Boys Before Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 3 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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A true gentleman would never leave such a beautiful lady by herself..

This is a dream, right? I feel like I'm floating.
It would be nice if she got off of my shoes...
She looks like a completely different person.
Definitely Min Seo Hyun's work.
Maybe I should bring her to my next exhibition as my partner.
What the...
Save me!!!
He fell! Senior Goo Joon Pyo fell into the pool! Come quickly!
What is it? Why is it such a big deal ?
He can't
The only thing the GREAT Goo Joon Pyo cannot do is swim!
Goo Joon Pyo! Goo Joon Pyo! Wake up! Open your eyes! Ya!
What the..
You're such scum.
You swindling bastard!
Master, I'm sorry! I'll prepare the tea again! Please forgive me!
For what?
Have you caught a cold? Shall I call Doctor Kim?
What cold? I feel great. Prepare the car, I should go to school soon.
You want to leave this early sir?
It's never too early for a student going to school. Don't you know that bugs that wake up early die early?
I'll fire the maid immediately.
But why?
Butler Lee, don't you think you are too uptight? Relax. Relax.
Ahhh, what wonderful weather!
What the.. Goo Joon Pyo!
Wait until I get my hands on you! If you get caught, you're done for.
Getting here so early just to work on that.
This is the first time I've seen him try this hard.
Problem is, why must he torture the poor transfer student
Furthermore, if you think about it, isn't she the one who saved his life?
Don't bite the hand that feeds you. This is a situation you use it in, isn't that right?
What are you guys talking about? This is my way of saying thanks for yesterday.
If not, why would I bother to do such silly things to a low class person.
Normal people may not be grateful for this.
Ji Hoo isn't here. So now you are picking on me instead, huh?
Right, why isn't that guy here, anyway?
After he came back from Hainan Island, he slipped into depression
Lovers quarrel huh?
idiot! If you like a girl, just grab her. What's so hard about that?
I'll just leave after I do this...
First, it was Senior Joon Pyo and now, Senior Ji Hoo? Does she have a death wish or something?
Oh, my god! Look at that fox!
Naturally, that girl is the type that doesn't know when to back off. What the heck are we supposed to do now?
(Geum Jan Di's ♥)
Hey! Don't you think you're arriving kind of late? Could you even be on a swim team? You'd be forced off for sure.
Could you even be on a swim team?
You'd be kicked out for sure..
I think they've been meeting up for a while.
There's a reason senior JiHoo is so protective of JanDi .
As time passes, friendships are even being affected because of this girl.
So now you know that even though JanDi looks innocent, her actions are those of a lovely snake.
Shut up!!
If you say one more word, I will twist your neck.
That was brand new...
Disappointed the one you were really hoping to see isn't here?
Goo JoonPyo! Why are you . . .
What? Am I not allowed to come here?
Did you two rent this place out or something?
Where are you going?
Since I have nothing to say to you I'm going home. Do you have a problem with that?
I do
What the heck are you doing?!
I have something to say!
Let go.. and talk.
Who do you think you are to fool with me? To mess with us, the great F4 ?
Who fooled whom?
Let go!!
Was I a joke? Just 'cause i went easy on someone like you?
I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm not a charitable person.
It's dissatisfying having to give more than I can take.
What the heck are you doing?
No! Stop! No!
Do you hate me that much?
Geum Jan Di, are you going to school or not?
I'm not going!
Would you like to get hit and go? Or just go?
Just hit me and I won't go. Hit me!
Huh! You, really!
Would you like to get hit and go? Or just go? I want to get hit and not go. Hit me! I'm not going! I can't go!
I'd rather break the ice of the Han river and swim there.
I'm not going back that school! Never!
Do you want me to die? I'll never go back!
Isn't today PlaySat.(nol toh= short for "playing saturday")?
And also, some man delivered this for you.
What is that?
What's that?
Invitation. Hello. I want to invite all of you to my home to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Please free up your schedule so you can attend.. Min SeoHyun
Pa... Party!!
Party? Then, is our Jan Di finally making her debut in society?
Oh, honey!
Honey, honey, honey...
Give me the card. Give it to me!
It's not time for us to be doing this right now. Dress, honey dress, dress
Take this one here.
I'm sorry, Jan Di. I can't even give my daughter a nice evening dress.
I'm sorry, JanDi. Since our neighborhood is poor, they don't bring in decent clothes to be serviced here either!
Ah! There's a hanbok. How this? Will it do?
Is she going to a traditional wedding?
They said garden party, PARTY!
Isn't this the part where the charming prince comes and takes the girl shopping for a dress?
Hello. This is a gift from Ms. Min Seo Hyun.
Min Seo Hyun?!
Let's see, let's see.
Does it fit?
