Gönülçelen )) Episode 13 - Part 4/9 [English Subtitles]

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I'm taking you to meet with Levent, I already missed my appointment
I'm sorry. It's because of me you're late
It's not important
right I'm off. Ok?
you know I had some shirts.. will you iron them for me?
of course I can
see you
Cihan? Tonight I'm going to where Berrin is going on stage Will you come with me?
I can't believe your best mate is Berrin
It's not like that. Come and have fun, you'll feel better. Maybe she'll let me sing
ok. I'll come. I'll have a few drinks, have fun..
why are you sitting there like a potato?
what else should I do? I'm upset
are you only upset because of the robbery?
what else should I be upset about?
I don’t know.. maybe you might have upset someone else.. and that's why you are upset
We've been friends for years. If you're keeping a secret from me It won't be good huh?
no secret.. nothing..
I can't believe you missed an appointment because of Hasret.. such a punctual person like you
there was a crisis in the neighbourhood
there isn't a day or even an hour without an event happening in that neighbourhood
I'm thinking you're actually fond of hanging around with Hasret. And you don't care about your appointments
I'm happy you speak your mind. I know how wrong you evaluate me
if I don't know you well. I wonder who else does?
Just ask yourself what you think about Hasret? What you feel..Ask
why are so obsessed with this issue Why don’t you waste your energy on something else
Leave my student out of this..
talking about your student, here she comes
I'm leaving .. see you tonight
you already missed your appointment you might as well stay
no I'll go and finish up some unfinished work. I'll keep busy
oh and you're coming to Laterna tonight right?
No I'm not
look the sponsor will be there too. You can’t leave him alone
You should spend some time with him. Don’t be so tense..
Ok. Then I'll be there
see you
I'm not a bad person. I'm like a scorpion who stings himself
you place yourself in the middle of a fire made of weird women
you can't save yourself from those women. Does anyone of them truly loves you? No!
you seem like a fragile woman but you're like steel
what will happen if someone truly loved me anyway?
Who could put up with the nonsense life that I have?
you know you've changed? There is something going on..
Ohhh.. you're in love right?
so what.. even if I was nothing can change
Cobrattin you really are in love. Yeah’!!
Who's the girl.. come on explain it to me
I'm not in love
oh bite me!! I know you are.. tell me go on..
I need to take a walk...
walk all you like.. you'll end back at the same spot..
wow! Hasret you got the hang of it immediately
I guess
would you like to join in too?
ok? How?
The Trust Game; Hasret will let herself fall backwards and you'll catch her..
what if I don’t trust him?
that's the game's purpose, If your tense the person catching you will understand that you do not trust him
let's see if he understands
Oh so do you not trust me Hasret?
I don’t know.. we’ll see
are you ready? Stand like this
Close your eyes.. when I tell you to fall you'll fall ok..
very good.. let's do it again..
Very good. For the first lesson
you're so beautiful Hasret
I hope your fortune and your future is prospective and beautiful
you're very beautiful too. I hope the same for you
there's little left for the show. And maybe then you'll be less busy
Yes I guess we're near the end ... nearly everything is prepared
I can't wait to go on stage
But I wonder what will happen after the show
I guess it's best to think about that after the concert. It's hard to tell now
If you're successful you can become a very famous singer..
If you aren't successful well it'll be harder for you..
will we say our goodbyes after the show?
time will show us what will happen
But I have not given a decision yet
Have you not thought of any plan? Will you immediately forget me?
of course I'll be there when you need me.. never doubt that
I'm going downstairs
Hello.. silent bird.. what happened? Cat got your tongue since HIDIRELLEZ?
Yeah when I see you I get so scared I might look like you one day So I lose my speech
shut up you midget..
look I'll plant a tree in that huge mouth of yours..
yeah.. really
You look at yourself first.. maybe you should dress fancy to attract Cobra’s attention??
I said Cobra.. I know you love him.. maybe you should change your style a bit..
oh yeah. You're making it up..
I know you and Cobra. Cobra is in love with you too..
really? How can you tell
I know these things but he has to be pushed a bit..
he won't admit he's in love so easily. But there's a solution to everything
Is there?
what's wrong Hasret? Why do you look so upset
I feel bad..
what will happen after the show??
Is this why you're upset?
what will become of me later on?
the rest is my business TV shows, tours, organizations, concerts, advertisement, campaigns sponsors
Murat isn't involved in these things
ok. Let's say all this happened. Then what? nothing..
what else can there be? Everyone is after all these kinds of things
I don’t understand what you were expecting
I don’t know I guess I was exaggerating a bit. I thought it would be different
yes sometimes this happens to famous people. They'll feel loneliness, emptiness
will they feel lonely?
I felt such different emotions. I go to the neighbourhood and then come back here.
I can't go there.. I can't stay here..
going round in fields. .. I became a jabberer.. I fell in love with your daughter.. sorry madam...