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Oh, what a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor!
Beautiful busy day on the Island of Sodor.
Still, Thomas was really useful - he puffed with no confusion or delay!
Oh, hello. Where did you come from? I've just been out on the tracks with Thomas.
Let me introduce myself. I'm Mr Perkins. I'm one of the steam engine drivers here on the Island of Sodor.
This is our engine drivers' common room, here at Knapford Station!
This is where we come to rest when we're not out with our engines on the tracks.
This is where we eat our lunch and this is...oh, what's this?
This wasn't here this morning.
Did you put this here? No?
Well, let's take a look. It looks very interesting.
This is all about the Grand Sodor Talent Contest. It's happening this evening. The Fat Controller told us about this.
He want us to show him how talented we are and that means finding an act to do in the talent show.
Something I can do that the Fat Controller will enjoy.
Oh, excuse me.
Knapford Station, engine drivers' common room.
Fat Controller, sir. Yes, sir, this is Perkins, sir. Oh, yes, sir. I've seen the poster.
No, sir, I hadn't forgotten. Oh, yes, sir. I'll be ready. You're sure to be impressed with my act, sir. Good day.
Oh, dear. That was the Fat Controller himself.
He's expecting me to impress everyone at the talent show and I don't even have an act.
And it starts at six o'clock. How long have I got?
Not long! Oh, dear. I better get thinking.
What am I going to do? What am I going to do?
Now, under here, is something I can use in the talent show.
There. A piano!
Now, I've not played the piano since I was about six years old. Which was....oh, a very long time ago!
But I think I can remember enough to play a little song. Let's see.
These are the high notes.
Oh, no, these are the low notes. These are the high notes.
Ah, yes. It's all coming back to me now!
The Fat Controller's sure to be impressed by a little song. Let's see.
Oh, dear. I'm a little bit out of practice. It has been a long time.
Hello. Engine drivers' common room. Oh, hello, stationmaster!
Yes, that was me playing the piano, yes. I'm practicing for the Grand Sodor Talent Show later.
Well, yes, I haven't played for a very long time I'm afraid.
Oh, I see. You're trying to work next door and the noise is a bit too loud?
No, I'm very sorry, stationmaster. Good day.
Oh, dear. I don't want to disturb the stationmaster and I can't play the piano quietly.
I'll have to think of something else to do for the talent show. Oh, what shall I do?
There. That should do it.
Oh, hello! I think I've got it. I've got just the act to please the Fat Controller.
I read about it in a book. I'll show you.
Can you hear that funny noise? It's being made by these shoes that I found here in this common room.
They're called tap shoes. Because they make a funny tapping noise.
It's a nice noise, isn't it?
And you can use them for some special dancing called tap dancing.
There. What's that? Have I ever done tap dancing before?
Well, no, but this book is going to teach me how to do it and, of course, engine drivers are fast learners.
So, let's give it a go.
Oh, dear. Got my feet in a terrible muddle there! Let's try that again.
Oh, no, no, no. Oh, this tap dancing's harder than it looks, isn't it?
But, as the Fat Controller says, practice makes perfect! Let's have another go.
Oh, dear! Oh, goodness me! It's lucky I wasn't hurt.
I think it's going to take longer than I thought to become a tap dancer and I don't have much time.
I'll have to think...
Three of something...where can I find three of something?
Just the one pot plant.
Two socks. Oooh, two very smelly socks and they're not mine!
Ah, just the thing. Three red tomatoes.
Oh, hello, you're back! What am I doing? Well, I think I've got just the act to do for the Grand Sodor Talent Show.
I'm going to try my hand at juggling.
Juggling is keeping three things in the air at the same time.
I've never juggled before, but I've seen Mr Bubbles the Clown do it and he makes it look very easy!
I'm sure the Fat Controller will be really impressed.
Now, I've got three tomatoes so let's give it a go.
Oh, dear. Of course, Mr Bubbles would never juggle with tomatoes because they're too...squishy.
I need to find something else.
Ah! Bananas!
Bananas aren't squishy, are they? Well, they're not until you peel them!
I'm sure I can juggle with these. Let's try...
Oh, well, they were too bendy. Yes, I've never seen Mr Bubbles juggle with bendy bananas because they're just too bendy.
What I need to find is something not too bendy and not too squishy.
Ah! Look at these lovely, big, yellow grapefruit. I'm sure I'll be able to juggle with these.
These aren't too bendy or too squishy. They're just right.
Right, here we go...
Oh, dear!
I don't think I'll ever be a juggler.
In fact, I don't think I'll ever find anything I'm good at!
The Fat Controller won't be pleased.
What am I going to do? What am I going to do?
I'll just have to tell the Fat Controller that I haven't been able to find anything that I'm good at. He won't be pleased.
Knapford Station, engine drivers' common room. Fat Controller, sir. Oh, good day to you too, sir.
Yes, sir. I'm just on my way to the Grand Sodor Talent Show now, sir.
I'm afraid, sir, I'm not very good at anything. No, sir, nothing at all.
Oh well, yes, sir. I am coming on Thomas. Oh, no, sir. There'll be no confusion or delay when I'm on the tracks.
Oh, sir! You mean being a Sodor engine driver means I am talented after all?
Do you really mean that, sir? You do? Oh, Fat Controller, sir, thank you. I shall see you very soon, sir!
That was the Fat Controller!
I'd better not keep him waiting and I want to show the whole island just how talented we Sodor engine drivers are!
Good day to you!
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