Can I get copies of items from the Library?

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Is it possible to get The National Library to send you a copy of
something in their collection? The answer is yes
using our Copies Direct service but it all depends on copyright
Use our catalogue to check the copyright status of any item
If it says out of copyright then yes we can copy the whole thing
send it to you by e-mail or post
If it says in copyright there will be limits on what we can send
Sometimes there will also be access conditions with more detailed information
If the catalogue record says copyright undetermined
or you have any questions then ask a librarian
"Hello". Now let's go shopping with Copies Direct
Add the item to your shopping card. Follow the prompts and you can pay us direct
Add the item to your shopping cart. Follow the prompts and you can pay
online. If we can't send you a copy for any reason we won't charge a thing
If you need it urgently use our priority service
Sometimes we can send things from our collection to your local library
Ask your library about inter-library loans. They can tell you how
it works and what it will cost.
Check out our website. Look for
Copies Direct. The National Library of Australia. A home for Australia's stories.
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