Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Making Paper Chains

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

The next thing I'm going to show how to make is paper chains. This is something that you'll
want to do with your kids. It's quick, fun, and easy and they'll enjoy doing it. You just
need a piece of paper about six inches; it can be longer than that. I'm using six. And,
you're going to cut it in one inch strips. And you probably made these, as we get started,
you'll probably remember these, that you made these as kids. So, and I'm also going to be
using some designer series paper that's two sided. So, what I can do with this, as I'm
making the chain I can alternate the colors. So, that will be fun. You could also, put
little sayings on them. You could have the kids write you a little note as you're doing
it and hang it off there or write it, right on to the paper that would be cute too. Alright,
so I've got enough to get us started. And all you're going to do is take your mono adhesive,
put a little strip there at the end and fold it over. And then the next one, it depends,
if you want to do it the same or alternate. I'm going to alternate. You're just going
to put a little bit of adhesive. It's probably easier to put your adhesive on first and then
match your chain. So, again, little bit of adhesive, and then over. So, as you can see,
this is something quick and easy. This is something that would be fun to do with the
kids on a rainy day, but it would also make a good co-coordinating decoration for your
Mother's Day, if you made the lanterns or if you're making any other kind of projects
like that. The kids will enjoy doing this for you. I hope you enjoy making this fun,
quick and easy paper chain.