A little bit lower.
Why didn't you call last time?
You said you were going to call me, but you never did.
Wait a minute, you said the same thing to me too!
Who did you come with tonight?
I don't think you're with someone. What do you think about me??
What are you talking about? It's me that he wants!
Ya! Don't touch him. You're funny!
Hold on, hold on, sorry!
Hey, darling, why are you so late?
What brings you here?
Seo Hyun unnie invited me here, why?
Did you empty the departmental store ?
I thought this last time too, but doesn't Geum Jan Di look pretty good when she's all dressed up?
Right. You're the cutest one here.
Cute??! Can you transform a pumpkin into a watermelon just by drawing some lines on it?
- Huh! Goo Joon Pyo - has a point.
Happy Birthday to you. Dear Min Seo Hyun~ Happy Birthday to you~
Thank you all for coming here to celebrate my 23rd birthday
I would like to thank my family and friends for their love and care.
I also have something else to announce to all of you. That was why I held this huge party, which is not like me.
Where'd that punk Ji Hoo go? They're not gonna announce their engagement, are they?
I'm going back to Paris next week
And I won't be returning to Korea.
I've already packed and arranged everything and folded model activities.
What's she talking about?
I do not wish to rely on the fruits of my parents' labor. Instead, I would like to start fresh relying only on my own abilities.
I will not be taking over my parent's law firm.
Because I want a life where I can travel the world and give back as much as I can.
My decision is bound to cause an uproar since it will be hard for those of you with differing views to understand.
Everyone... please be happy for me.
Min SeoHyun, she's always full of surprises!
JiHoo... did he know about this the whole time?
Now we know the reason why he's been so depressed.
It's impressive, but, what's JiHoo gonna do?
I can't believe you still have this.
It's from the first time we were separated.
You remember, huh?
It's since then that you stopped calling me noona.
What was I to you?
Our Ji Hoo must be very mad.
I also feel like I'm being thrown away.
If there is something here that can't be so easily thrown away... it's... you.
Don't lie!
If it was a lie, then it wouldn't have bothered me that you're interested in someone else.
What are you talking about?
When you dashed towards that girl, I don't know why but my heart sank.
Funny, right?
I'm not in the mood for jokes.
But isn't it great? Our JiHoo has really become a man.
Don't joke around!
You'll do what you want anyway.
But you'll tighten me today and loosen me up tomorrow so I can neither go to you nor distance myself from you. I was just a toy.
If I lost you I would not be able to sleep
Who's interested in whom?
Only looking at Min Seo Hyun for 15 years, it's not enough!
I'm a man, too!
A man who's eager to embrace a woman called Min Seo Hyun!
I know, me too. Sorry, Ji Hoo. I'm really sorry.
It would be really embarrassing if you passed out there.
Such behavior really doesn't suit you. You know that, right?
Who says I was going to faint?
Oh, JanDi, you came... but why didn't you come in?
Ah... that... uh... that's because...
I was about to come to greet you and say thank you. I came by... just NOW.
The party was chaotic, yes?
We were thinking of going on a quiet drive together. Would you like to come with us then?
Eh? Oh, no.. it's ok.
We have somewhere else to go.
Yes both of us were also going to go for a drive.
Drive! We're going to... Then, goodbye.
See you later. Let's go. - Unni-
I've paid my debt.
What debt?
Saving me at the pool.
You want to repay me for saving your life just like that?
Then shall we go back?
let's say it's even..
This is nice.
But why aren't there any customers?
I sent them out.
I rented it out til the morning, so do whatever you want.
Do whatever I want, what?
Yell or cry. If you want to hit someone, do you want me to call a Mr. portly on standby outside?
Why do I have to do that?
DIdn't you have a heart attack after seeing JiHoo and SeoHyun?
What? no way!
Someone like me can't compete with Min SeoHyun, right.?
I'm not pretty, not smart either. And I come from a poor family.
And your figure is mediocre and your character sucks too.
THAT'S RIGHT! How could a girl like me dare to be jealous of Min SeoHyun?
I didn't have a chance against her from the beginning.
Even though there's lots of bad things about you, there are still some good things.
You have potential.
I'm certain if Ji Hoo had met you first, he would have fallen for you.
Looks, brains, and background may not be much, but you're the first girl I've approved of.
Full of potential.
Hang on, I need to go use the restroom.
It's warm. Isn't it warm? It's warm, I'm thirsty. Water.
Man, what the heck?
Hey, Dry Cleaner!
Hey, wake up!
What's wrong with her?
Well, it's because of that.
She drank all of it?
Hey. Hey! Wake up, woman!
Woman? Yeah, I'm a woman. What? Can't commoners be women too?
