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♪ [opening music]

Today we present: The Good Act.

♪ [music]
Antonio: Thank God for the street,
because I can’t stand spending anymore time upstairs with that crazy brat girl.
Margarita: Hi baldy!
Antonio: Honey, what are you doing on there?
Margarita: And, what are you doing with that face?
Antonio: [talking to himself]. Just relax, Antonio.
Use reverse psychology and she will do what you say.
You better get down from there now, or I’ll kill you.
Margarita: Help! Help! This thief is trying to steal my car!
man: God! That is my car, bitch!

Margarita: Don’t be mad, baldy.
Look what the man gave me for warning him.
Let’s do it again so we’ll make enough money for our Christmas Eve meal.
I am tired eating cheap ham.
Antonio: I am more tired than you are, dear.
It’s Christmas, and can you behave yourself for just one day?
Margarita: I am on my best behavior, baldy.
The problem is that everything bothers you.
Antonio: Yes, sure honey.
Go on and show me that you can do a good deed today.
Do it for your dad.
Margarita: OK, but what are you gonna pay me?
Antonio: I’ll give you 5 euros.
Margarita: Don’t you see baldy that I get more for being bad?
Antonio: You are a pain in the ass!
Ok, I’ll give you 20 euros, but you need to do something good.
Something so good that I will be speechless.
Margarita: Deal, Antonito!

[doorbell rings]
Jorge: Merry Christmas, my friend. Give me a kiss.
Margarita: A kiss? I’ll kick you in the balls.
Come on, we have things to do.
Jorge: What are we gonna do? Are we going to sing Christmas carols?
Margarita: You can go sing Christmas carols with your mother.
What we are gonna do, fatso, is get paper.
Fresh green paper!
Jorge: How about we get something to eat instead?
Margarita: What a fatso!
All you do all day is thinking about food!

A good act, a good act…
Let’s see what kind of good act I can find to get the baldy to give me the money.
What did you say, fatso?
Jorge: You can help to create world peace?
[hitting sound]
Margarita: Keep it up, and when this is over I don’t know if I’ll make any money,
but what is certain is, I’m gonna kick your ass.
[clock sounds]
Antonio: Concha, I’m going out to buy cigarettes. I’ll be right back.
Concha: Antonio, my mother is coming over for Christmas Eve.
Antonio: No shit. She came over last year and now it's your sister Antonia’s turn.
Can someone give us compassion?
We have such a shitty life, honey.
Concha: My mother is coming over for Christmas Eve.

For Christmas Eve.
For Christmas Eve.
Concha: ♪ I have been all week… ♪
♪ Boiling the meat for the stew… ♪
♪ But the trolls are not eating… ♪
♪ They say that it’s not good… ♪
♪ Eat time, you have to eat it… ♪
♪ If you don’t like the pork… ♪
♪ I’ll take it out… ♪
♪ Eat time, you have to eat it… ♪
♪ If you don’t like the pork… ♪
♪ I’ll take it out… ♪
trolls: [nonsense sounds]

Concha: ♪ Eat time, you have to eat it… ♪
♪ If you don’t like the pork… I’ll take it out… ♪

man: Look who’s here! Happy to see you, dude!
Antonio: Hey, look at you. What are you up to, dude?
man: I am here to have a double whiskey before going home
to deal with the ball and chain.
What a shitty Christmas, and to top it off, my disgusting mother-in-law is coming to visit.
Antonio: Don’t talk to me about mother-in-laws; you don’t have to talk to me about that, man.
man: Let’s grab a drink. You’ll see…you’ll feel like a new man.
Antonio: Well, for me to feel like a new man, you’ll need to buy me to two drinks, at least.
Margarita: What about if I scratch your face and take you to the hospital?
This is considered a good act, right fatso?
Jorge: No, no, please don’t hit me anymore!
Margarita: Listen, fatso,
you’re not helping, and if you don’t start now you’re not getting any food.

Margarita: Why don’t you take a bath?
man: The problem is, honey, that I live on the street…I have no money.
Margarita: Well, at least wash your armpits, they smell like shit.

Margarita: Wait a second. I have an idea!
Antonio: I’m coming back with a little attitude.
If the old lady says something, I’ll kick her out of the house.

man: Hello, sir. Can I help you with your coat?
Antonio: Coat? What coat are you talking about?
Who the hell are you?
man: I am your butler, sir.
Margarita: Jeffry, what did I tell you?
Don’t bother the guests.
Come on, go and fetch the tea and cakes.
man: Yes, my lady.

Antonio: Dear, who the hell is this?
Margarita: Jeffry? He is our butler.
You can ask him to do whatever you want. It will only cost you 50 euros a day.
So, how do you feel now, baldy?
Come on, give me my money. This is my good act.
Antonio: A good act? A good act?
I’m going to kick your ass and hit your shitty butler even harder.
Listen, honey, stop joking because I am not in the mood.
Margarita: Oh, so, you lied to me?
Jeffry, Jeffry, come here.
Tell baldy what your name was… he doesn’t want to give you a dime.
man: They called me Rocky Balboa.
Antonio: Mother of God. This one is going to hurt.
[fighting sounds]

♪ [ending music]