WTF - Double Eyelid Tape

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So what you're saying is:
This tape is for my eyeball?
So today we're gonna try something that we've heard about
many times but we've never actually experienced for ourselves
This is double eyelid tape.
That right, um, and what's interesting about it is that the word "Double Eyelid"
I actually had no idea what that was before I came to Korea
because it seems that there's no like, English word
for double eyelid. Double Eyelid is this crease.
Like that crease I have on my eyelid. It means you have, like, two parts.
That means you have a double eyelid.
And supposedly it's highly desirable amongst Korean women
and they want to have double eyelids, so they put
tape on their eyelids to give them the illusion of having it.
Yes, now that's because usually people get surgery done.
So to avoid plastic surgery, you can use this Double Eyelid tape instead.
And you can save thousands of dollars!
So the type we got is the small type,
there's supposedly also the large type. Uh, we're not sure which one
is best for us, if we need small eyelids or big eyelids.
So we're gonna try the small ones I think.
I'm guessing it has to do with the width of your eye, that's my guess.
I've never measured the width of my eye, I's an eye!
How do you put eyeshadow on top of this? Like, you have great double eyeRIDS
but you don't have...
DID YOU SAY FOR A RONG TIME?!?!?!?!!!1111!!11!!
Hahahahaha! Oh no! The tables have turned!
That's supposedly the applicator. It gets it off easily.
But why would you want to...that's what she said?
STOP IT! [you stop it! Stop with your filthy comments!]
I didn't say anything you said it! You're so wrong!
No, you gotta use this to do it. [What do you] I don't know: that's what it says.
Here you go: scooped. [no, you shouldn't have two of them]
Yeah because they're supposed to flip over. You're supposed to tape something to it.
That's how it works, it's like, it's like you know when you get tape
and you roll it back on itself? [yeah] Yeah!
I don't know. We'll make you have a bigger lid.
Try it on me.
Ok, ready? Keep your eyes closedER! (yes she said closeder)
I'm sorry, there's like, Open and Closed.
You can't get any more closed than closed.
Ok, wait a second. I'm getting rid of the applicator.
Whoever came up with this weird idea!
that doesn't feel very good.
Ok. HA!
How do I look?
Ummmm...I think I screwed up.
I don't know. My eye feels like it's not opening properly anymore.
Oh but you do have a deeper...[fades off into nothing]
Do I?
Yeah, but he does have, like, already ginormous eyelids
Ok you wanna try my eyes.
Ok I'll tell you where I screwed up [ok what happened?]
I think I'm supposed to put it so that it pulls my eyelids up more,
but I just put yours, I put yours right on the crease.
But I should probably make it so that there's no crease, right?
Whatever, don't make an excuse. [I'm scared] close your eye!
Closeder! Oh damn it got stuck on my fingers.
Gross, I've got furry Simon...
Keep your eye closed! Oh, this fell apart.
Ok I think we', no you know what? We did this wrong.
No we didn't.
Yes we did.
You're supposed to put two of them on.
No look, look at this picture. It's half of one.
So you put two on me for no reason!
I told you! Let's try your other eye.
Oh this is ridiculous!
Ok, try it now.
This one doesn't actually feel as constricting as before.
My bad!
I'm gonna take it off, ok? Ready?
Ow! OW!
Ok, you do it yourself! [OW!]
I'm scared! It's like pulling a bandaid off your eyelid.
Alright let's put this on you.
Close your eye [NO!]
Come here! You gotta try this on! [back!]
Stop it! [back I say!] Stop fighting it!
This is a once in a lifetime experience!
Why? I live in Korea! I can get it whenever I want.
But you never did.
No, it's not two Simon it's one!
I wanted to put two on you!
He was trying to do something mean.
Ok, here's one. [NO! NO!]
Try it, just try it on! [no!] Stop it!
I'm gonna put it up your nose. [ok just...]
Close your eye [it's gonna hurt]
How do you feel?
I feel uncomfortable. [same here]
Ah, one of the things I want to say though, is that
a lot of high school students, like a lot of high school girls
when they are in their third grade, which is their final
year when they're graduating; they'll leave for the summertime
and when they come back to enter third year
a lot of them will get the double eyelid surgery.
and it's like, nothing. It's like going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened.
Also, there's another surgery that we've heard of about
that's really really weird. It's supposedly, you slit the sides of your eyelid
so that your eyes can look bigger as a result,
Like here, like, cutting it and they make it they pin it out wider
That's totally freaky. I've only heard about this a couple of weeks ago
and it's just MIND BOTTLING.
Yeah, it's a little bit scary. Your eyes are really delicate, right?
Like I can't imagine cutting into the skin there just to make your eyes look bigger.
Ok, so a message to Korean girls, you do not need to get eyelid surgery
You do not need eyelid tape either
or getting eyelid slitting to make your eyes bigger
You're seriously beautiful the way you are,
I'm just jealous everyday that I'm in Korea and how gorgeous all the girls are,
and if a guy likes you because you have double eyelids and that's it,
then you're definitely dating the wrong guy
you need to get a better man than that.
That's right. You shouldn't be dating someone based on the fact that they like your eyeballs.
No, that's just awful.
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