him blue because I thought it would be fun and
I like the cheery blue and white. So what I did for this little guy was to take the
spoon and trace it and then design a face on it. I like to do that before I start because
it's a little bit easier for me to do it on paper first, so I design my little guy. Decided
that I liked it, sometimes I have to try more than once and when I was happy with his face.
I took the face and transferred it to the spoon and when their painted you can still
use a pencil and transfer or copy that design and then use either your black marker or black
paint to paint on the face and the hair. Once you finish painting the spoon and the face
you want to make sure that it dries. You can lay it across a little terracotta pot to do
that or anything else and then seal it really well with Mod Podge or some other sealer like
varnish. Once it's sealed and dry then you can continue with the next step. While I was
waiting for that I also took my little pot and painted it white and it needed several
coats so that it was completely white. Again when that was dry I also sealed it with Mod
Podge. Once everything is sealed then you are ready to go onto the next step. I took
a little tooth a little clothespin and I painted it white. You can leave it natural or whatever
you want to do with it. I took my little clothespin and right underneath where I had decided his
chin would be and his little vest. I glued it on, now this is best glued on with something
like tacky glue but hot glue will also work. Tacky glue just seam to have a better seal
and doesn't separate like hot glue sometimes can. Then one I had the toothpick glued on
I just the two pipe cleaners, started in the front, wrapped it all the around. Came back
to the front again and then I put a dab of glue back here to secure it for both his arms
and his feet and I put a little bit of tacky glue in the end of a bead. Stick that in the
pipe cleaner and it will seal it and then you have his hands and feet and then what
I did with this little guy. I just wrote with my pencil and then traced over it with my
black marker "What's Cookin'?" and I found these adorable little food stickers in the
scrap booking section of the craft store and I took the one that says "Have your cake and
eat it too!" and hot glued the back of the sticker on so that I made sure that it would
stay. When you're all finished and you're ready to put him in the pot, sometimes the
wooden spoons fit just right. This is a great fit that's really really in there well, but
sometimes it's loose so it's a good idea to take either your tacky glue or your hot glue
and put a bead inside the hole and then put your spoon in so that your spoon is going
to stay in there and then your ready. When next time you're ready to cook and you bring
out that favorite recipe that you still have to look at. You get all about Recipe Rick
here and clip your recipe right there and you have a happy little companion to help
you cook.