Weight Training Routines - How Many Per Week?

Uploaded by skinnygainmuscle on 23.11.2009

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from SkinnyGainMuscle.com, bringing you another video lesson on how to
gain weight if you're skinny. And in this video we're asking the question:
"How Often - how many times - Do You Need To Train Each Week To Gain Weight?"
Far too often, skinny guys are guilty of over-training. And I've been guilty of this myself in the
past. And this means either training too many times each week, or making our training sessions
too long. And by doing this, we really HURT our ability
to gain weight and gain muscle. In fact, in a "worst case scenario", we can
actually strip our body of healthy weight if we train too much - which I'm guessing
is not the result you're looking for. So, how often do we need to train, and for
how long? Well, to answer this question, first of all
we want to know that: To gain healthy weight in the form of muscle, you need to perform
weight training. And to increase your muscle mass, that means you need to lift "heavy"
to stimulate your muscles to grow. Then you need to give your muscles enough
time to recover, so you can really make the most of the effort you've put in, and maximize
your muscle and weight gains. And what most people don't realize is that
intense weight training like this doesn't just put a strain on your muscles fibers.
It also taxes and strains your Central Nervous System (CNS), and your immune system as well.
And these typically take longer to recover than just your muscles.
So, if you return to lifting weights too soon after your previous workout session, you'll
only achieve a tiny fraction of the results you're really capable of.
Now, I learned this the hard way, by spending 2 to 3 hours at a time workout out. And trying
to squeeze in as many gym sessions into a week as I could manage.
But it was only when I changed my approach that I gained the weight and muscle that I
needed and wanted. What's important to realize is that it's the
time BETWEEN the training sessions that your muscles adapt and grow, and gain mass.
It's not during the training sessions themselves that this happens.
So back to the question of: "How many days do you need to work out per week to gain weight
if you're skinny?" And the answer to this: I recommend just 3
weight training workouts per week, with at least 48 hours between each session. I call
this the "48-hour spread". And you'll also want to try and limit each session to under
60 minutes each as well. I call these "1-hour workouts".
After 60 minutes, the body starts producing some nasty hormones like Cortisol - that tear
down, and break down muscle, and will actually hurt your efforts.
So if you're skinny and want to gain weight, stick to the "48-hour spread" - giving yourself
at least 48 hours between weight training sessions. And also keep to my "1-hour workouts"
rule too - keeping each training session UNDER 60 minutes.
Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Thanks very much for watching.
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