The CouchSurfing Experience in Barcelona

Uploaded by fbrasil03 on 17.10.2012

what are you doing?
aww I'm sleepy
it doesn't fit
she already ate all the crackers
we were supposed to be doing something here... ahm?!
there's a child over there. film it
children overboard! wow!
Look! Spain!
I haven't even took off the safety belt
we're here!
(music moment: Queen - Barcelona (Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Cabelle) )
now what?
now what?! that's a good question.
that one?
I don't know... I think we already lost it
ah! wait!
this woman wants to enter the bus!
no problem
2 tickets please
Sagrada Família!
I thought it was bigger...
the tour guide explains us how to walk inside the towers of Sagrada Familía
let's go!
ahhh! wooow!
this world is mine!
smells like dead in here
you can see from here the place where we are staying... it's next to the suppository
(Francisco likes to sing songs from B Fachada)
escalators on the street...
this should always exist
look behind you
film it over there... the sea
argh I'm going to fall
(crazy guy singing rock n' roll tunes)
thank you for your good vibrations... yeah...
for your smile...
thank you for your masturbation... for your pollution... blarghh
(Star Wars Sounds)
We are at Joseph's house
...and we're going to have lunch now
I'm keeping the bag
just stick everything in your mouth...
if you look over there, that's Abraham Lincoln
photo time!
what one does with his hands, the other does with his feet
I got a clock melting in my face!
now I can see us! ahhh!
(Francisco sings Madonna - Like a Prayer)
(but he doesn't know the lyrics very well...)
why are you filming?
you can't see anything
(Joana sings. Francisco says - beware. Joana laughs.)
(Joana sings. Francisco says - beware. Joana laughs.)
(going to the supermarket)
(Francisco sings - me gusta bailar)
we are at Miró Museum
nha I'm gonna kill you
let's get the party started! fiesta!
yeah! I'm so happy! mimimimimi
yeah! I'm so cool!
ay caramba!
which way are we going?
is this the way?
hmm yes I think so...
we are lost...
ah! vertigo!
ah! I can see the sea!
are you crazy?! no! stop!
wooow it's like doing eights... no, no!
but how? like this?
no! it's like this. wait.
it might be small... but it can jump!
he may be small... but jumps!
just now it was like tatararatatara (circus music)
there you go!
this is just water, nothing else.
it's welded
let me see it. Isn't it hot?
no. you can touch it.
yes ... they were round but now they are flattened.
oh yes.
you have to forge it.
cool :)
then you forge it one by one
and that's it.
give me that... no!
we're going to spend the night at the airport! yay!
(music moment: I'm from Barcelona - Barcelona Loves You)
the end
hope you enjoyed it :)