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The Collapse of Paper Money & the Vertical Move of Gold
Paper money, invented by the Chinese, first appeared in the West in the 13th century.
Today, without a standard, we are seeing more printing; thus more inflation.
As the printing, both real and digital, goes vertical,
the value of all those little notes will dimish exponentially;
therefore, keep stacking.
US Will Never Default, Vice-President Biden Tells China
Biden, speaking to Chinese studetnts, reiterated that China's large holdings of dollar assets
were safe. Those students must have been told to hold
back their laughter. Anyway, China, holding 1.1 trillion dollars
in treasuries, is the American government's biggest foreign
creditor; however, with gold going up, China will most likely
bail out of the dollar.
The Great Collapse Has Officially Begun
2008 was just a warm-up and the real crisis, that has been covered up by paper,
has yet to begin. As we enter the real economic crisis, from
the economic and social standpoint, things are beginning to unravel.
we will most likely see riots, civil unrest, martial law, and bank holidays.
Furthermore, we will also most likely also see trade wars,
possibly another World War as it gets worse.
New EPA Rule Could Lead to Rolling Blackouts in Texas
The new EPA regulations, that take effect on January 1st,
will force many electric utility companies to simply shut down.
The EPA says the rule will save and prolong lives by reducing harmful smog and soot pollution
as if Texas has that problem. The question is when these rolling power blackouts
occur, affecting critial areas not only in Texas
but other states, will officals at the EPA be charged for mass
California Politicians Facing Reality on Economy
Gov. Jerry Brown named a so-called "jobs czar" last week
and said he'll propose "a series of things" to boost California's poor economy.
What things? More taxes? State revenues in July were about 9 percent
below state budget assumptions. In many rural areas, unemployment is in the
Great Depression range, topped by a whopping 30.8 percent in Imperial
County. So, as more people with money get the hell
out of the business hostile California, the situation will get worse.
Maxine Waters: ‘The tea party can go straight to hell’
why are politicians like Maxine Waters openly attacking this so-called diminishing racist
group? Answer... If there’s a Tea Party in her
district, she nows it’s members are mostly black and she frightened.
Anyway a percentage of Tea Party folks believe pretty much the same way about her when it
comes to hell.
Progressive Snapshot
Well, as expected, Progressive is the first insurance company that wants to spy on its
customers. As protrayed by their fictional charcter,
Flo, the insurance company will save you money
if they install a little device on your car. It tracks your speed and braking habits to
save you money is the claim for now, and it is optional.
How long before it is not optional and tracks where you are?
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day