Desi Parents and Money

Uploaded by JusReign on 02.10.2010

Wow look at how expensive they've priced these things
Am I supposed to buy this? hell nah I aint buyin this
dirt, ridiculous, garbage
Oye Jasmeet look at this!
Theres a sale, look at all this candy, should we grab it?
Suck-Face, nope, messed up stuff
always carrying effed up ish
Jasmeet, wheres the flyer?
Is there any sales?
Theres clothes here, sweaters on sale... we should grab em for when we go to India
Dog Poop
Phew... so expensive. HAW MY GAWD
Phew... so expensive. HAW MY GAWD
Oye! Stop right there!
Where did you come from?
Um, from the store
How much?
$50 shirt?! You got a shirt for $50?!
Is your head EFFED up?
No I mean you should have... uh... i mean... uh... um...
Theres a BIG sale at sears, sale for clothes
You can get shirts for 6-7 dollars easily! Amazing, beautiful, first class shirts!
Why did you not go there?!
You are STUPID that's why!
No I mean you should ask first. "Dad I'm going to the store I need some money, to get a shirt for the party..."
You can't even ask that much?
Without asking, WITHOUT ASKING he takes my credit card and does whatever he wants...
Like I'm some money making machine...
I'm not a machine, I'm not a robot!
Okay, don't show me your ugly face right now... get lost from here
And you better return this shirt, first thing in the morning!
Jasmeet! Have you seen your phone bill?
WTF is this? You got another $150 dollar bill...
Don't you realize, she-a-lize anything?
Who you talkin' to? Who's this girlfriend of yours? Tell me!
Who's your girlfriend... Tell me right the EFF now!
Who you calling late at night? Why the EFF won't you tell me... snake. TELL ME!
All day he spends on the phone
Text Messages...
Your dad paying for this bill?
If your dad finds out bout this bill YOURE FACE IS DEAD! He's gonna beat you with a stick so hard
Split cho' gadaam head open!
This poor b*stard's bill just came in the in the mail, take a look at it
Well, just take a look at it... ill put it right her... actually just take it
How much is the bill?
Yooooo whateverrrrrr.... just take care of it... that's your son anyways...
Yo... you want any tea?
Oye... want some tea
Wow, wont even tell me... you want tea or not?
One minute...
One minute... one minute...
Look, I gotta make some tea. Or else it'll get cold
Then you're gonna say there's not enough tea
Hello madaam... I'm on the phone
Who the FAAAAACH cares if your on the phone, that doesn't mean you can't tell me...
TELL ME, it'll take a minute! take a break!
All day he's on the gadaaaaam phone
I need to know how many cups to make, because then after your stupid face is just gonna complain how I only made half a cup. Im not your slave!
WOW, it'll take 2 minutes just tell me! Three cups? Two cups? How much should I make? How much sugar?
WOW, it'll take 2 minutes just tell me! Three cups? Two cups? How much should I make? How much sugar?
Ok... put as MUCH sugar as your friggin heart tells you to. Please!
DRINK IT! Won't even tell me how much to drink!
LOOK! Broke the gawddaaam pot because of your ugly face. LOOK ITS BROKEN!
How many times do I have to tell you to shutup... SHUT THE FACHHHH UP!
YELL LOUDER why dont you? Shred my ears with your magnificent voice!
I'm gonna run away and leave you! Then we'll see how you survive!
I'll bring a white girl home! Blonde white girl... Susan, that's gonna be her name!
Daddy, Daddy! Guess what!
Daddy, Daddy! Guess What!?
Oye, you little friggin kid. Shut the FLUCK up!
DONT YOU DARE give me a headache! Get lost from here!
Here's your damn tea! Now watch he won't even drink it!
Woman, go get me 2-3 cookies too!
OH I'm sorry am I your slave? your household slave? Get it your damn self fatass... spends all day on the phone