Uploaded by Samuelmorett on 06.01.2010

Hi I am Samuel Morett bringing you the weekly horoscope from China .
Now let’s talk about the Fire Sings: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
You guys will be really competitive this week, but some of you will feel not good enough to get what you want.
Now imagine just for a second these groups of mountains that surround me start comparing each other;
which one is higher or smaller, thinner or fatter, forgetting that what makes them wonderful is the way they
look together as a team. This is what my friends of the fire sings are going to learn this week,
it does not matter what your talents are, what matters is the way you put this in practice as a team worker.
It will be really important to create a wonder like this in your life, at work, with your family and even within.
So team work is the key!
We are about to fly on a globe!
After this amazing experience I have to talk about the Air Sings: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.
This week please be bold and do things you always dreamed and never took the risk to do, like me flying on a globe.
So it might be painting or eating sushi that you never try or hugging someone that you want so badly. Be bold!
This is a week for adventures, whether big or small.
Don’t let this chance life is giving you to go beyond your limits and grow pass by,
and remember to share it with every single person that loves you!
And here taking a break from pedaling my mother on a two people bicycle , I’ll talk about the Earth Sings:
Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn,
by the way my mother is Virgo. This week you could feel under the weather because of your nerves or stress, so work out,
walk 20 to 30 min every morning and pay attention to what you eat, or why not just get a bicycle and go to the park or
to the beach with your mother, siblings or children and do something nice that makes you relax and get healthy.
It is turn to the Water Sings: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Everything related to your career looks great this week, but if you know how to use the word “Please”,
it will be the magic key to open all the doors, because it is going to connect you with the right people that know better
than you about your business, or maybe is your boss that can help you with a rise or moving to a better position.
So say “Please” and even put your enemies on your side. So this is a week to create new alliances and say…Please.
I am back in the city after a day full of activities; globe, bicycle you saw it. I am ready for a mojito made with rice wine,
I deserve it and you guys too. So see you next week with the horoscope and remember to put a smile to life. Bye.