HTC Sensation - Create a custom ringtone for each of your friends

Uploaded by HTCShowMe on 23.06.2011

Want to know who's calling just by hearing their ringtone?
Creating custom ringtones for your contacts is easy on your HTC Sensation.
Let's get the Music app up and running. Hmm, which one should I pick?
When you find a song that reminds you of your friend, tap Menu, then More.
Tap set as ringtone, then Trim the ringtone.
Pick the part that reminds you of your friend by dragging the sliders, or use the arrow keys to be more precise.
When you're happy with your ringtone, tap Set As, then Contact ringtone..
Pick the person that this song reminds you of the most. I think this one suits Alisa.
Select Alisa, then tap Save.
Now, every time Alisa calls, you?™ll know it?™s her.
Well... look who's calling.