Karubi vs Ahmadinejad with English subtitles احمدی نژاد - کروبی

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I have come to the elections scene just to make "the change"
This man who is in charge of the government now, I particularly have complaints against his character
against Mr. Ahmadinejad, himeself
And I believe if the supreme authorities of Iran had contended him logically from the time he took office
in a friendly manner of course, he would not have gone this wrong way
One of those complaints, is the tale Ahmadinejad told about an unearthly light surrounding him in his UN speech
Actually, I could not believe he would tell such a lie, not until I watched the video CD, that I've brought here today...
The second one, is the one he told when he went to Iraq
and when he returned, he claimed that the Americans wanted to kidnap him and take him somewhere
and a few days later, he also claimed that American forces had refused G W Bush's order to break the sonic barrier over Iran
because "American troops love me and took photos with me"...
meaning that he was so deeply popular among American troops that they would disobey their commander
I believe Mr Karrubi's arguments deserve no response
because those arguments have nothing to do with the way I managed and handled the country
He made two claims. The first claim was obviously fake
As for the second one, apparently he is defending Americans on their behalf!
If you want to complaint that the way I handled the nation was wrong, you should compare these (economic figures and statistics)
The first condition for a government, is being honest with people
And in Islam, dishonesty is the worst sin
for instance, drinking alcohol (crapulence) is not the worst sin, nothing is as bad as dishonesty
Next, see Mr Ahmadinejad, these figures and stats are just what you claim
seems that you consider me an illiterate coming from abandoned deserts
but remember, at the time you were just a civil officer in a small city (in Maku) or a regional governor (in Khoy), I were the vice chairman of parliament
the numbers that other analysts and experts present are not in agreement with yours
and I think holding panel discussions of experts in the state-run TV is the only way to reveal true statistics and current situation
but why are you (the state-run TV) so coward? what do you fear?
Your own central bank officials announced that the inflation rate was around 25 percent
but in a couple of days, you just reduced the figure to 14 percent
these are your illusions! even my grandmother who passed away years ago could feel the inflation without referring to official figures
when people go buy meat, they do understand that the prices are soaring
the ones who guide you, are those ideological deviants, those who had problems with Khomeini
you are the president, you should acted upon the constitution. But you did not oppose to the illegal acts of guardian council, they barred 2000 candidates from parliamentary elections
and even the two parliaments formed in such (undemocratic) manner had still problems with you!
even then chairman of that parliament said that "Ahmadinejad's talks are like joke"
let's talk about corruption now, which is very important
you initiate psychological battles, and the trick has led to the current situation of our country
reportedly you have instructed to give a loan of 40 billion tomans (40 million $) to Mr Mahsouli, one of your ministers
do you think we are unaware and our information sources are "horse coach drivers"?
yes we know! why is the accounting council saying that one billion US dollars have been lost?
what happened to another 300 billion tomans (300 million $) when you were mayor of capital? You never allowed an official investigation, for several times.
This is the result of a weakened parliament, those 2000 barred candidates...
thereby the request of some representatives for summoning you to the parliament to answer their questions have been rejected twice
all previous governments had presented figures based on their central bank and statistics centers
Did Mr Khatami, for instance, used his own calculator for economic figures? What I present is also from the central bank.
I don't want to falsely accuse anyone of corruption, but why did you Mr Karrubi, accept 300 million tomans ($300K) from Mr. Jazayeri?
All institutions on the stock market established before our government have encountered serious problems
Ethics! The other night you threatened a gentleman (Mr Mousavi), with records of his wife, saying "shall I reveal, shall I reveal?"
Watching your acts, I first thought you want to reveal a bad woman there
then I thought otherwise, probably you wanted to talk about the case of that innocent young female doctor who was murdered [by your forces] in Hamedan.
Finally it turned out to be Mr Mousavi's wife you showed! You accuse anyone of corruption, even Rafsanjani, your own former boss!
Your foreign policy that you claim to be hugely popular in the world
what fame and popularity are you talking about, those unanswered and disregarded letters you wrote to Bush and other western leaders?
And you friendship with latin America. Mr Chavez. Hugging many others, Saddam Hussein, Obama. He actually hugged him much harder than you! Well right for his own country.
Ahmadinejad: Do you mean Saddam hugged Obama?
No, he hugged Chavez.Now, I read you a quote from a former Mossad chief. (while I know you would accuse me of being a Zionist for reading this)
"had the Mossad spent billions of dollars for someone to serve Israeli interests, no body could contribute to Israel better than Ahmadinejad"
So what are these? Do they think that you are now a world champion? Ahmadinejad my dear, put away these illusions.
Ahmadinejad claims he has been to a hundred countries that have asked him to teach them his management patterns
Imagine I am a primary school kid!? what is your "management strategy" that those countries are asking for? Which are those 100 countries? Name 20 of them if you can
You go to countries that call "Persian Gulf" as "Arabic Gulf" and sit under a logo with such a word. You made trouble for us. We say loud that this has been "Persian Gulf" since 500 B.C.!
How long did I talk sir? 10 min. 35 sec.
Finally, he did not tell us why he received that $300k from Shahram Jazayeri?!
Karoubi: Yes, yes, smartass! I intentionally did not answer, just like yourself not answering about your corruption in Ardabil. I will tell you my story later.
But Karrubi, I feel you are so deviated from Imam (Khomeini's) original stances. I did not expect.
And about Ms. Rahnavard, I really respect her. That night, I aksed Mr. Mousavi twice if I had permission to talk about his wife and her cheating in academic promotion. He misunderstood me.
Now, look at your supporters and friends, Naghdi, Sahriatmadari, Jannati, Mesbah Yazdi, those who do not respect their master Imam Khomeini
And I also have a word about nuclear issue, I always say we have to acquire peaceful nuclear technology, insists on our rights, defend our rights
but never leave nuclear negotiations...
And regarding that money, do not forget I am a clergy and I have unique permissions from Imam Khomeini (to accept money from the rich and distribute it among the poor...)
Finally, we got no good explanation for the $300K and Jazayeri's story.
So anybody who pays you, you accept, even unlawful money, even illegal money?
What (absurd) explanation you give
I have no unlawful property, but you should explain how did you buy your house? Did you use those money that imam had let you distribute?
What a heck! we know that there was 700 million dollars from the government's budget that you wanted to give to some other country leader, it was Khamenei who stopped you.
Ahmadinejad, tell us that those close to you are nowadays arrested, in jail, for corruption. Tell us about Mr Aliabadi...
you forget that, the income of your government in 3.5 yrs has been equal to the total of all 16 yrs before you
what happened to all the income? the money of 100-dollars-a-barrel oil?
OK, but you still did not convince me about your hosue, and about that 300K from Jazayeri
How did you convert the 100-sqm apartment to a house in Northern Tehran?
I will announce all my properties... Mr Karrubi
....but you should prove you are telling the truth...whatever I say you deny....
but you also defaced my wife in your newspaper, [karoubi swears he doesn't know] so if you do not know about the affairs of your party's newspaper, how do you want to become a president and manage a country?
I am sorry, I respect you, but how come you don't know my wife photo was printed in your newspaper, and insulted her?
How dare you say that? You took a gentleman's wife photo and wave it like this in a TV program, do you expect everyone to keep silent while you tell whatever lie you want
Anyway, finally, he did not explain about his house, he did not explain about Jazayeri, an the prison he had in his organization, and did not promise tp reveal the properties of his close friends...
and that he wanted to spend 20 billion tomans (20 million $) in elections for campaigns through mobile short text messages!
I believe the president should be an expert person himself
Our nation is capable, and this is the best government serving people, let me be your presidents and serve you four more years