Real Love, Episode 4, Chapter 4

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I'm going to talk to him, right now!
Of course you won't! Go to your room now, young lady!
Do you understand me?
I'm sorry, mother!
What did you do?
I'm not talking to you and if you want to stay in this house do what I want!
Tenent Soliz!
You are arrested!
I'm following orders from General Dominguez!
I think this is a mistake!
Tie him!
I did nothing!
Tie him!
You shut up!
Let me go!
Let me go!!!
Let's take him to the General! Bring him!
My interpretation was wonderful!
Tell me everything!
I did what you asked me!
It was so perfect!
Your sister started to cry
Poor thing! I'm sorry about her!
So she believes you?
Of course she did!
Then your mother came By the way she was very rude to me!
But I think your sister believe in this lie that I'm the Tenent's wife!
I'm thinking what if your sister goes to ask explanations to her boyfriend now?
Don't worry about it! He's done!
You don't know how much I have to thank you, Bernarda!
You save my sister's reputation and the good name of my family too!
Take it!
But you can't tell anyone about it, ok?
Your secret is safe with me!
Where is Matilde?
She went to talk to a lady and she didn't come back yet!
She is in her room
It's the flu again
Thanks, Eugênia
Excuse me, Doña
I've been thinking that even we like Manoel Fuentes Guerra it doesn't matter if Matilde doesn't like him
I don't want you forcing her to to accept him!
No worries, that was our deal, eh?
I'm happy that you finally understands!
Eat your soup before get cold!
I'll be right back
Let me talk to her
You don't believe me but I'm sorry for you
You were so naive to believe him this way, daughter
I can't believe he did this to me, mama!
I understand
But there is many bad people in this world
But we must learn with our mistakes
What if he is inocent?
What if that lady came here to tell me so many lies on purpose?
What do you mean?
Maybe she did this because she is in love for him!
Why do you insist to play the fool?
If this man intentions were serious why he didn't came to talk to your father?
He came yesterday, mama and you said to him you'd never let us to get married
Who told you that?
He told me!
He came back in the afternoon and we talked in the garden!
I won't vituperate you for seeing him alone
And about the supposed visit of this man in this house
I never saw him or talk to him, he never came in this house!
But he told me that...
It's not truth!
Are you calling me a liar?
No, of course not, mama
Mama, for the love of God let me talk to him!
If I don't talk to him I'd have to leave with this doubt and...
My heart will never be in peace, mama, I beg you!
Please, mama!
Tomorrow I'll send your brother to the quarter to tell him to come here
I prefer to go myself
Of course not!
You are the daughter of General Peñalverde and would be a shame someone seeing you talking to this man!
Ok, I'll wait for him here
But in case of this whole story is not truth
Will you let him talk to my father?
First I want to meet him, talk to him and I'll think about it later
Yes, m'am?
Do you remember that Tenent who came yesterday?
Yes, Doña
Don't tell anyone he came here, especially my daughter, do you understand me?
Yes, m'am!
If Matilde ask you something you have to say that just Don Manoel Fuentes Guerra came yesterday, ok?
Yes, Doña!
If the new accounter to accept the salary I'm offering I'm going to San Caetano tomorrow morning
This means you are giving up of your marriage with the Peñalverde's daughter?
To make this deal with that family was a terrible idea!
What happened?
I heard people against Varanda are coming and the army is looking for them!
Well, I'm going to see what's going on Be right back
Be careful! You don't have to interfere on it!
Good morning, Ms Peñalverde I'm Captain Santiago Lopez May I help you?
I want to talk to Tenent Adolfo Soliz
Yes, I heard but the problem is Tenent Soliz don't come back to the quarter since yesterday
I don't know, miss! But when he come back I'll tell him to go talk to your father!
Oh no, don't worry! Just let go!
It's not so important!
Excuse me
Matilde! Matilde!
Grandpa, the boss wants you boil some water!
Because he brought a hurt lady!
I asked my grandpa to boil the water
Take off her clothes I'll be right back
Yes, sir!
I just covered her!
When I was taking off her clothes she wake up and then got fainted again!
Does she say anything?
When the water is ready bring to me and send your grandpa to the Peñalverde's house to tell them Ms Matilde is here!
Yes, sir!