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Hey What’s up cubs
How are you?
How are you?
hope you’re doing Great!
I’m having an orgasm for being one more time with you in your screens
trying to bring you a little bit of joy, laughs and fun till wherever you are, ok? So the topic of today, is...
It’s the most special day of your life
And you wait for it every year
Everybody knows what I’m talking about, obviously The Taco Day
Ok no.
I’m talking about birthdays
And you surely celebrate them, I mean… In Mexico to live one more year it’s a blessing
But the problem comes when people don’t remember that it’s your birthday
-Hey, what’s up, how are you?
What’s up…
Ah…, yes, what do you want?
Oh, don’t you know which day is today?, Wont you congratulate me?
There isn’t such a saddest thing in life than asking people to congratulate you in your birthday
But sometimes is worst if they remember your birthday
Happy birthday to you!
What do you say in that situation?
Look freaking stupid monkey, it’s my birthday so let me sleep, go to fuck yourself!
Well, not really
Something that I never understand of moms is that having a lot of versions of the happy birthday song they always choose the worst!
Or at least the most stupid one
How old are you?, seven plus seven?, or eight plus eight?, or nine?, or ten? mmm it doesn’t matter how old you are
Don’t use the Cepillin song, for the love of God!
And talking about the happy birthday song, I think that the most uncomfortable moment is when people sing it.
-Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
-Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday…
They sing the whole song!
And you don’t even know where to look
Or what to do…
Or when they are singing to you and they want to make you name fit in the song
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear… ·%&·$”$ Happy Birthday to you.
It always fails
It always fails
And when you’re a kid, there’s always piñatas
But… there are a couple thing that I don’t understand
For example: why piñatas look like if they where retards?
-Buzz: To infinity, and beyond, hey cowboy, come!
-Woody: ueuueueueueueueu
Buzz: What?
Woody: ueueueueueue
What’s up with the prognathous Woody and the Buzz Lightyear born in a nuclear field…
Another thing that I don’t understand is this
Look princess, so today is your birthday right?, so I got you the piñata of Dora the explorer, It was a pleasure to buy it for you.
agu gu piñata! añaña
So, you like it right?
Yes, Dora, dora, dora
I’m glad that you like it princess, look you just have to put it like this and then you… and you put it again…
What’s up princess?, why are you crying?, you just have to make it like this… and you grab it and then… You like your piñata?
If she likes the character…
then why swould she like to hit it with a stick?
The birthday cake
I could say a lot of things about it, but I think this is the most important one
As soon after they finnish with the Happy Birthday song comes the battle-cry
Bite it, bite it, bite it!
The traduction could be something like this:
You’re screwed, you’re screwed, you’re screwed
And you know that it doesn’t matter if you say…
But please don’t do anything, ok?
-No no no, we wont, I take care of you, don’t worry
You will still have more than a thousand hands over your head waiting for you to bite!
come on, come on, bite it
come on, don’t worry
Yes, you’re screwed, and they don’t just smash you against the cake
they make it like if they hate you and want to kill you!
go, go
I’m, I’m drowning dude, I can’t breathe
you cant breathe? my ass!! *smash*
hahahaha, ahaha, bite it!!, bite it, bite it!, eat it, eat it!, eat your cake
Happy birthday!
Aww thank you guys, you are my best friends, I thought you would be meaner to me
And going back to the birthday song
it’s so embarrassing to go to a restaurant and that someone tells the waitress that it’s your birthday
besides, they all have a particular way to sing
-it’s just that…
-We have a bithday boy!!!
Here you’re gonna have a good time, good time… good time… Tacos Arandel wishes you a Happy Birthday
It’s embarrassing that everybody in the place notice that it’s your birthday
But those where normal… because there are some restaurants that… oh well, watch it
-Waitress please
Yes, tell me
It’s just that…
-We have a Birthday Boy!!
One, two three!
Today we present the corner of: Birthday Games
Today we present, the various games for birthdays
(The Donuts) Yes come on, yes you can win, yes, come on!, come on!, come on!, you’re almost there!, almost there, come on Luis bite it!, bite it, come on, come on
(The Dizzying) Run Run, no hey, faster!
(Ballon Smasher) Come on son, do it!, one two three come on!, yeah that’s right, smash it, smash it, smash it come on son, that’s right!, you’re winning, you’re winning
(The Chairs)
(Closet with my Uncle) Come on, enter, enter!
And there’s a doubt that I have, there’s a song for piñatas that we all know it goes: Hit it, hit it, hit it, don’t miss the… that one… where does it came from?
Why if it’s for singing it when you are hitting the piñata it doesn’t say anything about piñatas?
So I discover this!, here it’s the video of the original “hit it, hit it” song
Hit it hit it, don’t miss the hit
Hit it hit it, shake your ass
Hit it hit it, feel my weenie
Hit it hit it, always horny
Hit it hit it, you already hit it once
You hit it twice
You hit it three times
Hit it hit it, now your time is gone
cubs so this is the end of today’s videoblog, I hope you had fun and liked it, and there’s something that I want to show you
that you won’t be able to watch in this youtube channel you could only watch it in and it is: "it would be badass
If you want to watch the full video go to you can find the link in the description, I still have some war marks they are
Ay Papaya de Celaya” awfull… but it’s okay, see you next week, take care,
I send you a big hug and if you have internet We’ll see each other
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