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Chris: So thanks for registering! I'm Chris Clothier and I'm going to
be your guide today as I'm going to introduce you to our entire
team here at Come on, I'll show you the
building. All right, so we just walked in; I want to introduce
you to the two ladies right here, real quick, the brainchildren
of the company, right?
Carol: That's right.
Chris: Very good. Carol Henderson and Angie Wilkins. Carol, why don't
you tell them what you do for Memphis Invest?
Carol: I will be the point of contact when you call in and if you need
something, I'll be able to direct you to the person that can
help you most.
Chris: Fantastic; and Angie?
Angie: I am the Event Coordinator here of all of our major events, and
I also am in charge of customer service. I call all of our
clients once a month to make sure they are taken care of and I
check to see if they need anything.
Chris: So you're the reason we have such great customer service?
Angie: That's right.
Chris: That's what I like to hear.
Angie: That's good.
Chris: Come on, I'll introduce you to the rest of the team. Come on,
follow me. All right, so, I can't go any further in the office,
I can't walk past the head chief, the guy that started this
whole thing, without introducing him first. He happens to be my
dad. CEO, founder of the company, the guy that's probably bought
and sold more houses than all of us combined. So, before we go
any further, I want to introduce you to him. Dad, I know that
you're busy, but I wanted you to take a minute to say hello to
everybody on the video here. My dad, Kent Clothier.
Kent: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the video here this afternoon, we're
doing here this afternoon on As most of you
know, we've bought and sold over 200 houses a year, every year,
managed over 800 properties. We have a great team here. I know
you've met a few of them. You're on your way to meet a few more.
We look forward to working with you in Memphis and having you as
one of the hundreds of investors that we have right now.
Chris: All right, good deal.
Kent: Talk to you later.
Chris: We're going to finish the video, introduce them to everybody
that buys and sells and kind of get out of your way. I promise
we're working today. All right guys, so I jumped the gun just a
tad. I want to introduce you to Mark Hock, he's the head of our
sales here, but he appears to be...
Mark: Hang on one second.
Chris: ...getting off the line here so I can actually introduce you.
Probably a personal call anyway, it's okay. Mark, hey, I want
you to meet everybody. Everybody, this is Mark Hock, head of our
sales. Why don't you let them know what it is you do?
Mark: All right. Well, I'm the Head of Sales here at Memphis Invest, like
Chris said. When you register for the website, you will get a
phone call from me to introduce myself and see if you have
questions. It's not a regular day for me if I don't have three
lines on hold and 50 emails and a bunch of voicemails sitting on
my desk. But I've got the fun job. What I do is I get to know
you and your investment criteria and I match you up with
properties. I leave the real work for Ryan and Nate.
Chris: Fantastic, I like it. So listen, I want to ask you if you
wouldn't mind introducing everybody to some other team members.
Mark: Let's do it.
Chris: Let's let the prima donna get on camera!
Mark: All right, first, I ain't no prima donna. Second, I'm going to
introduce you to the guy who I work very closely with making
sure that we're getting the right properties for you. Come on
in. Brett, introduce yourself to [inaudible 00:02:41] tell them
what you do.
Brett: Hey guys, I'm Brett [inaudible 00:02:43]. Here at Memphis
Invest I'm the Director of Acquisitions. I'm the guy that's out
on all these properties every day, checking them out, making
sure it's something I'd put in my portfolio before you put it in
your portfolio.
Mark: Way to go man. I appreciate it. Let's go meet some other people. I'm
going to take you around and I'm going to introduce you to
everybody. All right, we just left Brett's office, I'm going to
take you over to the other side, there's some guys I want you
guys to meet.
Ryan: Hey guys, I don't need this prima donna introducing you who I am. My
name is Ryan [Flannery 00:03:10], I head the Rehab department
here at When you buy these properties,
sometimes you're buying them at a discount. So, therefore,
sometimes they need work. I'm here to make sure that we get it
done with the best prices and that we get it done right.
As soon as we get it done we're going to turn it over to the
property management company for you, to get it rented as quickly
as possible. So, let me introduce you to one more person over
here. All right, I brought you guys to the other side of the
office, one more person I want you to meet - probably the most
important guy you're going to meet today, heads the property
management company.
They're in a meeting, so we're going to barge in on them right
now. Hey, Nate, sorry to barge in on you like this. Nate
[inaudible 00:03:44], heads the property management company for
us. Nate, tell them what you're going to do for them.
Nate: Sure, Ryan, thanks for the heads up. I manage a team of 15 rental
agents. I oversee the rental process of your investment property
from beginning to end. Most importantly, I handle the headache
that is property management and send you your check at the end
of the month.
Ryan: Sends you your check at the end of the month. All right, let's go
wrap this thing up. All right guys, really appreciate you coming
out today, meeting the team, listening to the process. Mark
would be out here with us, but he's actually in the bathroom
getting a little whipped cream off his face and out of his hair,
so he couldn't be here.
Chris: Well, Ryan, I want to thank you for helping me out and doing
this for me today, introducing our entire team to everybody.
This is very important to us, that you get to know who we are.
So thanks for spending the last couple of minutes with us, and
I'll leave you with one important thing. You heard it at the
very end - we're going to do the work for you, you're going to
deposit the check. That's what this is all about. See you soon.