MyCare: Virginia D. in San Francisco, CA

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Virginia D: So I went to this little calculator, put in pretty simple numbers to get a rough
idea and said ‘oh, I’m getting back seven thousand dollars, hmm I think I’ll spend
some time on this.
My husband and I own Pet Camp.
We started Pet Camp in 1997.
We offer health insurance because we want to attract
and retain the best employees that are out there
and I think to do that you have to offer quality benefits.
And for us that includes health insurance,
that includes getting to bring your dog to work.
Dogs barking
Pet Camp is all about taking care of dogs and cats.
We do overnight care,
We do day care,
For dogs, we provide an amazing array of activities that dogs can choose from.
Woman: Ready? Go!
Splashing water
Virginia D: For cats we have lots of different activities because each cat is different.
Oh you got him, what a good girl.
Just lots of different things to keep pets stimulated and happy
and relaxed while their people are gone.
So I never get tired of the dog and the cat part of it,
the animal part of it, that’s always easy, that’s always fun.
It’s always a really rewarding experience.
The administrative stuff, that gets hard,
the buying the health insurance,
the paying the bills,
the figuring out the marketing,
the hiring the employees,
all that stuff, that’s hard.
Oh, I was really excited about the tax credit.
In 2010 we got about seven thousand dollars back on the tax credit.
In 2011 I’m expecting to get back eight thousand dollars.
There’s been a whole lot of discussion about health care,
and I have been one of the employers out there saying
‘look, offering health care is important.'
The health care law is about people like me.
It's Virginia care.