Videotest: Batman Arkham Asylum part 1

Uploaded by Greyzlack on 17.05.2011

And here we go...
Hello to everyone, Greyzlack here
for this test / "presentation" video of Batman Arkham Asylum.
Why "presentation" ?
Well, because it's already been a while since the game's release, in 2009,
and its sequel is already on the way, coming out in October
So... Yeah I'm a little out-of-date,
but that's not very important
So do I really need to present this game
after 3 240 000 copies sold around the world in 2010,
the game considered to be the best Super Hero game of all time,
with even an entry in the Guiness world record ?
no, it's not very necessary,
I appreciated this game so much
that I can't resist the will to make you my very own presentation.
So, yeah, let's go forward with this.
What can I say...
as you can see I already finished the game once
well not really because you can see I'm only 87%
nevertheless in the actual story mode, I completed every single thing,
every challenge, every little riddle.
So, why am I not at 100% ?
Well, the answer is simple,
the actual story mode builds up to 84% of the game,
and the other 26%
(Greyzlack suks int maths)
are gained in challenge mode.
So, what is the challenge mode ?
Well you actualy play in some "stages" that you already played in during the actual game,
but this time you have a little more difficulty
added as well as some achievements to obtain,
usually the objective is always the same,
meaning, achieve the biggest score possible.
There are two types of stages, infiltration mode, and combat mode.
In combat mode, you obtain points, by doing the biggest combo you can com up with.
In infiltration mode, first of all there is a time trial and you have some achievements to unlock:
"Silence is Golden" "Explosion Zone" "Watch out for your Head"...
Well... I don't know what you personnaly think about it but I...
it as some humor in to it...
"Scapegoat" "Man over board" "Dangerous corner"
the names are funny, but sincerely it doesn't really cry out to me,
I really have to take some time figuring out most of them,
I suppose that all who allready accomplished them, are able to tell me what they mean...
but well, I don't really pay much attention for this,
otherwise, the game would already be 100% completed,
challenge mode isn't what I like the most
but it's a nice add on to the game, it gives you some extra playing hours
and it gives you the possibility to train yourself.
The game came out in every gaming system;
except for the Wii (which isn't powerfuly enough),
Ps3, X-Box 360 and PC,
as you can see, the version I'm presenting you is the PC one.
You can see there is also a "live" mode
which actually allows you to make some sort of leader board in the challenge mode
by comparing your score with others,
but it really isn't what I enjoy the most.
What I propose to you all, is simply to start a new game.
And I'm feeling a little brave, so I'll play it in difficult.
So yeah, I talked early about the "training"part of the challenge mode because it's escpecialy nice for combats
because once you actually get used to the game play it's simply arousing.
Well the opening scene,
I'm going to skip after having seen it countless time,
and if it's not your case,
It is mine,
Since I knew first the game thanks to the demo version.
So here we go,
wer'e going to start straight ahead the intensive care hall.
Well... Yes and no,
we already have Batman in hand,
but we aren't in free full control.
We have the camera behind Batman, and we have a small presentation
We can see the credits rolling a bit like in a dark movie.
And you'll see throughout the game that this "dark" environment will always be present.
So we have a presentation well we are marching through the corridors of Arkham.
In what comes to the graphic system,
the games graphic engine is Unreal Engine 3
and the physics engine is Physic X Nvidia.
In short, it's the same graphic anf physics engine as in
Bioshock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Tom Clancy's and the last Turok.
So... As you can see
there is nothing to say about the graphics, there is no reason to complain about them...
and still !
I'm going to bitch about them !
Look at this face... It's true the game is really magnificent to look at,
The Joker really looks like a psycho,
Batman has a great skin effect it's really really really...
I steel have some small issues with the look of some characters, specially the secondary ones,
like guards or doctors,
whose faces really are...
in lack of a best word "funny" will do the job.
one of, in my opinion and maybe not everyone agrees with that,
the facts that makes a good game, is the game camera...
We still have in our days;
some games that offer some camera angles and controll that really are,
annoying !
That offer awful points of view !
and sometimes this allow you to have some nices headaches.
Joker: "Need to take my temparature ? I'll pull down my pants with pleasure !"
The Joker always as himself,
always with his wicked sense of humor.
You can see there is some humor in the game,
but espacially dark-humor,
I myself really apreciate it.
So coming back to the camera,
I personally have some that offer an awful camera,
and I'll possibly make a videotest
for the most sadistic of you
who which to see me losing my patience
and I'll show you that this game has the quality of offering you a great camera
in every moment even if there are many different angles.
This is Killer-Croc,
one of Batman's traditionnal vilains.
He's really...
So, this is the first appearance of another villains.
Joker: "That makes me think... I need a new pairs of shoes..."
Moment that ends with a good little on-liner.
So the camera...
I still can't run, so I won't be able to show you,
but the fact is that the camera is always well placed
which is a real wonder.
Coming back once more to the games graphics,
there is another point I have another problem with
is the characters physical appearance.
A part from Batman, the Joker and the rare women in the game,
every single personnal is equally "body-builded".
You'll seen in some moment's commisionaire Gordon
who is just muscular as the guard right next to me.
It makes me laugh.
I suppose that the 60 years old Gordon most shoot himself with steroids to keep so fit.
But hey !
You can't be commisionaire for no reason in Gotham !
What can I say...
talking a bit about the game synopsis,
the usual scenery,
Batman captures Joker, he takes him to Arkham,
like my old friend amiral Ackbar from Star Wars would says:
"IT'S A TRAP !!!"
Here's Gordon as I said before,
well once more you can say I'm just bitching,
well it maybe true,
I love bitching,
(Greyzlack is french)
but I think is a bit too fit for his age.
I'm going to skip the cutscene ?
No otherwise I'll go directly in a combat phase...
So I'm going to leave it, and I'll do the narrator for you
a bit like a movie with the director's cut comments.
"As Batman, just captured the Joker,
he was unaware that he was about to live an awful night inside Arkham,
Because the Joker had actually laid a trap for him.
And this is it...
And here we are..."
"IT'S A TRAP !!!"
Oh no !
We are stocked.
So now the game really starts,
Immediately with a combat.
The combat system is really nice,
Well I'll usually content myself of clobbering
Maybe because I'm too violent or to stupid,
but anyway, the combo system only ask you to time things right.
Batman is maybe not a murderer,
but when he knocks out his opponent I can almost feel the damn brain damage
when they get punched in the face.
I wouldn't like to be an ennemy of Batman.
Here, you can see I'm doing it with ease, but I have hours of training !
Shit... Too bad...
I really think that the combos are magnificent
we can really see he's an expert in martial combat.
Batman exists since 1943, they always said he was a fighting expert
but you never really got to feel it in this moves,
in my opinion you could only see this since the last two Batman movies
(Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight)
But I'm only giving you my personnal opinion.