I know that my family background, my physical appearance and my brains are all crap. Even without you pointing that out, I feel it in my bones every day, you bastard!
What? Bastard?
No, no. I don't have time to waste on things like this. If you only knew how busy I am.
I have to be a loser at an exclusive school where it's not fate, do part-time jobs because of a Dad who causes so much trouble. And for tuition, I have to swim so I can get a scholarship. I don't have time to butt into you princes' love lives!
You alcoholic Hey, gangster! Wake up! Ya!
I'm so sad lately. I'm a bit sad.
You bastard! Goo JoonPyo! You're the enemy!
Fine, I'll let this go because I feel like it. 50%!
I'm saying that I'll cut in half what you owe to your savior!!
Thank you Goo JoonPyo, for saving me today.
I don't really have anything I can do for you, instead, I will . . . .
"Charity Auction in aid of Namibian Refugees""
I just know this is a really expensive room just by smelling it.
You have a really good sense of smell. (geh koh: euphemism short for "you have a nose like a dog")
What happened? Why am I here?
You're here because I brought you here. That's what I'm saying! Why am I here and not my house!
You don't remember?
This suit just came from Milan two days ago, and was designed by the famous designer, Yoshikuchi Kenzi, of Ermenegildo Zegna as one of his new works for this spring/summer collection.
The price is . . .
Hey, stop. There's no reason to shock her.
I'm not exactly in the mood to listen to you brag about your clothes right now in this kind of situation!
That's what I wore yesterday.
What's that got to do with me?!
It was the first time I wore that suit, and my last, thanks to someone.
Do you remember now?
Then, in that state, we needed to come to my house. Or should we have gone to yours?
I already notified your parents. According to the driver, they didn't seem that concerned.
I'll leave now. I'm sorry for all the trouble I may have caused you.
Just do what you normally do.
Young master.
What's the matter?
The lady of the house . . .
What about the witch?
She has arrived.
Why is she here already?
What about JoonPyo?
He is on the second floor.
I'm going to have him take part in the event, so put someone on him to make sure he doesn't run off somewhere.
Yes, ma'am.
It's an emergency!
YJH: What? GJP: The witch showed up here.
JanDi is in my room right now, but I can't get her out!
Joonpyo, if you get caught, then . .
You're dead meat!
She finds an unfamiliar girl in her son's room, especially someone with Geum JanDi's profile.
I'm really curious.
I'll bet $1,000 that she'll send JoonPyo to Alaska tomorrow morning.
I'll bet $3,000 that she'll send him to Sejong Antarctic Research Center.

Rather than that, she'll probably hire an asassin first.
What? Really? Is she really that scary?
Do you remember the day we ran away from 6th grade camp?
We almost died. How can I forget?
Don't move!
Is this really So YiJong?
Can you really look this cool?
Noona is the very one whom people call a Korean Vivienne Westwood.
What is it? Hurry up and tell me,
What is it you want?
After all, this is why I like noona so much.

A request to sponsor needy schoolchildren has come in from Seoul City..
The Ministry of Education would like to conduct a special selection process for agriculture students at Shinhwa University from next year onwards....
You've held up JoonPyo well, right?
Who is she?
Ah! Hello.
She's my guest, so don't worry about it.
She's in my house, so she's my guest as well. Isn't that right, young lady?
She's a friend.
Yes, she's our junior at our school. She's a cute sophomore, so we're specifically training her as the F4 mascot. Something like that..
Whose daughter are you?
I'm the . .
What does your father do?
My father -
has a business.
Really? What kind?
He's in the clothing business. No, I mean, fashion business. It's actually pretty famous within the industry.
That's interesting. So, do you have any interest in today's auction?
Yes, she has more than an interest. With the new dress from Bella, she's the darkhorse who will definitely raise a lot of donations tonight..
I guess your mother has a very discerning eye.
What does your mother do?
President, it's time for you to greet your guests.
Joon Pyo, come downstairs and take your place.
The rest of you, since it's for a good cause, do your part before you leave.
Yes ma'm!
Why did you lie? How are you going to fix this?
We should have told the truth.
Then, should we tell the truth that your dad owns a dry cleaner and your mom, a sauna?
If we did that, then no one knows what would've happened to not only you, but to your family as well.
It's not a joke when we say that you won't survive once you've been singled out.
So it's genetic, huh?
Yes, this next auction item, once you see it, I bet your eyes will jump! It's coming out now, please look closely. It's Swimmer Pak Taehwan's goggles!
Pak TaeHwan's goggles? (Olympic swimmer from Korea)
We're starting at 500,000 won. ($500)
100. 1,000,000 ($1000)won has been bid.
200. Yes, 2,000,000 ($2000) won has been bid.
$7,000. Do I hear $7,500?
$8,000. Ah, I see $8,000. Do I hear $8,500?
