Feeling Good In Your Skin: The Story of CILT

Uploaded by ciltco on 28.08.2011

>> ERTAN: When I first started to get serious about health and fitness, the goal was to
get back in shape, feel good in my skin. You know, be healthy, be active, have fun. The
foundation of what made this approach so attractive was its simplicity. And with simplicity came
the understanding that it is always easier and far more effective to be pro-active than
reactive no matter what the ultimate goal. The constant challenge, of course, is to figure
out how.
The most memorable part about growing up with sensitive skin was realizing that healthy
skin is a function of good health. Which meant adopting a more holistic approach early on
by being more mindful about my daily choices, you know, eating healthy, working out, getting
enough sleep and avoiding skincare products with questionable additives. For one simple
reason. All these choices do end up having a cumulative and visible effect on our overall
wellness. And to me, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. Because whatever
direction we end up taking, our skin is bound to follow.
And at the time, this sort of active skincare as a lifestyle approach was pretty unconventional.
So I thought why not explore this a little further? And that's when I came up with the
idea of Cilt.
I was back in Europe on a sailing trip with friends and I felt that the only way to get
this unique skincare approach right was to create an equally unique skincare company.
The mission was to have a positive impact on not just on not just peoples skin, but
try to aim higher. I thought fusing high-quality skincare with high-priority social causes
could be a meaningful thing. You know, what if, with every skincare product you purchased
you could make a sustainable difference in the world. What if, by saving your skin you
could actually save a life? The problem with that of course was the whole concept sounded
very far-fetched. And no one thought it would work.
But once I had asked the question I had to find out for myself, you know, if it could
be done.
What's so interesting is that there are these simple, small solutions for these inherently
complex global issues that have this immense impact on people's lives and entire communities.
Especially when it comes to providing access to clean drinking water.
The key to accomplish this was giving back in an active way that would replicate the
approach we took with skincare, meaning being pro-active rather than reactive. Which in
the case of the water and sanitation crisis means focusing on the prevention of these
very preventable waterborne diseases rather than having to treat them after the fact,
which I really don't think is a very good long-term solution. And so it didn't take
long for me to see that water purifiers still are in fact one of the most efficient ways
to provide fast access to safe drinking water in many parts of the world. Something where
even a small donation can go a long way which is why we decided to donate water purifiers
to people in need with every Cilt skincare product sold. And that way, every purchase
would supply an individual with safe drinking water for an entire year. Because if you are
going to give a gift, why not, you know, aim higher and give the gift of a healthy life?
And the great thing is that as long as we keep developing great skincare, that makes
people feel good in their own skin, we will continue to have access to all these valuable
resources that give us the opportunity to have a positive and sustainable impact in
peoples lives. And at the end of the day, to me, that's the most beautiful part of it