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Hi I am Samuel Morett, bringing the Weekly Horoscope at the verge of New Year from the snowy New York City
2010 Beings with two eclipses, one on Dec. 31 and the next on Jan 15,
these events will emotionally shake our planet and our lives.
The year stars with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, affecting the way we communicate pushing us to review our pacts and
agreements with our self and others. Big changes will happen with everything involving businesses, finance and health.
If we take advantage of the opportunities these celestial events will bring to us, we’ll be ready to receive one of
the greatest gifts of 2010: The will to become the person we were born to be.
According to numerology the number of 2010 will be number 3, the number of creativity, this energy will successfully hold you
through the year, so look for experiences that stimulate this part within and put to work all your energies in every single
experience you are expose to during the next year; This will be the key to success!!!
Also, you will find new ways to express your self, so new that you never thought you could use or even gain access to.
In the same way you’ll connect with new sources for inspiration and life.
Chinese Astrology names 2010 as the Tiger of Metal, as the Feng Shui Specialist, Audrey Blanco says,
this will be an intense year. So be careful with the metal because could cut you, but could also help you create tools that
help us to built the things we love. If we want to empower the energy of the metal, let’s use water colors, if we want to
balance it let’s use metal colors, if we want to slow it down let’s use earth colors.
The Tiger is synonym of protection but it also represents challenges, so now we’ll see the challenges the tiger brings to
each of the zodiac signs in 2010.
Now we’ll see the challenges that 2010 has for each zodiac sing, and for that matter I am going to use my tips because
I don’t know them by heart.
ARIES: The challenge will be to find and protect your place in life.
TAURUS: 2010 will be really good for you, as long as you make the appropriate decisions. This will be your challenge.
GEMINI: Patience!!! Go slow, be calm, don’t rush!!!
CANCER: Leave your past behind, say good bye to all that has expired and follow your heart.
LEO: Stop the drama, the drama is out!!! And pay attention to that energy within, the conflict between what you want to do
and what you must do, which could be the real drama for you.
VIRGO: become the leader of your own life and stop following others. This will be your challenge.
LIBRA: To plan ahead, and become more organized. This concerns to me.
SCORPIO: Let the truth emerge, you know what I am talking about!!!
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t avoid the responsibilities that come along the opportunities that 2010 has for you.
CAPRICORN: Patience for you as well. Its gonna be a little difficult at the beginning but then the year will get better.
You are the one who is getting the best out of 2010.
AQUARIUS: Close cycles from the past and learn how to say good bye. You also have to let go of a lot of things.
PISCES: Enjoy the year, 2010 is going to be wonderful but do not jeopardize it by being content with small things. Think BIG!!!
And these were the predictions or better said the recommendations for 2010 if you want them more personalized,
visit my web page go to the link services were you can get more information.
Oh right, and here I am in Times Square the place were in a few days thousands of people are going to be waiting for the
ball to drop, and mark the beginning of a new year, a year in which I wish you all the best. Next week will be together again
from somewhere around the world, here or there, in China, Japan, Spain, Madrid, Venezuela, or here in New York
always reminding you to put a smile to life. Big Kiss good bye.