Metabolic Syndrome

Uploaded by TuckerMedical on 28.05.2012

i'm doctor steven tucker
i'm sure you've heard about the increasing rates of diabetes and obesity
not just in the u.s. but across the world
what you may not know
is that one of the precursors for this entire epidemic
is something called metabolic syndrome
metabolic syndrome is a collection of abnormalities in the body
that lead to all sorts of terrible chronic diseases including cancer, heart
disease, stroke
diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure
metabolic syndrome
has five key requirements
what we call central obesity
central obesity is a big belly
it's a beer belly
high triglycerides
this is a form of fat or cholesterol in the body
it's a storage form
of extra energy
typically from excess carbohydrates
metabolic syndrome has
high insulin levels - a precursor to diabetes or you could consider it
we call it insulin resistance
there's also high blood pressure
and a low hdl - the so-called good cholesterol
these are the components of metabolic syndrome