Yes, $8,500.
10,000$ just came in. Yes, $10,000! Just now, a 10,000$ bid has come through the phone.
Are there no further bids? If there are none, we will go onto the count. One, Two, Three!
Sold for $10,000!
This next auction item. Please look carefully, it's coming out right now. It's the newest item from the young sculptor, So YiJung. It's a vase. We will start bidding at 5,000,000 won.
The next auctioned item is the suit of Shinhwa Group's Mr. Goo JunPyo.
The greatest aspect of the suit is that the person wearing it cannot tell whether he is wearing it or not,
We are starting at $10,000.
Yes we have $10,000! Do we have $15,000?
Yes we have $15,000!
[Auctioneer speaking]
Do we have $20,000? Yes, we have $20,000!
Wow, we are getting tremendous response!!
[auctioneer speaking]
Is there $25,000.. Oh! $25,000! Wow! Great!
What are you doing?Hurry up, it;s your turn now!
[auctioneer speaking]
Yes the next auction item, it's very dazzling
I can't do that! Please! Please!
You can do it!
I can't! I can't!
Yes, the light yellow tint, and the lemon-like color will uplift the wearer's glamour..
The gold spangles and beads stress the luxury of the item.
We are starting the bid for this Bella Song dress at $10,000.
Yes, we have $10,000! Do we have higher bids? $15,000?
How is JoonPyo doing these days?
He has been very quiet.
He is even attending school well.
Do you know that student?
It's a pleasure to finally meet the famous wonder girl.
I didn't push him. Really, I -
Mr. Jung.
I know that she is a student of Shin-Hwa High School.
Find out whose daughter she is. Yes, madam.
[auctioneer speaking]
[auctioneer speaking]
Is this real? Are these really the goggles that Pak TaeHwan used?
WAHHH! Noona, noona, big news!
Now what?
Pak Tae Hwan's goggles! If you sell them, you can get at least $2,000!
$2,000?! $2,000 for goggles? Sell them! We have to sell them. Where can you find $2,000?
No way!! It's worth so much more.
What I'm saying is, this is one of those things that you can't put a price on.
Sell it. $2,000 is $2,000. I would understand if it were just $20. What's wrong with you?
But still, if we sell them . . . It's kind of . .
Ah . . . I don't know.
Good night.
Hey! Why, you little! HEY!
I'm going now. Anyway, thanks.
What?I can't hear you !
I said thank you.
What? I said, THANK YOU!!
Just a plain "thank you" would've sufficed. For being a commoner, all you have is your big pride.
That's it. I take it back! What? I'm taking back the thank you!
What was I thinking? People don't change that easily. I'm leaving.
Hey, Jandi Baht (field of grass) What!
You don't drink when I'm not around.
SeoHyun Unni? What brings you here?
I had to take care of something regarding my dropping out of school. I wanted to see you one more time before I left. What a relief.
Dropping out of school? You're really not going to come back?
Most likely. When are you leaving?
Tomorrow. Ah. So soon?
I still haven't been able to say thank you . . . I haven't even returned the favor.
If you keep saying things like that then I'm going to be sad.
I knew from the moment I saw you, that it was you whom JiHoo talked about with a smile on his face.
Um.. Unni.
JanDi, What are you doing?
I was a fan of yours way before I even met you. So, that's why I know better than anyone why you made this kind of decision.
I'm begging you, please don't leave.
Please stand up.
I know that I have no right to make this kind of request and that you have no reason to listen to me, but if I don't even try . . .
Is it because of JiHoo?
I don't know anything about Senior JiHoo
But, I do know how much he cares about you.
And for some reason, I can see the sad look in his eyes. But, there are times when he does smile.
He smiles so warmly that whoever is watching him feels that warmth.
The only person who can make him smile is you. If you leave like this, he may never smile again.
Please stand up.
To me, when a person tries to decide what to do, it's similar to buying something in a foreign country.
If you don't buy it at that very moment, then there's no second chance. I know very well how agonizing that regret is.
JiHoo is an important person to me. And I also believe that I am to him as well.
That's why I don't believe that he would want me to regret my decision.
What do you think?
I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.
No, I'm really happy you said those things.
Thank you.
Unni . . .
Oh, hang on.
Are these . . . for me? As I told you, shoes are of the utmost importance.
I'll pray that these shoes take you to great places without fail.
I also have a request for you.
Please, make JiHoo . . . smile again.
Who do you think you are?
Who are you to say those things thing!?
Who asked you to make that kind of request?
No, not a request, to beg?
Don't you have any pride?
It's not because I don't have any pride.
It's because you're in such agony. Because you looked like you would die of sadness.
What's it to you?! It has nothing to do with you!
Get lost