Video FAQ - How to approach employers at a career fair

Uploaded by kucareer on 26.01.2009

It is very common to be
confused about what to say
and talk about at a career
Generally, just remember to
talk with employers about their
organization and about
To get started, prepare a quick
20 second commercial
It should include your name,
your major, and careers you're
Plus any specific questions you
might have.
It should sound something like,
"Hello. My name is Brian
and I'm a Sociology major.
I notice you're offering
internships in public
relations. That's something
I have an interest in.
Can you tell me more about
them?" Be sure that as you
approach an employer you offer
a handshake and remember to
smile as you introduce
After the introduction be ready
to listen to the employer and
have a conversation.
You can ask any questions that
are relevant including: finding
out about an interviewing
schedule, or how to apply for a
You can also offer your resume
to an employer and request
business cards of them.
Be sure to thank every employer
for his, or her, time, and
follow up with any that you
have received contact
information from.