SNL Jonah Hill - Kristen Wiig as Liza Minnelli and Tom Hanks in Monologue

Uploaded by DanceOn on 16.03.2012


Jonah Hill is busy promoting his new movie 21 Jump Street.
And my favorite appearance he made was hosting Saturday
Night Live.
It was his second time hosting the show, and Tom Hanks made a
cameo during his monologue to wish Jonah well and to tease
him about losing at the Oscars.
The highlight for me was seeing Kristen Wiig show off
her Broadway-style dance moves acting like Liza Minnelli
before she pulled Jonah in for a duet.
They ended the episode with a big performance of Coolio's
"I'll See You When You Get There." Why don't more shows
end with a Coolio performance?
I don't even think you'd have to make a cover because I'm
pretty sure Coolio's available.